FIVE sentences, EIGHT false claims. AOC lies about Brett Kavanaugh. Will CNN fact-check? Twitter take action? HA HA no.

You can say anything you want if you’re a Democrat. There are no consequences for Ilhan Omar or anyone in the squad, and especially not for AOC, who is so important to the left she’s getting an ANTHOLOGY published by New York Magazine that will sell for 30 bucks on Amazon.

As the Supreme Court decides on important matters of law related to abortion and Roe v Wade, (a decision even “notorious” RBG called bad law), the left is in overdrive smearing conservative justices (or just perceived as conservative) in order to preserve their most treasured and important value: killing babies.

AOC of course is at the forefront with total cooperation and collusion from CNN and MSNBC and every newspaper and celebrity in genuflecting to the leftist gods of death. So as one of the cult leaders she knows she’s free to say whatever the hell she wants. Which she did.

Disgusting, easily debunked lies. And not a soul with any “authority” cares.


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