FOOL: Colin Powell suggests former Govs. Sarah Palin and John Sununu are racist, ‘look down on minorities’

This is amazing. Colin Powell actually accuses former governors Sarah Palin and John Sununu of representing a ‘dark vein’ in the Republican Party, saying they ‘look down on minorities’ because of terms they’ve used like ‘shuck and jive’ and ‘lazy’ when referring to Obama.

Colin Powell sounds exactly like Chris Matthews who sees a racist around every corner.

And right before he said that, he accused right-wing Republicans of trying to “keep us from voting” in the last election, which is to say they were trying to keep black people from voting. This guy is nuttier than a bowl full of pecans.


Colin Powell only wears the term ‘Republican’ now just so he can bash the party with more effectiveness and sound like someone who is ‘reasonable’. The media loves Colin Powell types because they can use them to beat down Republicans too.

Well, here’s a tip for Colin ‘blow’ Powell. Obama has been shuckin’ and jivin’ with the American people from the day he started campaigning for his first term. He’s a liar and has an agenda that apparently even Powell can’t see because he’s apparently blinded by his own skin color. Either that or he can see it because he’s really a far left socialist type. I mean, Powell voted for a man who added almost 6 trillion to the debt in his first 4 years. And he wants us to take him seriously? Hey Colin, did you miss the ‘math’ part of your education? Have you forgotten what reasonable debt looks like?

Colin Powell is nothing but a con artist in my opinion trying to con the American people that he’s still a Republican. But he’s not. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing trying to destroy the Republican Party from within.


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254 thoughts on “FOOL: Colin Powell suggests former Govs. Sarah Palin and John Sununu are racist, ‘look down on minorities’

  1. COLON BOWEL is a disgrace, he plays the race card on all the TV shows he goes on.What is his obsession with Sarah Palin, that is twice he has blasted her in the last 4 or 5 months He is not only a racist ( someone should ask him did you vote for Obama cause he is Black?) but he is a misogynist.

  2. Colin Powell actually accuses former governors Sarah Palin of being a racist hmm is Todd Palin native American if so who is the racist.

    1. Like Mark Levin said a couple of days ago, “Sarah Palin doesnt have one racist bone in her body”!

  3. Ever since he left W’s Administration, he’s been trying to be black enough for Chris Rock’s caveat.

  4. Colin Powell is a result of affirmative action policies. His whole military career was based on his racial enthicity. When quotas were assigned; he filled the void for “token black”. As long as he kept his mouth shut he was promoted right up the ladder even right up to director of military joint chiefs of staff. What a joke; he was nothing more then a messenger delivery boy. If it hadn’t been for General Swarzkov (spelling sorry) doing his job for him; the truth would have come out then. The old saying “keep your mouth shut and everyone will think your an idiot; open your mouth and they will know it for sure!!”

  5. WTH………….Change……….he is crazy if he thinks we need to follow any of what he speaks of. This man is working for Obama and is way too sensitive about his race…….. I hope he has to swallow his words when the birther facts come out as they will. This man really needs to be put on the back burner and never speak for the conservative party………….!!!!!!CLIMATE CHANGE…. WTH………. if you want to talk about climate change then you better be speaking about GOD because because God is the only one controlling our climate. This man is so far left and to call himself a republican………..WE NEED TO WEED OUR PARTY OF THE THIEVES THAT ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OUR MORALS AND VALUES…..GET RID OF THIS GUY…………..NEVER NEVER SHOULD THIS MAN BE ELECTED TO OFFICE!!!!!

  6. Gov. Sarah Palin racist? lol….Carney the white WH spokesperson said shuck and jive but he’s not racist? Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  7. For heaven sake just join the Democrat party. Of course that’s no fun for the media who now use him a dupe to forward their lies about Republicans and conservatives. I can even care enough to dislike him, he’s just a pathetic figure trying to be relevant.

  8. Maybe, it wasn’t “racism” maybe they could sense a traitor to the Republican Party… In other words, maybe they didn’t like you!

  9. I’ve lost all respect I once had for Colin Powell.
    Obama said himself in an interview he was lazy and was lying about Benghazi, yet Andrew Cuomo can use the term shuck and jive as attny general and then get elected for Governor and no one in the media says a word.

  10. Why does this fat blowhard assume that racism is some kind of special relationship among whites and blacks? Every race on the planet despises blacks, meat head, try to deny that, you moron!

    Get off this race issue once and for all– everybody is getting pretty goddam sick and tired of thinking about blacks and how freaking hard their lives are and what a shitty deal they got and how much the world owes to blah blah blah…STFU

    Screw them,. Blacks are no better that any other swingin’ *** on this planet and are more despicable than most. Just aks the Indians and the Libyans. Ask the Malaysians, ask the Thai’s, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Japanese, the Hawaiians, for chris-sake: ask the Canadians, the Mexicans, ask the Green- and the Icelanders, the Irish, the Scots the Welch, the Azoreans, the Finns, the Nords, Danes and Swede’s, ask the Russians and the Siberians. It’s that same the world over. Nobody likes a bunch a of whiny, bull shitters who blame everyone else for their problems. Even the Jews are not as globally despised…

    Now shut up fat head. Here’s the problem Powell is a Republican perfectly qualified.

        1. Not sure what you mean. My question was how should Christians feel about black people? Are you a Christian? If so please reconcile your comments with your beliefs.

          1. If the Christians are not armed, or if they surrender their arms under protest, they are irrelevant and who cares what they think. In about six months the Christians and Catholics will be marching peacefully to the train stations and will be loaded into cattle cars.

            I think Christians should stop idealizing black people as the characters they see in movies, in commercials and on TV and go down to the ghetto and hang out. Park your car down on Figueroa overnight. Spend a little time at Walmart in Richmond CA.

            1. From your words I gather you are not a Christian. That’s OK I better understand your views. True Christians idealize no man or group, they only look to Christ for how they are to conduct themselves, he was their model. Granted very few who claim to follow Christ actually do, it is not easy and you have to believe that his way is best even though one may be led to the arena.

              Jesus’ illustration in answer to the question ‘who really is my neighbor?’ was very profound then and today. You can’t love God and hate your neighbor. To hate people regardless of the color of their skin is a violation of God’s law and Nature’s.

              In the past whites believed blacks were inferior, like animals (they really did not believe this for no man would have sex with his horse) which they used to justify their behavior toward them. Religion failed in this case for the most part. But science show just how related we are, pigment and culture makes us different, that’s it. So today we know the science and true Christians have God’s word. No excuse for any other view, except the hatred in ones own heart which is self-defeating.

              The Bible says Man dominates man to his injury. Not only is the person dominated injured, but so is the one dominating. The stink of animosity festers on both ends. So look what slavery has wrought in America, it injured both groups. Also the slaughter of the Indians. Some believe these things have to be wiped out of the conscientious mind of America, but it never will.

              No one living is to blame, but comments like your shows how hard it will continue to be erase such hatreds. Also some African Americans leaders seem to make excuse for the bad behavior of other African Americans and they do this to the injury of their cause. Rodney King was a criminal, don’t make him a hero.

              Its funny, how everyone celebrates Christmas, but miss the whole reason for the season as they say. Jesus and what he taught us, what we should be.

    1. thank you……………we are all sick and tired of blacks crying wolf and using their race as an excuse for their behaviors…………. get over it…………every ethnicity has had its turmoils………. this man is a big baby…..

  11. No one agrees on everything there is always nuances in everyone’s opinions. I dare to say that if everyone on this forum were in congress they would have disagreements on various policies. But would you start to label each other and demonize each other. I think you would. This is happening both right and left. Sad thing is these forums usually resort to a kind of Herd or Mob mentality where everyone hypes the dialog (not a complaint just an observation). Would like to see a more reasoned discussion, but maybe this is not the place. For instance:

    Why did we never hear these complaints about the debt during the eight years of GB. I remember when Bill C. was in office the debt was front and center, but when GB took office nothing. Chaney even said debts don’t matter. Where was the Tea Party? David Walker, former U.S. Comptroller was touring about the debt then, he was everywhere. No discussion, no debt ceiling talks, current GOP leaders raised it 19 times by 4 trillion. Total cost of war could reach 3 trillion. George W. Bush increased debt by 4 trillion. My point is during all that time, not tea party. One has to wonder about the true motives with today, with what went on in the past. Do you remember the blocks of cash being handed out in Iraq, billions of taxpayer money on crates. Not a word.

    So it certainly isn’t principles, otherwise the tea party would have started in the mid-seventies. We have been playing with monopoly money since then. So what is it? Now I know the tendencies is to start calling me names or labeling me. Please resist that just look at my profile name. I don’t trust either party nor their fringes. They are all self serving, otherwise these protests would have happened years ago. They are not principled, they are party centric no matter what happens to the country. The Democrats are silent about the things a Democrat President does, even though they were vocal when a Republican President did the same things and it is visa-verse with Republicans. I have live through 8 presidents and have observed this.

    So all these arguments are disingenuous. I don’t know, maybe they are more vicious since a black man became president. I believe no of them have the answers, they have guesses. Even the great Ronald Regan, what did he really do? What do any of them really do except preside over our further slide down the proverbial cliff. Anyway that is my two cents.

  12. 1. Obama is lazy
    2. Shuck and Jive was created by blacks
    3. Powell needs to shut his pie hole and go away. Everyone who game him an opportunity was white… go F#$K yourself Powell

      1. Personally speaking, I owe no one anything-all credit goes to God. If you are truly a Christian as you profess, you would already know that. I think you are on the wrong website.

  13. Powell has no problem with class warfare, demagoguery, lies from the WH, demonization and threats toward black conservatives– and he wants us to take him seriously????

    Who is that stupid? Anyone?

  14. I grew up respecting this man….but now his Boule connections with the Elitist are becoming all too apparent….way to go General ‘Agent Provacateur’ Powell…you Elite must have yor Race war at all costs…you sicken me you fecken shill.

    1. Don’t feel bad. Powell was part of the lie that has been fed to us guilt ridden whites who only wanted fairness for or downtrodden fellow citizens.

      Well turns out these fellow citizens have, for the last 50 years, been dreaming of seeing you and me rotting in Hell.

      Powell is just a fat puppet meant to make you “feeel”…

  15. Another Black former patriot who sees racists behind every tree. What a tool.
    Just another good example of what Republicans should NOT be.

  16. Colin Powell, go to hell, stright to hell, and don’t pass go!!!!!

    See what affirmative action produces?

  17. Problem is, he is exactly that…A REPUBLICAN. What do “republicans” of this generation do? Bash CONSERVATIVEs. He is like all the other Boehner-esque Republicans who are simply about acquiring power and media adoration in spite of telling the truth. We as Republicans would do good to distance ourselves from Republicans. What are Republicans today? Bill Kristol, Colin Powell, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell….etc…

    1. We need to weed our party of these thieves and take back what we own. This man is no republican. We dont need a new party we need to weed out those that are highjacking our party……………. the dems never seem to have this problem. But look at Jesus’s problems………. our are the same……….Good always gets taken by bad. We are getting taken and eventually God will set things right.

  18. Ummm, I would also use the term “shuck and jive” to describe Clinton. Sorry, I can’t remember any President being as lazy as Obama.

    Colin, maybe you have a problem with Republicans because you are a LIBERAL, not because you are black.

  19. Sarah Palin and John Sununu do in fact believe in the human race Gen. Powell. However it is quite apparent that you do not. As your very statement dictates as a hate crime. It is wholly bigoted and exceptionally intended to impune the character of both because they are considering running for office. I believe you were put to this by those of communist interests. This includes the likes of the DNC, NAACP as well as any communist thinking group that thinks mud slinging is a good thing. Instead of focusing on what is best for this country. You disgust me bud. You took the same oath i did in 1977 and you shame it at the highest bid. That is sheer whorish behavior. You are a sell out and are going out of your personal way to harm what you swore before GOD to protect!

    1. Hold on! ‘Impune the character’ of John Sununu and Sarah Palin? Is this the same John Sununu who left the federal government in disgrace? Sarah Palin who tanked any chance of Mccain winning in 2008 because she was so patently under-qualified (I’m being kind here!)? Even her own campaign staff thought she was under-qualified, one of them, Nicole Wallace, refused to vote for her! Plus what highest bid are you referring to? Powell is not running for anything and not in anybody’s pocket.

      1. Now what: pray tell has thisany of it, got to do with the man being called what Powell is calling him and Palin? I’ll tell you what SQUAT, NADA, ZIP AND NOT A DAD BLASTED THING Good bye!

  20. Colin Powell has a deep, sick need to feel like a cool insider. As Sec. of State for GW Bush, the dope went on MTV, of all places, to stress how free he was of the going “taboos” regarding sex.

    As an elementary school teacher I was outraged and called the WH comment line to request that the president tell Sec. Powell to concentrate on what he was hired to do and to stop corrupting the children of the nation with drivel on MTV about how “cool” and unaffected he was by the sexual mores of the day.

    He’s still pretty much the same slime ball, I’d say.

  21. All the insulting and derogatory comments about General Powell simply reinforces what the General said and the majority of the country feels about the GOP. It used to be that you could disagree with a person’s point of view yet still show respect. Reagan and Tip O’Neil are an example – used to argue constantly but still had a drink after work. The GOP has shifted too far to the right and the intolerance and discourse that many in the GOP show has turned off many moderates and independants who agree with many conservative core principles. The hard truth is that if the GOP wants to win a presidential election in the future it needs to take a deep breath and listen to what General Powell was trying to say. it needs to stop pandering to the right wing extremists and reach out to moderates and independants who the they have lost to a large extent. If it refuses to do so it will become irrelevant and that is not good for country.

      1. You mean like Colonel Tom Carter USA (Ret) who served under Gen Powell in 1980s in Frankurt as a principal colonel when Powell commanded the US 5th army corps, guarding the frontiers of freedom. The same Colonel Carter who ‘held Powell in awe’ and wished he had run for president. Read the article yourself, I provided a link below. I don’t get the impression he thought Powell was racist.

        1. so one officer who worked with him offsets a lot of nco’s and enlisted people?
          I was there and worked with the people who had to deal with his temperament.
          I was there and personally saw the disdain he held for normal soldiers like me.
          he sucks, has always sucked, and for some reason everyone lines up to blow him.
          not me.

  22. All the insulting and derogatory comments about General Powell simply reinforces what the General said and the majority of the country feels about the GOP. It used to be that you could disagree with a person’s point of view yet still show respect. Reagan and Tip O’Neil are an example – used to argue constantly but still had a drink after work. The GOP has shifted too far to the right and the intolerance and discourse that many in the GOP show has turned off many moderates and independants who agree with many conservative core principles. The hard truth is that if the GOP wants to win a presidential election in the future it needs to take a deep breath and listen to what General Powell was trying to say. it needs to stop pandering to the right wing extremists and reach out to moderates and independants who the they have lost to a large extent. If it refuses to do so it will become irrelevant and that is not good for country.

    1. no, the dnc has shifted so far to the left i.e. socialism, communism that they want and believe anyone who disagrees with them is a racist. those of us who are conservative believe in America and the Constitution. Apparently you do not and would go along with anything obama and his cronies including powell want to do to destroy the once greatest country on earth.

  23. This is not surprising. Powell was never a conservative to begin with. He and Wesley Clark should compare notes sometime. To Colin Powell: I thank you for your service to our country; however, you are a SELLOUT!!! You sound just like the other leftist lunatic Palin and Sununu haters. Do you not realize what Zero is doing to this country or do you care? So you think it’s just fine that he has no respect for our military? Do you not have a problem with the slow war of attrition being waged on our military by Zero and other leftist global authoritarians? What are you not seeing? It almost seems to me that you are the racist. It is apparent you partly support Obama based on his race. Why is it you lefties cannot look past somebody’s race? Please get some serious professional help.

    1. Of course CP realizes all of these things, PHB! He could care less!

      What fills his vision now is the fabulous career awaiting him in the present regime as a reward for his despicable parroting of leftist propaganda.

      1. There are plenty of czar openings in Zero’s administration. Of course, Secretary of Defense is not an option for him because another leftist is already slated to fill that position…unless Hagel doesn’t pass muster in committee, but McRINO has already stated he’s not going to block the nomination.

  24. Sounds like he’s projecting his racism onto others. What a slob this guy is. Do they know Obama is half white? Why don’t they ever acknowledge it? Maybe it’s because they’re racist.

  25. When you use words that are historically racist in connotation, yeah you gotta call that out. Using words like ‘shuck and jive’ or depicting President Obama with watermelon, or calling him a ‘food stamp President’ are wrong because they play into stereotypes that have detrimental to people of color. That’s why people people like Sarah Palin do these things, because it can be done with a wink and a nod. Where historically marginalized people know the message and people who agree with the message understand the subtext; yet, when anyone tries to point it out, they deny that it’s racist and accuse the historically marginalized groups of being “reverse racists” (note: there is no such thing as reverse racism)

    1. Nonsense.

      The phrase “chuck and jive” came into usage in the 1960’s.

      Calling Obama the food stamp President is a legitimate criticism.

      Has Powell endorsed any minority Republican candidate? No.

      1. “shuck and jive” has been around earlier than the 1930s. It was specifically used on black people that were accused of trying to lie or manipulate whites. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people like Sarah Palin to apologize for saying a phrase in which people of color tell her it’s racist and hurtful. Maybe she didn’t know it was racist, but now she does, so why won’t she just say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what it meant but now I do, so I will not use it in the future”. That is unless she DID agree with the subtext.

        1. But you have to see that calling our first black president a “food stamp president” is wrong because food stamps are attributed to mostly black (but also latinos/latinas) people who are trying to exploit the system. I personally don’t have a problem with social safety nets, but if you do, wouldn’t it be better to find another non-racially charged word?

            1. yes, I know that, but it is a stereotype in society that black people disproportionately use food stamps. It’s not factual, but that’s how many conservatives view it as.

                1. This is completely anecdotal, but a good size of conservatives i’ve talked to have implied that it has been blacks and hispanics are exploiting the government to get free things.

          1. Maybe you’d prefer Rock ‘n roll? The Cool? The blues? The Real McCoy?

            ALL phrases that were originated by black people, but have become common usage since, which means, sinc you need it spelled out for you, the racial component is gone, leaving only the sense of the words.

            Jive is jive, no matter what color your skin is. Always will be.

            Only Democrats care about skin color.

            1. words have meanings and connotations. Yes, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” was invented by people of color (which they get little credit for) and its connotation is not inherently racist or demeaning. That’s why it’s alright to say “rock ‘n’ roll” and not “shuck and jive”. One is a musical genre, the other is a racially charged term. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

              1. Sarah Palin did not use the phrase “shuck and jive” in a racist fashion.

                She used the phrase to correctly describe the response by the President and the Obama administration to the terror attack on Benghazi.

                Who played the racist card? Democrats, along with people like Collin Powell.

                Why? In an effort to stifle criticism of the President and the Obama administration.

                P.S. When did Collin Powell ever support minority Republican candidates for election? Never.

                1. Yeah I’m just supposed to assume it was a coincidence that Sarah Palin used a historically racist colloquialism to describe the first black president. And people pointed out that it is racist but she still won’t apologize. Yet, we’re supposed to assume she’s not racist. Riiiiiggghhttt. The “race card” doesn’t exist. Denouncing racist speech or racist people is not something to be ashamed of.

                2. Please. Talk about an absolutely false attack.

                  P.S. The reader will noted that this individual has outed himself or herself.

                3. And honestly who cares is Colin Powell supported minority republican candidates. I agree with what he said on Meet the Press, but I don’t agree with his role with helping to push the war.

                4. Because, he is making a charge of racism, and yet when it counts he fails to defend Republican minority candidates.

                  Agree with what Powell said? Of course. What else can be expected from someone who makes false charges about conservatives.

                5. Yes, but why does it have to be mutually exclusive? And anyways national public figures hardly ever stump for minority candidates, republican or not. Especially not national military figures. He knew full well that endorsing Obama was going to be polarizing, no matter how many Republicans/Republican policies he’s backed in the past.

              2. Your idiosyncratic definitions may make you happy, but they aren’t relevant. Shuck and jive is not “racially” charged unless you are fool enough to believe only black people can either shuck or jive.

                The concept behind the term has ZERO to do with the color of one’s skin, and EVERYTHING to do with his or her behavior.

                It’s so obvious one wonders why you struggle with the concept.

                1. I think you are confusing definition and connotation. Take for instance the word, “fagg*t”. In the dictionary, it is also defined as a “bundle of sticks” but when you call someone that word, it doesn’t mean calling someone a bundle of sticks, does it? When someone gets called that word, we all know what it really means. In the beginning it maybe wasn’t inherently homophobic, but history changed that. That is its connotation.

                2. No, you are confusing your idiosyncratic definition with reality. The phrase “shuck and jive” no longer applies only to blacks, if it ever did, which is truly doubtful. Just like “turkey”, just like “boy.”

                  It’s only the racist left that insists on infesting words with racist meanings. Pretty sick, really.

              3. actions speak louder than words and obama’s words are hurtful and distasteful. he always blames others for his actions and refuses to take responsibility for 6 trillion he has added to the debt by his extravagant spending – especially his 7 million vacation to HI. I’d give anything to have a fraction of that money to pay off our bills. We can’t afford vacations. My husband is retired military and obamacare is taking away our health insurance. We are both in our 60s and it is difficult to find jobs at our ages.

                1. Though I’m sorry you are losing health care, I doubt it was Obama who took it away. Perhaps you could see if you qualify for Medicaid? Or if you’re older than 65, there’s Medicare. I don’t know the specifics, but maybe see if there’s options for your husband since he was in the military. In the mean time, free clinics are amazing resources to communities, so definitely check if there’s a local free clinic near you.

      1. Oh, you.

        You are trying to derail the conversation in order to distract from real issues.

        Nice try, though.

        1. The only people who care about skin color are Democrats, who use the race card to stifle criticism and debate.

        2. This IS the conversation. Why is it that only Democrats care about skin color, anyway?

          Are you aware that the concept of individual liberty is exactly what the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., a Republican, was fighting for? That a man be taken for what he is, regardless of color?

          Democrats fight to destroy individual liberty every single day of the year. They make sure all concerns must devolve to an all-powerful state, diminishing every man’s rights and every man’s liberty. This tyranny helps no one but the ones who are at the very top.

          We are fighting for every person’s inalienable rights. We know that EVERY human has these rights, no matter what Obama says, no matter what the Democrat media says, and no matter what you say.

          But do go on about skin color some more. It’s instructive to see how the supporters of those who have destroyed the inner cites will react when called on it.

          1. you are derailing again.

            Hmm… you mean they party who tries to control women’s most sacred bastion of autonomy: their bodies. Or controlling who you can or can’t get married to.

            Yes, Dr. King was a registered republican, a lot of blacks were at the time in the south, but he was also trying to work with many democrats at the time to get legislation passed. Also, the Democratic party was a lot different from the Democratic party today, many were “Dixiecrats” and were very much racists.

            1. Yes, “that” party. It tries to control women by encouraging them to think of babies as punishment. That party, which tries to tell people what marriage is, when it’s not their place to do so.
              And yes they are different today. No longer are the racists just in “Dixie”, no they permeate every fiber of the party’s being. Calling anything a person says “racism” or “hate” or “a phobia.” I’ve never seen racism so out in front like it is with the so-called progressives.

              It all comes from caring about skin color. Sometimes I think Democrats only concern is skin color.

              If that’s not racist, then the word has no meaning.

    2. 1 out of every 4 children are now on food stamps and it has happened under the dictator’s watch – therefore he is the food stamp president. he has no economic experience, no job experience and is the least qualified liar/person to hold the office of the president. he’s a joke and a con, a liar, a thief, muslim, socialist, communist, marxist PIG who believes he is better than anyone else. He is an uppity,arrogant.
      half-black man who hates America and that is what he was probably taught growing up. Sure would like to see some of those papers he wrote or emails he has sent. where was the scrutiny over his lack of transparency compared to the anal exam the media and others gave to gov palin?

      1. I should’ve stopped at “muslim”. And saying that that he is a socialist and communist is not only wrong but ignorant.
        Here’s a tip: don’t try to be clever.

  26. Yep, just another “Republican” that really is a Democrat-loving RINO progressive. Add racist to his resume, as well now. It’s no wonder the Republican party is trashed. There aren’t any real Republicans in it.

    I can’t decide whether he would be better suited as Al Sharpton’s racist sidekick or lobbying to be Meghan McCain’s replacement.

  27. Someone stole his meds!
    This guy is now 2 fries short of a Happy Meal!
    What a disgrace to our nation’s military.

  28. Every career advancement this man took without protest…all from Republicans. Reagan. Bush Sr. and Bush. Never heard a word from him. He is an opportunist, and no one is listening.

  29. What the heck is wrong with this man ? He has developed such an inferiority complex it’s disgusting.
    I really thought that he was at one time a man of great tolerance and one that held an even handed view of the world, But his recent interviews has shown me that he is truly a very small minded person with views that are really backward. Too bad I though that he was different but he is just like all the rest of wanna be better than anybody else class in America, All the know better than you crowd..
    Wish they would all go away !

  30. Yeppers. That’s why the DNC spent countless millions of dollars to boot out Allen West, millions to keep Mia Love out, and why the Republicans have the only sitting black American in the Senate. You sicken me.

  31. Mark Levin said Powell’s friend Richard Armitage is the leaker of that ooooh, govt. operative, Valerie Plame? Powell watched them go after an innocent man, and said nothing. Karma always catches up with these types. The only ones who embrace this shameful loser are the communist left. He’s one of them. They’ve infiltrated the party of Lincoln.

  32. I don’t know when Powell hit his head, but he has become one bitter old man. The GOP is racist? Really? What do you call the party responsible for the KKK…the Democrats! I’m sick of the race card being played when Powell’s race has done more to hurt themselves than any white man ever could! The black community has bought the victim garbage to it’s own detriment and they can thank the democrats for rewarding them for being under educated, fatherless, soul-less, and amoral. When Powell takes responsibility for his part in being an incompetent participant in the failed Bush administration by blaming Bush, it shows his own racism. Excuse me, but wasn’t Powell the alleged decorated veteran with all the answers? He is another affirmative action failure and is as incompetent and pathetic as Odumbo.

  33. If the GOP had an ounce of backbone and was serious about rallying it’s base and getting people’s attention they would start systematically removing membership from people like Powell. It’s one thing to be called racist by your opponents and enemies but to be called that by one of your own, and to accept it, is a type of belly crawling self loathing that I don’t want to be associated with. If the tent is that big then Omar made it and it’s going to rip.

    The GOP must choose!

  34. I think there should be a law against playing the race card. There should be a “blanket” defamation clause; if you play the race card, you better be ready to prove it in a court of law otherwise you are going to jail or going to receive a substantial fine.

    It disgusts me how loosely they toss around “racism”. I’m plain disgusted with our government, the media as well as 50% of society. I believe, in terms of honesty, integrity and morality, we are at the lowest point in modern history. I will live my life the best I can and be the best person I can but when the end comes, I can’t say that I will miss this train wreck we call our country.

    1. There is no such thing as reverse racism. I repeat, there is no such thing as reverse racism. It was a term invented by white people to be absolved of any racist thing they say and never be called on it.

  35. I used to respect Powell, but that was a very long time ago.

    Apparently this man thinks Obama should be immune from criticism because of his skin color. This mindset is in itself more rascist than anything he accusses of in others.

  36. He’s is listening to people tell him these things. I bet he never heard how it was said by the 2 people he mentioned with his own ears. Tool.

    1. You are racist & illiterate. How unfortunate. “half-breeds”? really? Are you supposed to be a villain in a Harry Potter book?

  37. He ought to be bitch slapped for saying that.

    Obama is shuckin’ and jivin’…he is razzle dazzle ala Billy Flynn from the play/movie Chicago.

  38. now we look DOWN ON YOU, yenerales,
    only because you are a total idiot. Not because you are 45% or 52 % black. Your skin has nothing to do with the garbage between your ears, you racist oaf.
    Ask God for health, ‘coz it’s too late to ask Him for wisdom.

  39. He is a perfect example of what is wrong with the Re(pube)lican Party/Establishment! He is a racist like most lefists are…. Oh well, I had such high hopes for him. Now he is lumped right in with all the libtard drones, good riddance!

  40. Hes nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival! When will this fool retire? I thought he was a smart man… now that his true colors are coming through we can see hes nothing more than a decorated Al not-so Sharpton.

  41. Classic case of Stockholm Syndrome he has. After being vilified by the left/DNC for years and called an “Uncle Tom” among other things as well as a war monger, Bush dupe– you name it they said it about him– he now thinks that if he sits there with his enemy and bash good people in the party and in the opposition movement itself than somehow he will be in the enemy’s good graces. Its not like the republican establishment is no better. this over rated putz was begged by the GOPe to run for president several times.

  42. What happened to this once great man? I’m thinking he is having affairs, because to say something as false as Sarah Palin is racist can mean only one thing…he needs big time points with the media to hide his sins. Pig. Powell you are a Pig. No never mind, I like pigs. You, not so much.

    1. he was never a great man.
      he was thought of as one by people who never really dealt with him.
      many people who worked under him were not fooled.

  43. Ok…he calls Republicans Racist but the black community voted for Obamanation with 97%….why? Not because of his character or qualifications but because Obama is BLACK!

    If I said that ”like Jesse and Sharpton” did then I would be called a racist and run out of town…..HYPOCRITES!

    Colon Pile…..says he voted the last 7 Republicans with the exception of Obama (TWICE!)

    Explain that one Colon……could it be because he is B L A C K? Obamination certainly had NO qualifications when he ran the first time and he proved it by the mess the USA is currently in now….and you bunch of fools re elected him again.

    Colon you state that people were turned to vote for Obamination in the last election….I do not see it that way…I see true conservatives voting principle and sitting out the election versus sacrifice their honor and responsibilities versus voting for a Communist (Obama) or a Socialist lite (Romney) to me they are just about the same..

    Colon Pile then states he is a Republican and says he disagrees with his party and says the Republicans need to be more like DemocRATs…..

    CAN YOU SAY………..R I N O

    HEY COLON….go over to the side you really represent…the Progressive Liberal DEMOCRATS and leave the Conservative Republicans alone…. you traitorous piece of PILE!!

    1. In recent history, blacks have always voted overwhelmingly democratic in national elections, even when there was a white candidate.

  44. Another TRUE Establishment Republican, bash the conservatives. When will conservatives learn the Republican party is NOT THEIR HOME. We had a slim chance during the Reagan years, but, the Republican Establishment even hated him.

  45. Colin, appropriately named, is a bigger dimwit that I imagined. He sides with the DEMs, the party of slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK and yet he says REPs look down on minorities? The poor man needs to adjust his medication.

  46. He is reading racial motives into phrases that are common parlance. If some idiom can be associated with black american culture then we are “racist” for using it? This is a trick and a technique. How contemptible that he would traffic in race-baiting chicanery. He is no better than shake-down artist Jackson or dumpster-diving Sharpton.

  47. We call this a Job interview, where I come from…

    Evidently, when these clowns finally pull off the mask and admit they are at war with the American people,

    Colin Powell will be declared the General…..

  48. Well I Do Believe That Sarah Palin Is married Todd Palin Who Happens To Be One Quarter Native Yup’ik and his maternal grandmother is a member of the Curyung tribe

  49. I found out what’s wrong with the Republican Party, people like Colin Powell. Hey Colin, it’s not just Republican’s that have problems with Obama and the one’s that do, AREN’T racist.

  50. I never thought much of Powell even when he was supposed to be a great minority in the republican party. I just never saw much greatness in him, or that many good decisions. In 2008, when he came out publicly in support of Obama, I knew then he was nothing more than a racist. Just another minority who views the world through hatred and racism, pretending to be of the ilk of MLK and other people who truly were groundbreaking in their time. This guy is just another hack politician who is bought and paid for and will do whatever he is told to do. He’s another Obama. Another Eric Holder. Another miserable SOB who looks at the greatness of America and sees only whitey holding them and “their people” down. It’s truly sickening.

  51. Funny. I always thought he was an American until he supported Obama.

    Now he’s nothing but a race baiter like his brothers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    Liberalism: No depths they won’t descend to.

  52. Powell loves the plantation mentality of the Dems. He gets to sit on the porch with the boss and sip mint juleps. Then they congratulate themselves on their caring and concern, while in Detroit, Chicago, and New York (and other Dem-controlled gulags), young black men kill each other daily with illegal, unregistered guns, and black babies are aborted in holocaust-like numbers. But you go ahead and criticize Republicans, General. Make sure you overlook the hellish reality your friends have made for black Americans, all so that you can sit back and relax in comfort. I’m sure the money’s good.

    I mean, being a paid shill for Obama has to be a great gig. The majority of inner-city blacks are well below the national average in income. But people like Powell are paid to make sure they keep voting for the same people every year, even if it means keeping them stuck in the same situation. You’re the best general money can buy. But guess what?

    If ending slavery, making sure people of all races can vote, passing civil rights legislation over the objections of the Democrat party, and NOT being the party of the KKK aren’t enough to gain a black vote, then nothing is.

    The great news is that black men and women have seen the light, and are starting to run from the status quo antebellum of the Democrat party. It’s not going to help Republicans, though, because they are stuck listening to people like Powell and Jon Huntsman. We need a party that believes in liberty.

  53. He may be nuttier than a fruit cake, but until the accusees get out there and stop the bullying by going after Colin Powell this will continue. These low information people will believe this stuff and count it as a fact. Most of them still believe the economy we have now is still Bush’s fault. Fight this stuipid stuff.

    1. Well said! It’s called “punching back twice as hard” or “if they bring a knife, bring a gun.” Right?

      Obviously, our side has NO clue how to even fight! So, the bullies will continue bullying!

  54. Sarah Baracuda still scares the bejeebers out of these fools.She is a Reagan conservative and the establishment republicans hated him too.

  55. Powell is so full of it, it’s not funny. And I used to be so proud of his Army accomplishments, but he’s gone around the bend as far as I’m concerned. I noticed he didn’t mention some of the names that George Bush was called when he was president. Some people were saying that Bush should be assassinated while he was in office….Powell didn’t speak up then or now. Color means more to Powell than does the Nation.

  56. Only a racist would make these comments. Colin Powell has disgraced himself by his own words and has shown his true colors in voting for Obama twice. Though he continues to call himself a Republican it is evident he belongs to the Democrat party regardless of his voter registration.

  57. Colon Bowel is racist against whites.Republicans should kick him to the curb.He only voted for Obamao because he is black.

  58. Powell seems to think that Obama’s skin color should constitute blanket immunity against all expectations of competence. Holder has that same immunity and applies it liberally to the cases he decides to pursue or ignore.

  59. How can you say just because you voted for 7 republicans before you voted for Obama that you are still a republican? Obama’s policies are nothing like the past 7 nominees … so sounds to me like YOUR viewpoints have shifted and now you are on board with the democrats … that is unless you just voted for him because of his race …

  60. We do not look down on minorities. We look down on democrats. That’s an ideological thing, not a race thing.

    On our side we put minorities up on a pedestal. We also put real conservatives up on a pedestal, regardless of color. Racists are run out of town on a rail on our side. So, it’s high time we ran this guy off. Persona non grata.

    In other words, Colon’s Bowel is a racist liar.

    The democrats have a “dark vein” of communism running through their party. Now that’s the truth. Why else would The Communist Party USA endorse democrats every election cycle.

  61. Powell’s definitely gone off the deep end. I had respect for him during the Gulf War but ever since then he’s been slowly moving from my “respect” list to my “s list” (if you know what I mean).

  62. Colin Powell is stuck in a slave mentality and he is living happily on the Democrat plantation. He is a stereotypical black man with a chip on his shoulder so big that if a white man looks at him just wrong or sneezes at the wrong moment he takes offense to it. If such a man is waiting to be insulted well then if he waits long enough he is guaranteed to get insulted, come Hell or High water. I do not know a single Conservative who would claim this poor me I am a black man turn coat as a member in his/her party. Go live happily on the Obama plantation man, I am sick of seeing you whiny face on TV.

    1. He’s doing what he wants to do……. smear Sarah Palin for the bush bunch/GOPe, she’s too much like President Reagan…….their major fear for future elections.

  63. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, the extreme left realised they couldn’t win a violent revolution. They changed their tactics and decided to destroy America from within. To put on the coat and tie and infiltrate every institution. Academia, courts, the Democratic party, media, and eventually religion.

    Is it not also likely they have infiltrated the military? Wesley Clark, Colon Powell, and Stanley McChrystal? The military is supposed to be super conservative. I would trust any future general that messes with politics as far as I could throw him.

    Speaking of infiltrating, I am starting to also wonder about whether the Republican party has some secret marxists at heart inbedded within it.

  64. He must be on drugs!!! Where are his meds??? Unbelievable. What is wrong with these people? They have to be from another planet! Arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  65. The liberal and GOPe way……..he can’t praise anything obama has done, so he tries to smear the real reformer capable leader. Again and yet again the liberals and GOPe/bush camp have named who they fear most- Sarah Palin and hence US the TEA conservative.

    1. I would say Powell’s not worthy to shine Sarah’s shoes, but that actually might sound kinda racist… ;8->

  66. Hey Colin. I’m black; And I detest you with every fiber of my being. Am I against minorities too?

    A disgrace to all decent self-respecting humanity is this POS.

    1. Why yes, YOU are against all minorities too! Your statement said it all, and it is something that never made any sense to me…. how can anyone ever win in this environment? If a black man or woman happens to be conservative, they can’t win. If they happen to be liberal, they still can’t win, because they are intentionally kept down by their own party. If you stand with freedom, you are called a sellout and a traitor to “your race”. If you jump on the racial bandwagon, then the rest of us label you a racist. I must say… I have enormous respect for anyone who is black and conservative. I can’t imagine the hell of just getting through an election cycle – particularly with the current racial divide in this country. It’s bordering on all-out violence in some areas.

  67. I think it’s time to kick Colin Powell out of the party! I know it’s never been done before but we can start a new campaign. Charlie Chris left on his own and Chris Christie is second runner-up. But Colin Powell sets the standard for what a person can do to get kicked out of the republican party. I know there are others but he is by far the worse.

    I thought about why Powell would say this and I think it’ became clear to me that his buddy, Susan Rice, was not nominated for Secretary of State. These people tend to hang together and it doesn’t matter that she lied to Americans about the tape being the cause of the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, nor does her disastrous role as deputy secretary in Africa matter where she also played a roll in a Benghazi-like attack where she also denied security to an ambassador, Powell thinks she should have been confirmed and to him that’s the vein of racism that runs through the republican party. So my question to Colin Powell is that you are a Black American, why would you want to be apart of a party that has a vein of racism running through it? Never mind that the racism is clearly at the foot of and within the democrat party where unemployment among Hispanic Americans is 11% and 14% with Black Americans! But never mind that! You are a stupid old man, Colin Powell, who is irrelevant! I say let’s just kick his a** out of the party!

    1. He can keep his Whig party. Just like “if you like your insurance, you can keep it.” He and Rincewind Preibus, and Boenher, and the lot of them can go over the cliff with Obama.

      1. K-Bob I know it’s never been done before do I want to set precedence and officially kick General Colin Powell out of the republican party. Not sure how to do it other than just start saying. Afterall that’s what democrats and marxist do all the time.

        1. Then let the denunciations begin!


          Me, I’m kind of done with Republicans at this point. I’m not a Ron Paul guy, mind you. I just refuse to play the Republican game any more.

    1. That’s the point. Powell has always been a Dem playing the good soldier with a capital R behind his name.

      1. That was my point.

        There was a time when I thought he had some Republican in him but that is long gone. Its been years.

        1. I have said this before but, my dad, a conservative Rep. REALLY liked CP. He often said he would vote for Powell for potus without hesitation. My father has been gone for 10 years and would be absolutely disgusted with Powell.

      2. He is a bush era R whole different meaning of Republican which could easily be mistaken for a progressive democrat.

  68. First of all, this guy isn’t “black” enough. I’m tanned 9 months out of the year my skin is darker than Powell’s and Obamas. Wesley Snipes and Eddie Murphy are black.

    1. I wish I could get a tan. If I sit out in the sun 15 minutes, I start to burn. Me Irish heritage, don’t ya know. If I go around in shorts in the summer, I cause retinas to burn because of the white reflection from my legs. 🙂

  69. I heard most of this [email protected] earlier, was making me sick so clicked off of it. Disgusting piece of wasted Human organs and tissue is Powell. It does show/reveal how the R’s are constantly accepting rats into the ranks. Bad character will always reveal itself, especially when under pressure. The best thing I could ever say of Powell was worse than pond scum. Vindicated still doesn’t feel good though. (Here’s my first full disclosure: I detest both D’s and R’s with a passion. I will admit there exists exemptions, but I can count them on one hand.)

  70. A racist someone who doesn’t agree with me…What do you call people who make fun of Sarah’s kids or John’s age…??? This is getting old..they are getting away with it too..

  71. “Obama is light skinned with no negro dialect”…..Harry Reid

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”…….Joe Biden

    “This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”……Bill Clinton

    “You can’t shuck and jive at a press conference.”…….Governor Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton supportor reffering to Obama.

    “Lazy”……. Everybody.

    1. Also, didn’t Bill Clinton also say that Obama should serve them coffee instead of running for President?

  72. The man is a colossal idiot,As I recall the black panther party in Philly was intimidating white voters.

  73. Powell has finally showed the real color of his skin! And, it’s not Red, White or Blue! It’s Obama-Black! This guy is a RINO and now he’s been blinded and converted by the DemoRATS and Oblamer–only because of skin color! At least Sam Jackson had the balls to come and say that he voted for Oblamer because he was black! Powell is a coward!

  74. Liberals HAVE TO call people names * because * they DO NOT HAVE ANY RATIONAL OR LOGICAL ARGUMENTS OR EVIDENCE for their actions or agendas.

  75. Been told that 95% or 97% have been voting for the liar because he is black,including this guy above.What other proof do we need,there are racist

  76. This guy is such an idiot that he doesn’t realize he is being used as a propaganda surrogate, it’s only a matter of time before he pulls the Charlie Crist on us. One more thing Powel you are insignificant and a troll.

      1. Powell got used big time as one of the point men on WMD’s during Iraq…

        He is still hurting and has not forgiven the right for that…

        It’s revenge..

  77. This man is scum. He turns round and calls the same Republican party that put him as the first black Secretary of State in American history, racist! Scum.

    Now watch the GOP nominate him in 2016!

    1. Don’t even think that, let alone say it the RNC might hear you and we’ll be stuck with Powell. God forbid it!

    2. Talk about being promoted to one’s level of incompetence. He was a total disaster as Sec of State. He goes-along-to-get-along and didn’t have a clue how to run the State Department. Even now, he’s still clueless or a rabid marxist/socialist.

    3. If the republicans can’t beat a pathological liar who divides the people with hatemongering, then they will never win another national election. The GOP is the third party now and too incompetent to understand it. Let them nominate Powell in 2016. It would be hilarious.

  78. I am amazed at how these liars get away with this garbage. They spew untruths every single day and yet some people support this crap. It is really amazing!

    1. They get away with it because WE give them a forum. Turn off the TV; cancel your cable subscription. You’re only subsiding this garbage by your willingness to pay cable fees, a fraction of which — month by month — are going to pay for his face time, and others like him.

      With our vote being diluted by fraud and lies coming out of the mouths of almost every candidate, there is one thing we have absolute control over: where we spend our money. It isn’t rational for us to complain about Colin Powell when our cable subscription gives him a forum to spout liberal idiocy. It’s not as if we don’t have an alternative media, now, is it?

      1. We may give them the forum BUT we also do not have ANYONE who will take them on in DC.  There is currently nobody with any guts to call out this idiots for who they really are.  I am still waiting for someone with enough courage to say F**k you to the left and call them out!

        1. Newt has the guts and the smarts, but the GOP establishment wants no parts of him…….. I wonder why……..

      2. I keep saying this same thing on Conservative blogs. Conservatives who bitch about the MSM but support them at the same time by paying for Cable TV are just barking at the wind.

  79. Powell is playing political games … he is the racist.

    He is doing an Alinsky as well – accusing people of being the OPPOSITE of what they are.

    Powell also called the GOP racist last weekend.


    1. He has clearly lost his mind or is as dumb as a fox

      HE is clearly a RACIST now

      Too much noise in his head from the war or

      The Republicans got snookered by

      “Colon” Powell

      The Republicans should embarrass him –

      however they are an embarrassment themselves

      1. Obama feels much better when he gets his Colonoscopy every few months.

        I hear it’s pretty crowded up (down) there.

                1. Top of the morning to you, dear ABiC!

                  As for not knowing nuthin’ about radio: you sit in front of a mic and speak, LOL.

                  All the rest, I’m sure, some willing people can help you with.

                2. It has!
                  And for the signature ‘tune’, we could have some ducks quacking, a housewolf howling, and us laughing – then the transmission starts.


          1. According to those who call Obama black – Todd Palin is as full-blooded an Inuit as one could hope to find!

    2. Powell removes all doubt that liberalism is truly a Progressive mental disorder. Powell is catching Americans off-guard by exposing he has always been a hatemongering racist hiding in a closet. He’s out now. What makes it more sad is the RINOs agree with him. When the world economy finally collapses, history will show it was caused by a mental illness called liberalism.

    3. Canada – I’ve had it with Colon. Yea know, we served in the same Division in Vietnam, and everyone thought the world of him. I even have a signed letter from him in my office, but enough is enough. I wish he would just make the progression to became a progressive and get it over with. The only thing that I can think of that has turned him this far is that Oliver Stone got to him. You see, Stone has been trying for years to produce a movie call Pinkville which is about the Mai Lai massacre. The called it Pinkville cause that was the color on the map. I always thought that it was because everytime you went there someone hit a mine and well – it was Pink Mist. But anyway, the story was that Powell was in on the coverup and well, I don’t know, maybe Stone talked to him. But none the less and no disrespect Sir, but your framed letter is coming down tomorrow.

      1. That’s hard americalsgt. To have known someone you served with to turn out like so many others I can’t imagine. I’ll have to look up the Mai Lai massacre. I’ve heard of it, but don’t know much about it. I was a 5 year old Canadian girl when Vietnam ended. I’ve read some books on it- about the Tet offensive, but not much.

        Oliver Stone is like an idiot savant. An idiot- but good at what he does. :-/

        Thanks for the reply though americalsgt. I appreciate it. thank you.

          1. Thank you for the link. I was searching for it just a little bit ago- but I wanted objective articles. I was afraid of getting the typical kinds. I’ll look for it on the link. I don’t know much about war, I only know enough that I don’t like it- but sometimes it’s inevitable. Sometimes it truly helps free so many. Other times it doesn’t help anyone, including those who have to fight.
            But no matter what- I am always so thankful for those who do. God bless you americalsgt.

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