‘F**K Donald Trump!!’ – Chicago liberals spread message of tolerance and love!

One of the better features of the amazing and shocking Trump victory is how it’s making liberals melt down. In Chicago, liberals are crying “F*ck Donald Trump!” while whining that there’s not enough love and tolerance.

The irony doesn’t enter into their pointy heads:

Ugh.. I’m not terribly happy about Trump winning but I’m definitely not marching with these morons. There’s actually a Hispanic guy waving a Mexican flag and saying that Trump isn’t what America is about!!! LOL!! Now America IS about freedom and you should be allowed to wave whatever flag you want, BUT you look kinda dumb if you’re talking about the meaning of America while waving another country’s flag.

So, if it was racist to say Obama wasn’t your president in 2008, why isn’t it racist against an orange-faced Trump to say it now?!?! I’m just pointing out hypocrisy here, folks.

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