Forget DOG therapists scribbling anti-Rogan notes, watch DOCTOR & EXPERT explain: NO reason for MANDATES

The first “Doctors sign a letter against Joe Rogan” effort didn’t go too hot. So the people involved worked extra hard and REALLY widened the margin to get in some janked up excuses for “medical professionals.” In fact, there’s a thread on Twitter with some of the most ridiculous examples of the people they are passing off as experts to pressure Spotify to dump their most profitable show.

This transparent attempt to cancel a voice they don’t control is not motivated by science or medicine. But you know who is?

This guy:

Dr. Robert Malone says this didn’t have to be political and he’s right. He says the science doesn’t support mandates and he’s right.

He’s an actual doctor and actual scientist with many achievements in his field of expertise, who eclipses government flack wanna-be losers like Fauci that would never make it without Uncle Sam, and he’s a pioneer in the very field about which he is commenting.

The Joe Rogan whiners have … this:

I know everyone sees what they’re doing. How can anyone not?

Read more about the group behind the effort here.


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