Former DNC staffer flips out over MAGA hat, gets kicked out of restaurant, cries about it, then tries to hide

Please meet “progressive communicator”, as he calls himself, TJ Helmstetter, formerly employed by the DNC. This social justice warrior’s chest was puffed up with righteous indignation this week at a restaurant in D.C. where, even though he didn’t have a bandana over his face or a made-for-old-man-thumping crowbar in hand, figured on intimidating someone for wearing a MAGA hat.

This loser obviously expected to be applauded and maybe make the viral hero circuit. Instead, in front of the MAGA man’s girlfriend, (but not his own significant other, who we hear is a model in Canada), he was the one who ended up getting kicked out of the barbecue joint.

Distressed, but not defeated, the warrior ranted and whined about it on Twitter, obviously expecting that at least there his public virtue dividends would pay off.

But I guess all the libs were busy writing articles about how the Fourth of July is racist and American flags are offensive and didn’t have time to organize a mob in solidarity with his war against hats. Instead, he got dragged all to hell by people on the right and people who may not be political but happen to not be obnoxious pieces of dirt.

The restaurant addressed it on Twitter, too.

Eventually the brave little wanna-be roaster locked his account to hide and perhaps consult mommy.

Tough break, T.J. Helmstetter. Maybe the next time you want to be a **** in public, don’t do it on a holiday. Do it on a work day. Progressives seem to spend a lot of time obsessing about things and tweeting on business days, for some reason.

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