Former Gov. Sununu scolds Matthews and crew on-air

I’m not a Romney fan by any stretch but I can’t pass up a golden opportunity to show you a Romney surrogate, Former Gov. Sununu, scolding Chris Matthews and crew in defense of Romney and his PACs. And it’s non-stop scolding to the end.

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52 thoughts on “Former Gov. Sununu scolds Matthews and crew on-air

  1. Sununu is the elitist northeast RINO who controls all Republican kingmaking and is and always will be the lead Repub enemy of Newt. He told Bush I to forget about read my lips-raise taxes and fought this with Newt. He also recommended Souter for the Supreme Court. The Repubs that did not like Newt were his type.However, for fighting with Chrisie, deduct 2 Hail Mary’s from your penance.

  2. Wasn’t McCain/Feingold the ‘heros’ of Campaign Finance Reform? Didn’t he just endore Gov. Romney?
    I must be cynical because I think Romney is just loving the system that’s in place. It worked well for him in Iowa.
    Of course Chris Mathews and his crew are full of it, Romney is bad? Wait till Obama comes in with a cool billion to spend. But it’s ok when dems do that.

  3. Everyone Chris debates schools him on his own show. Democrats need better strategists to advise them if they are going to debate people that have IQs over 25. I almost feel sorry for ” I’ll have another drink, Matthews.”

  4. This is how every conservative should act when being interviewed by a leftist shill posing as a journalist. Love how the governor kept calling Obama “your guy.”

  5. It’s amazing just how ridiculous the liberals are. They always go with the elitist attitude and point fingers. Yet, they don’t realize what comes out of their own mouths.

  6. I saw Sununu put Judge Napolitano in his place on Fox Business Channel. That video was better than this one.

  7. They stated they haven’t heard Romney, or any candidate, calling for campaign reform. Romney did call for in 2008 quite a bit and mocked McCain because McCain even had trouble with his own bill.

    Still, in 2011, Romney did mention in one of the debates that he did not like the campaign laws, that they were a bad law. But since that topic is not a big one during this cycle, it didn’t get a lot of airplay.

  8. wow. sununu missed a Golden opportunity to hammer the fact that obama is a MAJOR divider…too bad. these republicans have to take every opportunity to “speak truth to power” to this disgusting socialist and his administration.

  9. The problem with Romney is that he plays dirty pool.

    He uses surrogates to attack his opponents, like Newt, and many of the ads are filled with lies, much like what we expect of the Left. I’ve lost what respect I had for Mitt this cycle after witnessing his nasty attacks. He’s a total phoney, and that includes what he’ll say in ads. He’ll say anything. No wonder Newt is p*ssed.

    1. Ya, but I don’t have to like his politics to enjoy his leg chewing. Doesn’t happen often enough on MSNBC.

  10. The best part is watching Matthew’s face. As the host of the show, he must gamely attempt to come back time and time again. And each time he does, he gets spanked. That cranky look that he momentarily gets on his face every time one of his pathetic arguments is shot down, is so telling!

    They should intermittently flash a red FAIL sign over Mathews face. That would at least put it in perspective for the slow-witted viewers who insist on watching that clown’s show.

    What a weasely host Matthews morphed into! When he first showed up on TV years ago he insisted he was neutral and unbiased, despite his highly partisan Democrat roots.

    Sure . . . kind of like the way that Stephanpoulos is neutral. Like last night!

    But the first time Chris started drooling while he was interviewing Jimmy Carter years ago, everyone instantly knew. Toolbox!

    But MSNBC group does not get it. And, neither does ABC, although ABC at least has one decent reporter. MSNBC has bupkis.

  11. Funny how Matthews has to end with “Sununu .. a surrogate of Mitt Romney” as if Gov Sununu speaks the thoughts of anyone but Gov Sununu. It should be pretty obvious that he is very passionate about his thoughts & concerns .. he doesn’t parrot someone else’s talking points which is what Matthews, in losing the conversation, tries to imply by ending the interview with defining Gov Sununu as a “surrogate.”

  12. I live next to Sununu, in Massachusetts – he’s not a conservative, he is a moderate with a lot of pragmatism. He speaks more conservative than he actually is. HOWEVER, thanks, Gov. Sununu for taking down one of the most arrogant blow-hard talking heads in America. (I support Santorum)

  13. Look at what the MSNBC surrogates are bitching about! The country is in turmoil and they are talking about this? Defeat these bastards already!

  14. Sununu is not my favorite politician (too liberal) but I do love to anyone take down Matthews and Robinson…!

  15. Hmmmmmm…

    Sununu promoted “conservative?” Souter for the SCOTUS.
    Sununu is promoting “conservative?” Romney for the POTUS.


    Is Sununu more “conservataive” than the conservative New Hampshire newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, that endorsed Newt Gingrich?

    Check out what the NHULeader paper said about today’s NBC/Facebook debate –

    Check out this first comment in the comments section –

    peter barczak said:

    “Mitt Romney has only won 1 election in his lifetime.

    “He has spent nearly $100 million campaigning,
    with his only win to beat out the current Boston area Girl Scout leader
    for an uncontested republican seat.

    “That election for governor was a 50% to 45% squeaker.

    “Is he electable? obviously not!
    “Is he a good money manager? Obviously not!”


    1. I’d like to see how well you (or your favorite candidate) would do running for governor of Massachusetts as a Republican. I know one thing, Ted Kennedy would not have bothered to mortgage his home to campaign against you.

  16. “Fix the mess that your guy Zero caused.” No truer words were ever spoken. Chris no one trusts this government because your man is a psychopath and pathological liar, and the rest of them are just merrily going along with it, and not stopping it. Therefore, no one is trusted. He wonders why the country has a bad attitude? Look at the attitude of your man, Chris. I think Matthews is a mental case? I’m serious.

    I’m voting for Perry, but I’m glad he did this, and more people should. They deserve no respect. They’re trashy.

  17. I wish more people would do this, and do it publicly. They need to publicly admonished. This guy has the nerve to talk about negativity. Look at these pompouss asses. Zero is a liar, a criminal, spitting on our country and Constitution, and these useful idiots are worried about free speech in adds?

    Go get another drink, Chris.

  18. The next time, just to make it fair, Mathews better bring along a few more liberal talking heads. Sununu was a better advocate for Romney than Romney is for himself.

    1. I think the third guy at that table said the smartest thing of all three of them (he wisely kept his mouth shut).

    2. Romney’s going to need all the help he can get.

      Anyone who’s an enemy of my enemy is my friend…temporarily of course in Sununu’s case.

    3. I hope he does bring more along next time. Shooting fish in a barrel is not particularly sporting, but I would enjoy watching a whole row of them go down rather than having it limited to just those two. Nukeman60 makes a good point below . . . the third guy at the table was at least smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

      1. I didn’t recognize him, but I think he might have been the “Republican” at the table. But then, we all know how ‘conservative’ the MSNBC conservatives are.

        I see, today, that Pat Buchanan might be let go at MSNBC. Perhaps, he can go to Fox where he would be seen as left of center. (maybe replace Alan Colmes, who we all know is slightly left of wacko).

        1. No, Nukeman60, it’s Howard Fineman, NBC/MSNBC TV analyst, currently performing editorial work at the Huffington Post, after leaving his political reporting post at Newsweek.

          All leftie, all the time.

          So, while I suppose we should give Howard credit for having enough sense to keep it zipped up during that exchange, don’t think for a second he was not looking for an opportunity to insert some outrageously stupid dig!

          Maybe he was being cautious, having been spanked for once “analyzing” Scott Brown’s TV ads during the Coakley campaign, by suggesting that they were subtly racist because they featured Scott driving a pick-up truck!

          The fact is that Chris Matthews does not allow Republicans, or even anyone with a balanced point of view, to sit at his table during moments when he is trying (and failing) to trash Republicans after a Republican event.

          1. Thank you. I now know why I didn’t recognize him, as I can’t watch anything coming out of MSNBC or Huffpo anymore. Granted I should, to see the opposition, but my expenditures of Tums was getting way out of control.

  19. Why was I totally rooting for chris Matthews and MSNBC. This is really weird.

    I guess I hate Flip the Rominee, that much.

  20. Excellent discussion. Sununu just handed Matthews his lunch in no uncertain terms. Robinson tries to bail Chrissy out on a couple of occasions here with epic fail. I’m very impressed with the way Sununu handled these guys, who did everything they could to smear Romney, with Sununu not letting them get away from the fact that Obama’s policies are failed. (BTW, I’m not a Romney supporter, either. But we need more people doing this to the Obama cheerleaders).

    I especially liked the part where Chrissy said we should lower the temperature a bit and notch it back on my end as well. He was getting schooled big time and didn’t like it one bit. I didn’t see a single point made that wasn’t won by Sununu. Well done, sir.

    1. Good points, all Nukeman60 . . . I noticed that “on my end as well” comment of his too.

      Chris may as well have said, “Waaaaaah! Stop hitting me with those words, you big bully! Waaaaaah!”

  21. I don’t know who I like least: Hissy Chrissy, or his buddy, the black stand-in for Grover from Sesame Street. I can’t stand that guy’s voice, and he’s noticeably less intelligent than Hissy.

  22. I would pay to see Gov. Sununu make the rounds on every morning show every weekend. This guy is amazing.

  23. Tingles and the other Commies of MicrosoftNBC are drinking a hot Kool-Aid Latte. Don’t forget to watch more millionaires and billionaires today in the NFL. OMG, we have 11 more months of this Hopeless and pocket Change Administration.

  24. Liked the opening bits — the middle trails into kinda/sorta weird political goofiness — but it wraps up nicely.

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