Fetterman does interview on CNN and his answer on inflation is full of FACEPALM

John Fetterman was on CNN today for an interview on their new morning show.

Don Lemon asked him about the cause of inflation and his answer, which sounded like a lot of gibberish to me, was ridiculous.

Specifically he blamed it on the tax cuts Trump and Republicans passed.


His answer doesn’t even make sense. He’s talking about tax cuts and deficits when the question was about the cause of inflation.

He never once mentions the nearly $2 trillion in spending from Biden and Democrats back in 2021. Nor does he mention the nearly $800 billion he added to that with Biden’s badly named ‘Inflation Reduction Act’.

Fetterman just throws out Trump’s tax cuts and starts railing against them because he doesn’t like them, which indicates to someone like me that either he didn’t understand the question or he doesn’t understand the issue of inflation.

Either way, he’s proving again and again he’s just not fit for office.

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