Flashback: Remember when Baltimore’s mayor was SHOCKED by rats and ‘sh*t’ in her city?

Here’s another example of how the media is just straight out biased. Remember when Baltimore’s mayor was caught being shocked by how crappy her town is?

Here’s what she said:

Pugh made the remarks during a Fox 45 segment while touring a Baltimore neighborhood that was supposed to highlight her “violence-reduction initiative.”

As Pugh toured the neighborhood, she said: “What the hell? We should just take all this sh*t down. … Whoa, you can smell the rats. … Whew, Jesus. … Oh, my God, you can smell the dead animals.”

Yeah, that happened. Is she racist against Baltimore? Apparently.

Also, that same mayor resigned over her corruption later:

Baltimore Mayor RESIGNS after the feds raided her home and offices…

You’re telling me a city whose mayor resigns over a children’s book corruption scandal is just fine??!?! Tell me another tall tale, Representative Cummings.

Hat tip to the Daily Wire.

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