FOR REAL: The AP does a puff piece on John Fetterman dressing like a slob

Democrats tend to get the best coverage from the garbage media and now John Fetterman is getting white glove treatment about him dressing like a slob.

Not kidding.

Here’s more if you can stand it:

Before Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman checked himself in to the hospital for clinical depression in February, he walked the halls of the Senate stone-faced and dressed in formal suits. These days, he’s back to wearing the hoodies and gym shorts he was known for before he became a senator.

Male senators are expected to wear a jacket and tie on the Senate floor, but Fetterman has a workaround. He votes from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or the side entrance, making sure his “yay” or “nay” is recorded before ducking back out. In between votes this past week, Fetterman’s hoodie stayed on for a news conference with four Democratic colleagues in suits, the 6-foot-8 Fetterman towering over his colleagues.

People close to Fetterman say his relaxed, comfortable style is a sign that the senator is making a robust recovery after six weeks of inpatient treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where his clinical depression was treated with medication and he was fitted for hearing aids for hearing loss that had made it harder for him to communicate. His hospitalization came less than a year after he had a stroke during his Senate campaign that he has said nearly killed him, and from which he continues to recover.

“He’s setting a new dress code,” jokes Vermont Sen. Peter Welch, who is the only other newly elected Democrat in the Senate and spent a lot of time with Fetterman during their orientation at the beginning of the year. “He was struggling. And now he’s a joyful person to be around.”

Senators do occasionally vote in casual clothing — Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, for example, is known for sometimes arriving in gym clothes. But Fetterman’s regular attire is redefining fashion in the stuffy Senate. He’s turning heads on a daily basis as he walks the halls in his signature baggy Carhartt sweatshirts and saggy gym shorts, his hulking figure surrounded by much more formally dressed Washington types buzzing around the Capitol.

The senator’s staff had originally asked him to always wear suits, which he famously hates. But after a check with the Senate parliamentarian upon his return, it became clear that he could continue wearing the casual clothes that were often his uniform back at home in Pennsylvania, as long as he didn’t walk on to the Senate floor.

Welch said Fetterman was quiet and withdrawn when he first came to Washington, and often sat in the back of closed-door caucus meetings. Now he’s standing up and talking, sometimes joking and ribbing Pennsylvania’s senior senator, Democrat Bob Casey.

Unbelievable. Fetterman might hate wearing suits but that’s part of the job he signed up for and here is the garbage media giving him a big fat pass for dressing like a slob. There’s not a Republican under the sun that could get this kind of treatment from the media even if they paid for it.

And the part about Ted Cruz coming from the gym to vote on the Senate floor is ridiculous. He is nearly always wearing a suit and tie. The comparison of Cruz to this slob John Fetterman is insanely bad.

The other side is that if he hates wearing suits and thus can’t go on the Senate Floor, does that mean he won’t be giving speeches to raise awareness to issues, like every senator must do as part their job?

Why did he ever run for the Senate??? I hope you’re happy Pennsylvania because you’ve got this slob for the next six years.

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