Five Arizona police officers SHOT after being ambushed during standoff

Early this morning five police officers were shot after being ambushed during a standoff in Phoenix, Arizona:

DAILY MAIL – Five Phoenix police officers were shot and wounded at a home early Friday morning, including four injured by a barrage of gunfire after being lured into a trap while rescuing a baby during a five-hour armed standoff.

Dramatic video from the scene shows a man emerging from the front door of the home with an infant in his arms.

He is seen placing the baby on the ground, raising his hands in the air, and walking backward towards the police, who take him handcuff him and into custody.

But when additional officers rush toward the home to carry the baby to safety, more gunfire erupts from inside the residence, striking the cops, who are sent fleeing.

It is unknown at this time what was the role of the man who brought the baby out of the house.

A woman at the home where police had gone in response to reported gunfire also was critically injured, Police Chief Jeri Williams told reporters.

The status of the shooter and circumstances of the incident weren’t immediately clear. but the standoff was ‘resolved’ at around 7am. Police said there is no threat to the public.

Williams said four of the five wounded officers were ‘recovering’ while the fifth was ‘seriously hurt but is on the road to recovery.’

The baby had been inside the home ‘and at some point was placed in a carrier and placed outside,’ Williams said.

Sgt. Ann Justus, a police department spokesperson, said the baby was unharmed.

According to law enforcement, the incident began unfolding at around 2am local time, where police responded to the home at 54th Avenue and Elwood Street in Phoenix for a report of a shooting.

As an officer approached the residence to investigate, Chief Williams told reporters that a gunman opened fire, striking the cop multiple times. That officer is now in critical condition.

It’s wonderful to know that these officers weren’t fatally wounded, despite one being in critical condition.

As we say so often, this is the harsh reality of what police officers do for the people in their community, walking into unknown situations that can quickly devolve into life-threatening situations, like this one here.

We can’t praise these officers enough for what they do to keep us safe. Which is why I hate the BLM movement with such a passion. They paint all police officers as criminals when the reality is exactly the opposite.

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