FLASHBACK: Are Voter ID laws racist?

This is a very relevant flashback from 2016 when Ami Horowitz went to Berkeley and New York to interview people about voter ID laws.


The excuses made by white students at Berkeley as to why voter ID laws are racist and disproportionately hurt black people are just ridiculous.

“Because they are less likely to have state IDs.”

“Minority voters are less likely to have the kinds of ID being required.”

“These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs or other places where they can get identification.”

What about black people getting IDs over the internet?

“You have to have access to the internet. You have to be able to pay an internet service provider…”

“I feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how it works…For most of the communities they don’t really know what is out there because they’re not aware or they’re not informed.”

Ami then went to Harlem and asked actual black people about these very reasons laid out by the white kids at Berkeley. And it went just about like you’d expect. They all had IDs. They all knew where to find the DMV. They all had internet access – even on their phones. They were all just like you and me!

Heck, most of them wouldn’t even go so far to say it was blatant racism that black people would stereotyped in these ways. Maybe it was racist, they might say, but they’d attribute it more to stupidity and ignorance.

And the real kicker here is that none of those interviewed by Ami said they would mind showing their ID when showing up to vote. None.

Watch the entire video for more and think about how leftists are making the same old racist excuses for this Georgia election law that has them up in arms.

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