Fifth Circuit gives Texas a WIN over Planned Parenthood, but also proves Planned Parenthood and abortion activists are LYING…

This is fantastic.

The Fifth Circuit not only gave Texas a win against Planned Parenthood in their move to terminate Medicare funding for Planned Parenthood, but also proved that Planned Parenthood and their fellow abortion activists had been lying all along about the “deceptively edited” fetal selling videos that David Daleiden put out in 2015.

NATIONAL REVIEW – A ruling issued tonight by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has torpedoed several of the abortion-rights movement’s key talking points in defense of Planned Parenthood.

The case dealt with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s decision to terminate the state’s Medicaid provider agreements with Planned Parenthood affiliates across the state. The state based its decision to remove Planned Parenthood from the list of eligible Medicaid providers in large part on a series of undercover videos released in the summer of 2015 showing footage of Planned Parenthood executives and doctors admitting to illegally profiting from the sale of the fetal tissue of aborted babies.

At the time the videos were released, Planned Parenthood and its many defenders in the pro-choice movement repeated ad nauseam that the videos had been “heavily [and] deceptively edited.” This same line was often parroted uncritically by media outlets in their coverage of the videos.

In its ruling tonight, the Fifth Circuit not only affirmed the state’s right to terminate its agreement with Planned Parenthood affiliates, but also confirmed that the videos were undoctored. The court noted that an independent forensic firm’s review of the undercover footage found “that the video was authentic and not deceptively edited.” This directly refutes Planned Parenthood’s own false claim.

The court didn’t just watch the videos, but had them forensically tested to ensure they hadn’t been deceptively edited as claimed by Planned Parenthood and their lying advocates.

Of course we all knew they weren’t deceptively edited. Anyone with two eyes and a brain knew they weren’t, but now there’s forensic proof that they weren’t which, as NR suggests, torpedos this talking point.

What a great day to point his out too. Be sure and watch the March for Life live stream here.

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