FLASHBACK: Remember that time Kayleigh McEnany told the press that WH COVID outbreaks were NONE of their BUSINESS?

Hey remember that time there was an outbreak of Covid at the White House thanks to the irresponsible behavior of a delegation of Republicans from Texas who were there to avoid a legislative session because as the minority party in the duly elected state government they couldn’t block votes any other way? And then reporters asked then-press secretary Kayleigh McEnany how many people at the White House had tested positive in this outbreak? And Kayleigh told them to piss off because it was none of their damn business and who the hell were they to question the almighty administration? And then the press got REALLY mad and they all called her out?

Yeah me neither because that never happened. But this did:

You know what else never happened? The press getting mad about the thing above that actually happened.

There will be no briefing room revolt. No hours of Jim Acosta about how refusing to answer this question puts DEMOCRACY ITSELF AT RISK like he would if it were the Trump White House.

We live in the age of hypocrites, and none are so hypocritical (or aged) as the cursed American press, who are more rightly called media because they don’t really do journalism they just put on their show.

Everything is just part of the big sham in the whole fake culture and society.

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