Flashback, 2009: Biden touts Jon Corzine as economic go-to guy for Team Obama

Sounds about right, wouldn’t you say?

Via Breitbart.

Hat tip: JWF.

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32 thoughts on “Flashback, 2009: Biden touts Jon Corzine as economic go-to guy for Team Obama

  1. The obamessiah regime could employ Corzine to help make the USA more like Greece. He might even wanna buy more Greek bonds with taxpayer money. That way the USA will have no shortage of toilet paper.

  2. Wow!!! Who found this?

    This administration is so corrupt, inept, idiotic, stupid, arrogant. dumb, wrong, dishonest, disrespectful, silly, ignorant, disorderly, obtuse, spiteful, distant, ugly, stubborn, brash, mistaken, irreverant. sickening, crass, childish, immature, punkish, insensitive, dubious, crooked and evil, that if it weren’t so sad it’d be hillarious!

  3. Corzine is so good, he’s broken a LARGE CO. in just 11 MONTHS after leaving office . ONLY 1,066 jobs lost. Bite me does it again and again. You’d think with a record like that that the unions he hangs with would start to distance themselves from silly old Joe. After all he says they are the ones that brang him to the big dance.

    1. biden is a useful idiot, can say and do things others can’t and gets complete skip over by the press “just joe, what do ya think, ha ha.” He’s held accountable to no one.

        1. He’s looked upon by everybody as the court jester. This is why he always gets a pass. Nobody takes anything he says seriously and he knows this, so he’s not worried about a gaffe here or there. That’s his schtick.
          Unfortunately, he also is our Vice President and it’s not in our best interests to be represented around the world by a Barnum & Bailey wanna be.

  4. Biden is not only stupid, he’s a low-life idiot and that says a lot for those that voted for the Obama/Biden ticket (Dumb and Dumber) not necessarily in that order.

  5. Wonder how much $$$$$$ Corzine contributed to directly or had funnelled indirectly to Zero’s campaign to deserve such ‘richly deserved’ praise from these anti-American criminals.

    1. Think a lot of the time it goes directly into their private accounts. Don’t waste it on the campaign when taxpayers can foot the bill.

  6. People in power tend to surround themselves with like minded people. Just looking at the choices the idiot in the White House and his gang have made and the institutions it has backed tells you all you need to know about where we are and what direction we are heading in. If in the future there is any truth left in history it will not be kind to these traitors.

    1. what really p’s me off about the truth you said NY, is that our so called leaders knew this. They knew from the begining what kinds of commies dear leader’s czars were, and did nothing to stop him from appointing them. I realize dear leader has ways of bypassing congress for everything, but could they not have had hearings on some of these? I mean, they were and are blatant about their ideologies.

      1. There are lots of checks and balances written in our Nations original papers but enforcing these laws requires people in government to not be afraid to do their job, live up to their oath to defend The Constitution, not be led to action or no action by political influences or political correctness. It also requires a lot less legislating from the bench which, in my humble opinion, has done and continues to be the root cause of many of the ills that plague us now.

      2. Why do you think he’s appointed so many czars? No congressional approval is required. They don’t give a crap about the constitution, they just circumvent it. If he can’t get it through Congress, he’ll just have an agency write a policy.

        Ta Dah, we now have a king who can do anything he wants, at least that’s how he is acting and unfortunately, getting away with it.

        1. I don’t call him dear leader for nothing, but I sure wish some of our so called representatives would grow a pair and demand our dictator in chief to follow the Constitution once in a while…. but then again, I wish a lot of things and have learned that wishing is stupid.

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