Florida getting ready to pass ‘Constitutional Carry’ for concealed handguns

The state of Florida is on the way to Constitutional Carry and it has the backing of Governor DeSantis.

A bill was just introduced in the Florida State House this week by Speaker Paul Renner and given the supermajorities in both houses, it should pass easily.

Governor DeSantis said this is something he wants to see happen before he leaves office.

Here’s more via the Orlando Sentinel:

Calling the right to bear arms “central to our freedom,” House Speaker Paul Renner on Monday unveiled a bill removing Florida requirements for a permit and training to carry concealed guns, an idea endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Florida led the nation in concealed carry,” said Renner, surrounded by the bill’s House and Senate sponsors and Florida sheriffs, and now it is time for the state to remove that “government permission slip to carry.”

The legislation, which supporters call “constitutional carry,” would eliminate the need to get a license to carry a concealed weapon as well as the required weapons training that goes with it. If signed into law, as expected, Florida would become the 26th state to allow permitless carry.

Newly reelected by a landslide to a second term, DeSantis has said he wants to see permitless carry the law of Florida before he leaves office.

I love the idea of Constitutional Carry. I didn’t realize that so many states had enacted it already but that’s awesome.

In my state of North Carolina we still have to get training and a permit to carry. I’m okay with the training because I think there are important concepts they teach, especially in this state. But all of that important information could be put on a website for everyone to read on their own, especially if they are serious about concealed carry.

Here’s just one example. In my state, if someone breaks into my home to steal something while I’m there, I cannot hold them at gunpoint until the police arrive. I either have to shoot them or let them go. If I do hold them at gunpoint until police arrive I can be charged with kidnapping. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the law in North Carolina and that’s important to understand.

But otherwise I think Constitutional Carry is a great idea. Unlike some other jerk governors…

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