Fmr Obama health advisor says Biden needs to implement MORE mandates

I know you all remember Ezekiel Emanuel, who helped create Obamacare. Last night he was asked on CNN what he would tell Biden if he asked his advice:

Emanuel starts by saying he’d tell Biden that we need more vaccine mandates:

We have to get more [vaccinations]. I do think we’re going to need more mandates. We’ve tried everything else. We’ve tried educating people, we’ve reduced the price to zero. We’ve tried incentives. We’ve made it readily available. We’re going to need mandates. We’re not going to get past the 62% just by asking people. We’ve been stuck at that level for several months now. So we are definitely going to need to have more mandates.

“We’re not going to get past the 62% just by asking people.”

Don’t you love how socialist elites think? They have to control people because they know better. You’re too dumb to make this decision for yourself because you’re not doing what THEY want. Therefore they have to create more mandates, to force you into submission at some great cost. They care more about numbers and percentages than they do about you feeding your family. And if means you losing your job because you won’t get the jab, then so be it. It’s for the greater good because they know best.

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