Female Sacramento business-owner BLASTS liberal policies in VIRAL VIDEO [updated]

A Sacramento business owner posted video and photos of the crap she has to deal with, and the video is going viral.

UPDATE: Here’s the video in another tweet:

I don’t know why, but she made her account private. Unfortunately her photos went with her.

End update.

It already has close to a quarter of a million views.

She posted more:

Pretty awful. I don’t know this woman’s politics, she could either liberal or conservative, but I know that people in California are getting fed up with having to deal with this kind of crap. Many are leaving the state, but unfortunately, not enough are waking up to the destructiveness of liberal policies. Not yet, anyway.

Let’s hope videos like these persuade enough people to make the blessed state where I was born turn back to the conservative bulwark it once was. But I’m not holding my breath… unless I have to walk next to poop left on the sidewalk by the homeless, then I will hold my breath…

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169 thoughts on “Female Sacramento business-owner BLASTS liberal policies in VIRAL VIDEO [updated]

  1. she made her account private because twitter suspended it. this is what it says when i went there:
    “…, new account my other was suspended ❤️ …”
    so apparently you’re not allowed to diss california on twitter now for destroying your livelihood.

  2. If you voted for a Democrat, then STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Don’t bring your leftist bullcrap to my red state and spread your envy and hedonism. No, stay and fix what you broke.

    If you’re conservative, welcome to Texas (or whichever red haven you choose).

  3. And just like THAT (SNAP!!) the video is gone…. left the building, so to speak. Apparently it was just too much for the Left, someone deviating even a little bit from their ideology. Dissent? …from their perfect ideology? Horrors!

  4. That just doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone try opening a business under those circumstances? Why would you stay in a state, run by liberals, to cater to people like themselves, and, quite literally, to foreign criminals, and their spawn? Have some sense, and move to Nevada, or Utah; business friendly states. Hell, get a real sense attack, and move to Wyoming. Moving isn’t easy, or fun, but you’re going to have to examine your priorities. California is not even worth vacationing to. If I had family, out there, I’d never take the time to visit them, as long as they were content to live in that leftist cesspool.

    1. Have some sense, and move to Nevada, or Utah; business friendly states. Hell, get a real sense attack, and move to Wyoming.

      They do. And then their crap comes with them. See: Oregon, Washington.

  5. California is a disaster. I’m 40, and I can’t wait to leave this state when I’m able to retire.

    1. You can measure the state’s decline after 1999 – when the public employee pensions starting eating up the lion’s ahare of tax revenues. One group gets gold-plated benefits while the rest of the state falls into the dumper.

      Take a look at the website Transparent California to see what government employees earn in this state and what pensions they get for life, after they stop working.

      1. Do you have PG E? Just got my electric bill, $457..

        PG E really gets my blood boiling.. outrageous prices they charge, especially during heat wave

        1. We actually have solar and “sell” it back to SCE – bill is now $40 a month – lots of electric appliances. Until you deduct the annual mainteance cost and $4000 original investment costs for equipment that gets obsolete in less time than promised – can’t fix the old models, no parts and no technicians to do it.

    2. I am staying!! I will not let these totalitarian liberal quislings force me outta MY state!! Fight for what what belongs to you!

      1. It is truly a beautiful state. I have been there twice and was amazed. It seems impossible to turn it around. However 30 years ago we would have thought what is happening now in CA was impossible.

        1. It happened after 1999, when term limits and the public sector unions took over the state. Gov Gray Davis to be followed by RINO Gov Schwarzenegger who gave away everything to the public unions ..because he wanted to be liked.

          Term limits now means NO ONE is accountable for anything.

        2. That’s why I tell Texans to watch out! And the rest of the red states, as well. The liberal disease starts out very slowly and it grows and Grows and GROWS until has swallowed up your state.

        1. Wow, mine went down this year from $125 to $50. However, my Hooterville, Iowa property taxes went up $111, to $1022. Of course, if I was still in Illinois, it would be more than double.

  6. This gal appears to be somewhat conservative. In her tweets she fears her liberal clients will see her video and leave her.

    1. Old saying, a conservative is a liberal who got mugged. She got mugged by California union “progressives”.

        1. The stylist will hopefully set herself up as a mobile stylist.
          At least that way she will still keep her loyal clients, and won’t have to fork out money for high rent on her salon.

  7. Not in California where there are just too many liberals but in swing states it will be people like this young lady who will make the difference by deciding to keep Trump in office and republicans down ticket as well. Democrats have completely fallen off the cliff. It has to be heart breaking for this entrepreneur to have to move her business after 15 long years of hard work establishing it.

    1. How has Trump being in office helped anything?

      FFS, everything with you acolytes comes back to him and preserving his power, doesn’t it.

        1. And yet this woman is closing her business.

          Because ain’t nothing Donnie T can do about a bunch of drug-addled degenerate derelicts that are a California problem.

  8. I live in a small town and her issues are here too. Literally the entire state. Very stressful, especially while raising a little girl.

    People are passed out everywhere. Parks where little kids should be playing are being taken over. They roam around like zombies. Gang bangers that should be in prison are walking the streets, folks that should be in mental health facilities are roaming around.

    I don’t see it ever turning around either.

    1. We know that it is purposeful destruction by the “progressive” left. And it’s a crying shame. I feel for young parents trying to raise their families and keep their children safe.

      1. Thank your local teacher union for preaching “social justice” while they demand ever higher portions of state tax dollars for themselves.

      2. I dream of the day I can move to Montana and hopefully buy a nice property with 40 acres.

        If not Montana, maybe one of the Dakotas, or even Wyoming.

        I enjoy looking up properties on Zillow and dreaming..

        1. There is so much more value per dollar in every other state. Don’t overlook Mississippi either.

        2. Every red state is being attacked by the blues. I saw a video about the RAIR foundation joining forces with the Democrat Socialists of America to insert their commies into government offices from the local level right on up to the big league.
          If we don’t hang on to the Senate and White House no place will be safe from them. I hope people are paying attention.

  9. You want to make it comfortable for everybody except the people that work hard.

    Twentieth Century Motor Company.

  10. The Democrats “plan” to deal with crime too often is to decriminalize it. That is no plan at all. As this woman says, in the more liberal areas of the country, they have decriminalized most actions of the homeless. Just as they want to decriminalize illegal passage into our country and most want to decriminalize marijuana and even more dangerous drugs. Instead of working on problems and finding solutions, they take the easy way out and decriminalize. All of this points to how morally bankrupt and intellectually lazy they really are.

  11. My wife and I cancelled our trip to California. We already had decided to avoid San Francisco, but it is bad all over the once-great state. Our few thousand vacation dollars will go elsewhere.

    1. My husband and I use to take a couple trips each year. We did northern California 20 years ago. It was a beautiful trip and I am glad we did that trip back then. No way would we do it today. Now we like traveling around our own state.

    2. Coastal communities are coming to understand their own city worker salaries and benefits depend on tourism dollars.

      Running bum gauntlets in every California coastal city is not a “vacation”.

      1. “Bum gauntlets” haha

        My little girl recently asked me what a Bum was.. made me laugh

        I told her don’t use that word at school because daddy would probably get a phone call.. haha

  12. Stop calling them “homeless”. The solution is not giving them a “home”.

    Solutions must be triaged:
    1. Those who can – already covered by our current social safety net
    2. Those who cannot – must be put in lock down government institutions
    3. Those who will not – kicked out of the system and off public and private property

      1. Vagrants
        Service resistant addicts
        Homeless by choice.

        “Homeless” means all they need is a “home” … at our expense.

  13. Sorry, you don’t get to leave CA until you fix your own sh**. Don’t contaminate the rest of the nation.

    1. They did it to Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

      The Don’t Californicate our State bumper stickers did no good.

    1. Triage – there is no one definition for “homeless” – useless term
      1. Those that can
      2. Those that cannot
      3. Those that will not

  14. California’s current solution requires hiring 5 social workers (new government union dues-paying members) for every vagrant to provide them with 24 hour supervised care.

    This is why California is down the dumper -everything they propose grows government union members. This is the true picture of a blue state.

  15. My liberal next door neighbor laughed today when I told her that I was an economic refugee from Illinois. I wonder if she really got it.

  16. If Gavin raises property taxes here in California, this state will collapse.

    What’s left of the middle class would be finished and a mass exodus would follow.

    1. Yes… but CA would have to vote on any property tax increases. That’s the only thing that is keeping me afloat down here in San Diego.

    2. This would solve his self-created “housing crisis” as more people abandon their homes and have to ditch them under-market.

  17. There’s not enough good folks left in that state to save it. All that’s left is Leftists, illegals and homeless.

    1. Kamala Harris as state AG blocked every single attempt at reform.
      GOP has given up. We are here but now resigned. No one bothers to run for any office – can’t fight the Democrat union mean machines.

      The only growing schism is now between Democrat business interests and Democrat socialist progressives.

    2. Teachers unions need a steady stream of new illegals to keep their failing classrooms filled. Teachers unions benefit directly from open borders. Follow the money.

      1. Do what you want…we’re fast approaching a time when Texas will have to go it alone. We might let Oklahoma and Louisiana come with, maybe Arkansas, but we’ll have to seriously think about it.

        Oh, and we’re going back to our original border, so we’re taking the half of New Mexico and small part of Colorado that rightfully belongs to us.


        1. Nothing. But the blue would necessarily have to encompass Chicago and Minneapolis, and in the interest of simple borders, Indiana ends up swept in with the crap.

        1. Yea, it’s not without its sacrifices – but it’s the most fair and will likely please the most people.

  18. All of this basically comes down to a lack of responsiveness from officials who have been rationalizing excuses, rather than taking individual responsibility. Overall, their policies seem to tolerate and encourage a lax and permissive criminal justice system, open borders, as well as a failure to institutionalize mentally ill people. When the mentally ill and criminal activity is not addressed, then we all become roommates to a gigantic prison cell. The California experience and all of these liberal policies can best be described as being on par with third world dictatorships because they continue to dismantle the rights of citizens who elected them.

    1. Term limits guarantees NO ONE will take responsibility for anything. Promise anything to get elected and re-elected. Get out of town when the bills come due.

  19. What happened to California?

    1. Term limits created know-nothing, revolving door legislators
    2. Public employee unions quickly moved into the power vacuum
    3. Staffers beholden to no one started running the show and courted by the public sector unions
    4. Massive California Teachers Association became the unelected fourth branch of government
    5. Union shop and direct payment to unions bosses funded the public employee unions for years
    6. Unions funded Democrat union friendly candidates
    7. CVRA mandated minority-majority districts allowing illegals to get token elected representatives
    8. Unions passed huge public pensions increases promising it would cost tax payers nothing – stock market would fund it
    9. Financial melthdown in 2008 collapsed the bubble economy on which the massive growth of the public sector was based
    10. “Progressives” scream climate change and tax the rich in every election, masking how much money now goes directly into the public sector unions hands

    1. Teacher’s unions are the most anti-American. Self serving, anti-economic sense making organizations in the country. More money had been promised to these people that can’t be paid than to any other union in history. Parents fall for the trap that higher salaries means better teachers every time. They are Teflon.
      Once we break the teacher’s unions, the entire canal will come down.

      1. They always cry poor. Yet, in my town they make $85,000 per year for working only part of the year. If they are enterprising they can hold a second job. Many tutor for $50 per hour after school or work in after-school prep academies. All this for a degree in “education.” I’m not denigrating the profession but I don’t think of them as poor. The fact that they aren’t earning a CEOs salary is not our fault but their choice. If they didn’t have collective bargaining and were free agents perhaps they could compete for a higher salary if a school wanted to pay for someone such as a qualified chemist to teach high school chemistry, for example. No “professional” has collective bargaining AND tenure AND works 1/3 fewer hours a year with guaranteed weekend, summers and all holidays off. I don’t deny them that and the conditions are certainly a draw to the profession. But let’s not kid ourselves. (Speaking as a sub teacher in two states.)

      2. Start with your local school board elections. Keep working until they are cleaned out of all elected positions.

        1. I ran for school board. The libs all screamed that we were going to cut the budget, lead to bad teachers, lead to falling house prices, and we lost.
          It’s a total scam system and fraud.

  20. I don’t even understand the concept of this except a Socialist Revolution as a means to their end.
    Why would any normalized American citizen support such “liberal” policies that destroy their safety, property values, their children’s futures?
    What possible reason would any Democrat have to vote for such policies?
    It really is bewildering.

    1. They’re just not making an effort to understand the cause and effect. they pay no attention until a few weeks prior to the elections then they hear all the touchy feely rhetoric, and lies about the right and they vote for dems. Hello $hithole! Then they flee CA and keep voting that way!

  21. How to avoid becoming California:
    1. Never pass term limits
    2. Vote own any public employee union-backed candidates
    3. Stop passing tax measures – demand living within the budget unless new taxes are specifically targeted only.
    4. Never allow union-shop
    5. Get all public employee unions decertified.

    1. Basically stop voting Democrat. I do disagree with implementing term limits. In CA they just move from one job to another. Term limits just empowers the administrative bureaucracy.

    2. You’re correct on all 5 points. But if the voting rolls are filled with Californians (here in AZ), your state eventually becomes California.

    3. Dude, posting 6 times doesn’t change anything. We get it. You’re pissed off. We all are too. Unions have broken the back of every city (strangely enough run almost entirely by Democrats). Public sector unions and Democrats are like, and I quote a very intelligent man:
      “Two peas in a pod”
      Mr. Forrest Gump

      1. Ban public sector unions. If you are paid by the public you have no “right” to a union. That’s it. Simple. Even FDR agrees.

      2. Very few “get it”. Almost zero people identify public sector unions are the primary cause of our recent national craziness.

      3. Public “service” unions are nothing more than a laundry for kickbacks.
        One hand washes the other and very profitably, I might add.

        1. Public service unions are a money-laundering scheme to get fund the Democrat Party with taxpayer money. A closed circle. Make public service unions illegal or at least voluntary and you’ll see a huge change.

  22. I’m leaving on a jet plane, (Thursday), I don’t know if I’ll be back again, (never I hope), Oh babe Newsome, I am so happy to go…
    *With apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary

    The lady is spot on in everything thing she said. I cannot wait to get out of this cesspool state!

    1. If I recall correctly you’re coming to beautiful, sane Idaho. If my recollections are correct you really will enjoy it here.

    2. I went to the Presidio when I was in the Army. It was like a gift to be in Monterey then. I just went back to LA for a conference and I really felt unsafe (and I’m from NY mind you). We know how to blend in and mind our business. I have a friend who is a diehard conservative but had to live in San Fran. He says it’s just a total dump and yet real estate there is through the roof.

    1. I was going for clearly a white supremist. Attitude problem ..she thinks she deserves more privileges than others who use the public sidewalls. Imagine that. Beech with attitude, fer shur.

  23. I enjoyed her video and feel her pain there. Its no surprise this is whats happening all around California. Its only going to continue since their politics are taking them down this course. There’s an old expression, as California goes, so goes the nation – I only hope we can stop it at the state line there.

  24. I wish her the best of luck. This is a disgrace that falls exactly where she says, at the feet of Gov Newsom. He could care less about the hard working tax payers of California.

  25. I live in San Diego… the libs have ruined this once great city. Little by little, CA is becoming Venezuela. Up north, in Portland, Oregon… it seems like Anti-Fa runs the city. The mayor is MIA.

    Now, to make matters worse… Liberal Californians are fleeing to TX, FL, AZ, etc and continue to vote for the same policies that made them flee CA. Talk about idiocy!!

    1. Yep. Commuting to and from work on the 101 freeway I curse under my breath every time I see a California license plate. The morons from CA, MA, NJ, and NY etc. are slowly turning AZ blue.

  26. I hate to break it to you but nothing will change until you move. As long as this crap does not affect Newsome and his ilk it will never change. However, stay where you are because I doubt that you cared until it starting affecting you, but I could be wrong.

    1. No, nothing will change as long as she keeps voting in the same Democrats over and over again. I’d like to ask her about her voting record going back 20 years. I hope to be proven wrong.

      1. Why would you say as long as she keeps voting Democratic.The video indicates she has closed her shop and is ripping the hell out of those liberal politicians who were the cause of her business closure as indicated in those photos.All the problems she has explained in that video and all you can think of, is to ask to see her voting record for the past twenty years.Are you sure you are not one of those seeking to see the Presidents Tax Returns for the past 20 years.

  27. My subdivision has 4 or 5 immigrants from the 3rd world country known as Commiefornia. Each and every one are attempting to find jobs and homes for their remaining family they left in the sorry state. I live in the heartland where normal people love to line.

    1. Each of those immigrant families have 5-6 kids each. That is the population explosion in this state that will keep on giving.

  28. My primary concern is immigration.

    Too many people from California immigrated to Colorado and that’s how they ended up with leftists just like Gavin Newsom ruining that great state.

    They are doing the same in Texas. Just last year, California leftists helped the Fake Mexican raise and spend $80 million in an attempt to buy the US senate seat in Texas.

    They’re like locusts. They’ve destroyed California, and now they’re moving to decent places where they vote for the same failed, “feel-good” policies that forced them and their employers to leave California.

    We are long past due of needing tough immigration controls to prevent Californians (and New Yorkers) from destroying nice places.

    1. Trust me, there are still lots of good folks here in California. We are all frustrated.

      I’m 40, and unfortunately cannot leave this state until I’m able to retire. Lots of like minded, good people here in the same predicament.

      Gavin scares the hell out of me, much rather have Jerry Brown back.

      1. Tipping point passed: too many public sector union members. They, their families and their friends all vote straight Democrat.

        1. Until they fall on their face — total collapse — it won’t change.

          My fear is the DC aristocrats will insist on bailing them out.

          California bailout is a redline for me. I will not pay for them to retire lifeguards at 40 or 45 at more than I earn in my 50’s with no prospect of retirement.

          Productive people need to “go Galt” and bail on the state like this businesswoman. Let them pay for everything when there are no producers.

    1. One in five now works for the state government – there is your solid block of Democrat voters. That is why nothing can change. Until the last of the 1% leave, who are currently paying 50% of the state income taxes.

  29. They may be leaving CA, but they’re taking their broken Leftist mind think with them in the belief they can transform their new homes into Leftist utopias.

  30. 50% of California income taxes are paid by the top 1% in this state. If any of them leave (mainly in Silicon Valley), it is a budgetary disaster for this state.

    Ever wonder why the unions have stayed away from Silicon Valley workers? Nothing strikes fear in the heart of Silicon Valley billionaires than the threat of their employees unionizing.

    I suspect there has been an unspoken quid pro quo: Silicon billionaires fund every wacko leftist cause or candidate, as long at the unions keep their mitts on their own employees.

  31. My older sister tried to get me to move back to California just before these policies became law. Thank God I did not move back to the state I once loved so much and was born in. I knew it was going to s**t…………

    1. Sounds like she thinks the Gov is too conservative toward those she “cares about.”

      I wouldn’t care one bit about someone destroying my business!

  32. Sing it! Maybe other business owners will join her until their voices are so loud Newsom can no longer ignore them.

  33. Sounds like she thinks the Gov is not getting enough help to the homeless she “cares about.”

    The ones who live like barnyard animals, crappin everywhere.

      1. Even California is learning they fall into three separate categories:
        1. Those that can
        2. Those that cannot
        3. Those that will not

        Each needs a very different path, the ones who can are getting help, plenty of help, billions of dollars of help to get back into productive lives, including housing.

        The ones causing the biggest and most visible problems are those who are mentally deranged or addicts and the those who refuse any help and demand they be left alone to continue their wholesale and selfish degradation of this state.

        Newsom and the “progressives” always play the “sympathy card” lumping them all into the helpless victim categories – except decades of throwing money at this issue has only grown the problem now that the “Will Nots” know how much money, services and free rides they get in this state.

        We even have volunteer “organic soup kitchens” that keeps them on the streets and using their welfare checks for more drugs or booze, since they now get fed for free. Trading EBT card purchases for drug cash is a favorite 7-11 parking lot pastime.

        It is getting better accepted that any money they get panhandling goes for drugs and not anything that will help them “get back on their feet”. Besides vagrants, our biggest problem continues to be “progressive” enablers.

        The state is slowly learning this is bad for business and bad business is bad for the massive Democrat public employee unions who need a steady and strong inflow of tax dollars. Destroying our downtowns, parks, beaches and reducing property values is not good for increased tax flow.

        Unions now see vagrancy hurts them so there will be change once they get the full connection throwing money at them is not working. Except for funding more union social and health care workers.

        It now depends mainly on the 50% of taxes the top 1% pay inis state. Silicon Valley billionaires are the only things keeping this state’s economy afloat, and they protect themselves behind their walls in their gated estates.

        Call the remaining “will nots” grifters and con artists, because they are not “homeless. The cannot must be placed in state care institutions. And those that can change, have a myriad of social safety net options including our now free community colleges where they can obtain skills and new starts.

        It is the Will Nots” that remain the public problem. They need to learn this is their problem; no longer outs. And ACLU needs to keep out of it.

        1. There are only two categories for the progressive “utopia” the poor and the filthy rich
          Much like any Communist Country, the middle class is the enemy

        2. Yep. I’ve seen many studies over the years that show that the “ones who can” are predominantly those who are only temporarily poor.
          Most of them are only poor for a matter of months, not years.

  34. O/T – Russia, the Deep State, AG Barr, and the CEO of Overstock.com… wut?

    This is a bizarrely interesting article, whether it’s true or not…

    Sara Carter: Russia Probe Twist: A Billion Dollar CEO, A Convicted Russian Agent And The FBI

    I have no specific reason to doubt it other than that’s the safest position on a wild story like this.

    I hope it’s true, because the followup is this interview on Fox by David Asman (sitting in for Varney), of CEO Byrne…

    That was August 12th.

    1. Amazing new layer of the onion. I wonder what the scope of “everything” is that Byrne claims to know and how he could know it. Granted, he knows about the Butina situation – but what does that tell him about other facets like Papadopoulos/Mifsud, the FISA warrants, the real source of the Dossier materials, etc.?

  35. We have a homeless camp in Hooterville, but they have the good grace to stay by the river, pretty much out of sight.

  36. In the eyes of our commie kalli overlords, well worth the SACRIFICE. This story really saddness me.

  37. They don’t care about your problems, because the voters in California are sheep. They won’t ever vote against the people who are doing this, so nothing you can do, leave and go save Texas from them. Don’t ever forget the lesson of California.

  38. I’d say it’s quite clear that she is a conservative, especially after hearing her chastise Newsom about “your liberal ideology.” I suspect the real reason Newsom doesn’t do anything is because he is paralyzed. He cannot offend his leftist base, it will not permit the slightest deviance from their ideology. And the funds it would take to fix the problem were spent many years ago…on high speed trains to nowhere, on ridiculous public employee pensions, on welfare for illegal aliens, on diversity-or-else enforcement policies, on a multitude of fill-in-the-blank idiocies.

    So the best thing Newsom can do — and he probably realized this one month after taking office — is to ride out the storm, collect his salary and pension, and then get the hell out of Dodge and away from the mess that he and his liberal cohort have created.

    1. …because when they finally spend the last of other people’s money, a new governor will go ‘hat-in-hand’ to the DC aristocracy asking for a bailout.

      McCarthy (California), Pelosi (California), Schumer (New York [with their own issues]), and McConnell (who’ll agree to anything for a little pork to take back to Kentucky) will all be on board with bailing out California.

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