“Forced to compete with a DUDE”: Tucker Carlson does NOT hold back on male swimmer Lia Thomas stealing WOMEN’S sport

Gigantic failed male swimmer “Lia” Thomas, who now calls himself a woman and competes against actual women in a women’s sport, is ruining competitive swimming and stealing victory and acclaim from women who worked hard for and deserve it and were born qualified for the categoryh in which they compete.

Tucker Carlson did not hold back in his assessment of this giant hairy miscarriage of justice. And the clip he shows from “the mind-bending Today Show” is totally insane.

“So there’s a dude in the pool, and he’s beating all the women, of course, cause he’s way bigger, because he’s a man. So at any other time in human history people would say, ‘that’s insane, get out of the pool, pal, there’s a men’s team for you to swim on,” said Tucker.

Exactly. Right.


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