Ferguson: I’m startled at the smooth ride Obama gets from American press on Egypt

Niall Ferguson, after detailing the blunders this administration has made over Egypt and calling it a shambles, tells Spitzer that he’s startled at the smooth ride Obama and Hillary have been getting on the American Press.

What I thought was interesting about this interview is that Spitzer made the same mistakes in this interview that Mika from MSNBC did earlier today. Spitzer said he was playing devil’s advocate at one point, but we know that he’s good friends with the Devil so he need not pretend. But Spitzer tried to make the same argument, that Egypt isn’t so bad and asked why Ferguson thought that the Muslim Brotherhood had one of the best chances of taking over. Ferguson simply replied that he knows history and revolutions, noting the Bolcheviks were not the dominant force in Russian politics in February of 1917 nor were the Jacobins in French politics in 1789.

There was no slammage but I must say it was an excellent interview…well, from Ferguson’s side anyway as he goes into much more detail. Spitzer is just a biased liberal dunce.

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