“Fiscal conservatism is DEAD!” – Mark Levin [AUDIO]

Tonight on his radio show Mark Levin discussed the trillions that’s being spent by the government and the trillions that they still want to spend during this pandemic, as well as the shutting down of the economy by governors all over America, and declared that fiscal conservatism and limited constitutional government is dead.

I’ve got the player cued up to 20:27 for you to start listening, but I’ve transcribed a small portion of Mark’s comments below if you prefer.

Just before this section began, Levin was discussing some Franklin-Roosevelt-types who have the president’s ear…

But if you listen to what’s going on over there, in the administration, you can see it.

‘We need a massive infrastructure program – now’s the time!’

It was one trillion, now it’s two trillion.

‘It’ll put America back to work! We can do roads and bridges!’

And again on my social sites, the commenters come in – not all of them this time, but enough of them – and think this is a swell idea.

Right on top of the 2.2 trillion, so that’s 4.2 trillion. Right on top of the 4 trillion in loans that the federal reserve has now been empowered to issue, so that’s 8.2 trillion. On top of the federal budget which is another 4 and half trillion, so that’s almost 13 TRILLION dollars in one year, in an economy that was at least 18 trillion dollars.

So I’m here to declare fiscal conservatism is dead. It’s DEAD.

Limited constitutional government is dead.

The vast majority of the American people supporting individual liberty is dead.

Because if you’re going to a Mark levin social site, defending these things, well then I guess you’re more Bernie Sanders than you know. I’m not talking about the vast majority of you in my audience.

And here’s the thing, it’s not going to help. Why don’t we embrace the things that grow the economy? Why don’t we embrace the things that advance entrepreneurship and the building of businesses and employing people and, as I say, contribute to growth.

Massive amounts of centralized government decision making; throwing money at people, students, or whoever that don’t need it, don’t deserve it – that doesn’t work.

There’s a lot more so I encourage you to listen to the entire segment which runs about 15 minutes.

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