Former inmate of Epstein jail says there’s NO WAY he killed himself!

Here’s another reason one might think there really was a conspiracy to kill Epstein and make it look like a suicide. A former inmate at the jail Epstein died in says there’s just no way it’s possible.

There’s no way that man could have killed himself. I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility.

Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything.

You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.

When you’re on suicide watch, they put you in this white smock, a straight jacket. They know a person cannot be injurious to themselves.

The clothing they give you is a jump-in uniform. Everything is a dark brown color.

This was at the New York Post, which isn’t always reliable, but if it’s accurate about the conditions at the jail, it really makes you wonder.

Could he have done it from the bed? No sir. There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars.

They don’t give you enough in there that could successfully create an instrument of death. You want to write a letter, they give you rubber pens and maybe once a week a piece of paper.

Nothing hard or made of metal.

And there’s a cop at the door about every nine minutes, whether you’re on suicide watch or not.

That certainly raise questions. BUT in order to to believe he didn’t kill himself, you’d have to implicate a LOT of people. And the wider a secret gets, the harder it is to keep everyone silent. I generally don’t believe in conspiracies because of that. In this case, I need to see way more facts about what actually happened…

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144 thoughts on “Former inmate of Epstein jail says there’s NO WAY he killed himself!

  1. Epstein was completely selfish. He had zero compassion for anyone but himself and what he did was self motivated. I find it very hard to believe this man took his own life. He had too much dirt on too many powerful people.

  2. He never sorted it out, and it is too late for him now. I read somewhere he seemed to like the regular life of the jail. So he missed sanity in his rush of a life during which he didn’t apparently did not use will power at all – we all are deficient in using it but the more we use it, the better off we are.

    He now is condemned, for this life does have an end, and a new beginning. If doubt that, wait. Life: It’s not about gains here in the way of whatever you can see, or use for pleasure. Instead, it is about an invisible strengthening of the will to rise above to the point where one actually welcomes tribulation. He never sorted it out but flew by the seat of his pants no pun intended. The wikipedia article is very instructive, and now there is even one dedicated to conspiracies about the death.

    He would have continued to fly by the seat of his pants until a natural death, had not God intended otherwise for His own reasons. Epstein himself has already been judged and he probably threw himself into hell – that is what happens as you are faced with the facts in a way that they are not seen in life. Life here is the ONLY chance we have of mercy. Here is where we make changes, improve and get closer to God, or regress. One or the other; no standing still.

    As long as he was alive there was a chance he could pay and redeem what he did by temporal suffering.
    Now: no chance. Unless he somehow found true contrition while confronting his attackers and called on God.

    In that case he ends up at a very low level of purgatory until the general judgment, but avoids hell. Both exist.

  3. People often conflate “hanging” with simple asphyxiation. I suspect Epstein wasn’t “hanging” in the air but likely had something wrapped around his neck to cut off the blood flow.

    1. What exactly? Did he choke himself? Wouldn’t he pass out first before death?

      1. I’m sure he did (pass out from lack of blood flow).

        When news broke about Robin Williams death, the initial report stated that Robin “hung himself.” Later, we learned that he had just slipped a belt around his neck.

        Believe what you’d like, but look at the pictures of Epstein being taken into the Hospital. You can see that there is some discoloration around his ears (mouth probably too, but couldn’t see it), but not to the degree of a person who “hung” himself.

        1. The one thing that caught my attention when I first saw those pics last night, was the first one shown at the link you provided. Look at Epstein’s left arm and hand. The arm is draped over the side of the stretcher, yet his hand is in a somewhat clenched position… on his stomach. What is holding his hand up when by all rights the weight of his arm hanging over the side would pull it down too? Rigor mortis? I don’t think so. Was he not dead yet at this point. Do dead Epsteins defy gravity?

          1. Well, I would bet that those “clinched hands” were clinching the sheet that he likely had twisted up and wrapped around his own neck.

        2. Wait to hear from some (not the regulars from this site) that the discoloration was done by a make-up artist while in the ambulance.

          1. I wonder if the transport and what was going on in the ambulance was also videotaped. Do you know anything about that?

            1. I wouldn’t know about that, Susitna. Nowadays with technology, it wouldn’t surprise me if it is being taped. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Even if he did do it himself, they had to allow it to happen. There’s no way around it. And powerful people can get to you anywhere.

    This situation isn’t conspiracy in any way. Other than absolute negligence, which would be on purpose, there’s no way.

    1. So we will have discussions in the upcoming weeks if this was absolute or grossly negligent. I deeply hope that they don’t come up with “lack of candor”.
      I don’t know if I mentioned this in the past, but he should have been evacuated to Guantanamo to avoid the tentacles from the Cabal.

    2. What you just laid out is exactly how I see it. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, brought forward as an explanation or evidence is going to change my mind on that.

  5. Really why is it so hard to believe that wealthy politically connected people had him murdered?. After all we have Comey, the media and the DOJ protecting Hillary and the FBI covering up for her by destroying her phones and computers. We have a DOJ who refuses to press charges against the corrupt Comey, when there is evidence of wrong doing.

    So really why in the world is it hard to believe that he was murdered by the political aristocracy? After all it has been made very clear to the little people that there are different laws for the elite aristocracy. These people after all own and control the media and tell the sheep what to think and do.

  6. I have one question about this. My husband has a “jail ministry” where he goes 3 times a week to two different jails where he reads the Bible with the prisoners. Every single cell has a video camera 24/7. So they have this high-profile prisoner who was on suicide watch and there was not a single camera? No video tape? I doubt that.

    1. It’s now been revealed that he was not on suicide watch and that the guards failed to check up on him.

  7. I don’t generally believe in conspiracies either. But this time? This is just too convenient for too many people. Would Epstein have talked? I can only guess but I would think he might be bitter against those who joined his merry little band of pedophiles in their games but now have nothing but condemnation for him. I think, and it’s only my opinion, he would have sung like a canary.

    There are too many rich and powerful people who didn’t even want to chance that happening. The Clintons among them.

    1. This guy had incredible power, information, pictures, videos and lots of money. How can you stop that? With murder only. I am sure he was still expecting to get a deal in exchange for his valuable information. Why should he have collected all this material for several years? To commit suicide? No way.

    2. An amusing comment at legalinsurrection was a query by one of the rich/powerful experiencing relief: “what took so long, Bill?”

      1. The article is factually correct….the protocols that are in place make it virtually impossible. Personally I don`t think he is dead. This is just a very sloppy hoax. But if people bought the Sandy Hook shooting they will believe anything.

        1. I don’t agree one bit regarding Sandy Hook. Too soon to know anything for certain about Epstein..

        2. No one believes the Sandy Hook hoax here, and neither do the parents who lost their children. Peddle that crap over at infowars.

          1. “No one believes the Sandy Hook hoax here”…..glad you agree. At least you won`t buy what they tell you about Epstein.

          2. Glad you responded to this as you did, Doc. I don’t know what rock he crawled out from. I didn’t see it til now.

    3. Then you still generally don’t believe in conspiracies, Marge, because feeling that nefarious forces either performed a murder or setup the situation so he could kill himself, is spot-on accurate.

      What I will not buy into immediately is that the Clintons directed the scene. Are they capable? Most definitely, we already know what they’re all about. There too many other guilty elites in this tale that have the same type of power.

  8. The more we learn about the jail it’s starting to seem like Occam’s razor would dictate “hit job” the more likely scenario. However, with a guy like this does anyone really think all of his “dirt” was in his head? I’m sure he has documents somewhere, and if this was a hit job to end the threat of exposure it simply delayed the inevitable.

    1. “Inevitable” was carried out of his home and possibly other properties… in boxes. Comforting, right?

  9. If his cell was supposedly made “hanging proof” wouldn’t this be a stupid way to deliberately off him? Now it’s a mystery that must be solved: How did he do it? And that guarantees this becomes an even bigger story. Stupid.

    1. Now it’s a mystery that must be solved

      Just the way they like it. Enter “a shadow of a doubt”.

    2. In their mind, it looks better than an outright murder. Many trusting people will believe it.

  10. I am still on the side that it was a suicide or even auto erotic asphyxiation gone bad. Using something like a bed sheet or underwear for a tourniquet on his neck. No drop needed. He passed out but the tourniquet stayed tight and restricted his airway enough to lead to a heart attack. That is why he was still alive when the guards found him and he died at hospital. No assassin would leave him alive for even the chance he could recover enough to tell he was attacked and murdered.

    1. What evidence do you have that he wasn’t already dead when revival was attempted? What evidence do you have that he died at the hospital? I encourage you to reread the reports while being mindful that being pronounced dead is not the same thing as having died immediately (seconds) prior to the pronouncement.

      1. I have about as much evidence as everyone else which is none but pure speculation. It would make no difference on the disciplinary reports of the guards that he officially died at the hospital or in the jail cell. They would still be in trouble and even criminally responsible.

        The NY post photos show the paramedics acting like he was still alive and or relivable when they brought him to the hospital. He may have been “dead” in the jail cell but their actions showed some sign to continue life saving action all the way to the hospital. Then once at the there too much time had past and he was not coming back.

        1. Paramedics aren’t allowed to pronounce death, if there is even a hint that life continues (example, the body is still warm) they are obligated to start resuscitation procedures and are not allowed to stop until they are relieved and or a doctor pronounces death. Yet you weren’t speculating, you were stating as fact that he was alive when found and then died in the hospital. Citation please.

          1. Everyone is speculating about their conspiracy theory idea as if they are fact. So much that no matter what the final report says in months not days people will not believe it. They will add it to the Clinton body count as fact with no citation needed.

            People die on the way to the hospital in the ambulance all the time. Some are dead on arrival. If someone has been doing CPR on a person for an hour and they still have no pulse they will not keep going. The brain would have already died due to lack of oxygen. The NY post reported that it was an hour from when he was found until he was photographed entering the hospital. If the body is warm but they could not get a pulse after a shock and CPR will they would act as if the person is still alive all the way to the hospital. They might have restarted his body but his brain is already dead.

  11. The media will bury this like when bill sold US Satellite Technology to the Chinese through Loral and like Obama’s birth and college records and the Clinton foundation’s ongoing money laundering scheme.
    It will just quietly go away.

    1. So true. The media will drop this story 3….2……1………… more.

    1. Even the Clintons answer to somebody and somewhere in this case there was some detail that probably drew attention to that somebody.

      Well, that’s how I picture it anyway.

    2. I’m not entirely sure it was the Clintons — too many Royalty & other heads of State had too much to lose with exposure of this kind. Everyone wanted him gone.

      No way we’re ever going to see the video. Even with Ted Cruz and others demanding it, never gonna happen.

      1. The Clintons got a donation to the Clinton Fraudation from the Royals and they immediately knew what this was for.

  12. If he did want to kill himself, would there have been a suicide note of some kind?

  13. You realize, it’s not just about who Epstein was gonna give up, but all the discoveries involved in going through the trial. This would have opened a huge can of worms, but with him dead, the trial dies with him.

    Let’s not make the conspiracy bigger than it needs to be. All it takes is a huge amount of cash in the hands of one corrupt guard.

    1. Let’s not make the conspiracy bigger than it needs to be. All it takes is a huge amount of cash in the hands of one corrupt guard.

      Here I was picturing Jason Stratham ghosting his way into the prison cell, injecting Epstein with some good old undetectable death drug, staging the hanging then ghosting out of the prison in under 3 minutes

    2. Or someone to approach the guard with pictures of his kids playing. Implying that he’d better go along.

        1. With drugs routinely in the prisons, it’s clear that anything can happen in there and there are people who will go along with the plan.

    3. There isn’t traditional discovery in a criminal trial. In criminal cases, the government gets access to evidence by executing warrants, not by sending RFPs to the defendant.

        1. Not in any way that they can’t still be exposed. The only thing that would have happened that no longer could happen is that Epstein would testify and potentially send some people down the river. That said, the odds that he would have testified were never appreciably greater than zero. They still have everything they seized from his house(s), and the power to convene a grand jury, obtain testimony from the same people who would have been called to testify at trial, and indict whomever they want.

          1. Does people dying in the case affect other peoples willingness to testify? Death sends a powerful message!

          2. You’re not taking into consideration him giving up people and their roles to reduce his sentence. The guy knows where all the skeletons are buried and most definitely would be a key to exposing people if not in this trial, subsequent trials.

            1. He’d make a miserable government witness so I’m not sure how much he’d give them. Plus, after what happened last time, pretty much any deal where he pleads to anything less than a set of charges that could keep him in prison forever would probably be off the table, and, for the same reason, I doubt the judge would be inclined to drop his sentence much either.

              There is probably at least some information that died with him, but all of his victims, procurers, handlers, and everyone else who would be in a position to know just as much as (if not, for some things, more than) him are all still very much alive.

              Honestly, I really don’t think this makes much of a difference in terms of the overall prosecution.

  14. While this inmate (or former inmate as the case may be) may have his view, that view notwithstanding, there have definitely been suicides at MCC.

  15. Well, the MSM will go back to the current narrative, “white supremacy,” in 3, 2, 1… there’s no way Epstein’s “suicide” helps Dems.

  16. The govt is too big…the corruption is too widespread…the destruction is too massive…Those entrenched in power will never perp walk…
    TERM LIMITS will curtail the entrenched power…
    BALANCED BUDGETt will curtail the size of govt

    1. The duopoly system is too strong for the electorate. D wing puts up pseudocommunist crazies which makes R wing voters feel inclined to support the R duopoly candidate no matter what. Over time the D wing voter base becomes crazier and crazier. Meanwhile the R wing of the duopoly gradually moves left on its own through capitulations and the voter base hopelessly accepts it as a fact of life.

    2. First we have to stop electing the same people over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over out of some obsessive loyalty to binary choices.

        1. Indeed, but when given the option between two falsities, you don’t pick one or the other and pretend it’s true. You reject them both and keep looking.

    3. We need to actually decentralize power and hack the federal government back to its original constitutional bounds.

      As long as there’s this much money and power to be controlled in DC, we’ll be playing whack-A-mole with corruption.

    4. Ending lobbying for former elected government officials in local, state and federal goverenments. End all loop holes to lobbying including so called “consultants” for former elected government officials and that would include their immediate relatives,children,wives,parents etc.

  17. Whatever happens now, this does terminate Lady Macbeth’s plan to show up at the Dem
    Convention next summer and “settle” the wrangling by putting herself forward as the

    No matter how this happened or who was involved, the nation in general believes that the
    Macbeths have once again offed an impediment to their ambitions, and there is no way
    that Lady M can cop the nomination.

    That’s quite aside from the fact that the Ds want the convention taken over by not the
    Macbeths but The Bride of Islama.

    1. Michelle, with those broad shoulders (and with that suspicious bulge that appears whenever she wears a rather tight dress, would still need to wear a jock) missed out on her true calling…first female NFL player. That “lady” is definitely linebacker material!

  18. This is why you don’t give in to screaming harpies asking for gun control. Because a new and bigger news story is just around the block and once it hits, the news cycle moves on.

    1. Yeah, I said yesterday that some new crisis will break that will overshadow this so that it’ll be forgotten.

  19. Even sheets made out of tissue paper can be twisted into something strong enough to put yourself, if you are willing, into the equivalent of a choke hold. You don”t have to shoot for the Jack Ketch standard of instantly-broken neck.

        1. I can braid with my eyes closed and, assuming I have enough material, get you enough yards to hang oneself with in an hour.

  20. My husband who is retired Law enforcement just told me they had a Mexican who killed himself shoving toilet paper down his throat…I guess where’s there is a will there’s a way. I do in this instance think he was murdered though…We will never find out the truth I’m afraid. Just like the long list the Clintons and friends have accumulated. Andrew Breitbart is one I have always questioned….

      1. I know that. This guy wasn’t. I don’t believe he killed himself as in suicide watch, the felon who told the story of what it’s like is right.

    1. Oh…IS he? If indeed Epstein (1) proverbially knew where all the bodies are buried and (2) made sure that any damning evidence would survive him, it wouldn’t be difficult to stage his “death” and spirit him on the next El Al flight, where he’d have the “right of return’ as Jew, especially if, in this scenario, he’s acquired a new identity. No plea deal he could have cooked up would have given him a realistic change of walking out the gates of a Federal penitentiary alive.

      No, I believe that he is dead, but the very same powers that, IMO, ‘offed’ him, IF they had a reason to keep him alive (and it ain’t pity nor friendship, rather, he’d likely have a way to have the last laugh from down there in Hades), could have easily arranged this.

    2. Is he though?

      I mean, if you were giving up a list of the worlds most elite, wealthy, powerful people, what would you do to make sure they didn’t kill you?

      1. Of his particular “stripe”, he could have easily been set up with a new identity and gone to Israel under “right of return”. That’s always been a haven for Jewish underworld figures when things got too hot locally.

  21. Mark Pantano
    I am not one who typically takes conspiracy theories seriously, but I find myself doing so more and more.

    For example, the Las Vegas shooting. The worst mass shooting in American history about which the government supposedly knows absolutely nothing.

    Now, the Epstein “suicide.”

    1. When we defend our borders we are called racists. When we think and evaluate we are called conspiracy theorists. And so the attacks against us go on and on and on………..

  22. Soop, have you ever seen the documentaries about the Clintons and how many people they’ve killed? If you did, and if you read all you can find on the subject (which I have) you would easily believe that Epstein was murdered. Just like Vince Foster, just like so many people in Arkansas when he was governor. Clinton was part of the Dixie Mafia and was snorting coke until his nose bled. That’s what finally got to his heart and he had to stop. His own brother said he snorted coke like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. Two young boys saw too much one time and they had to go. So they were murdered and put on railroad tracks to try and obliterate the evidence. They were brutal and uncaring which makes them psychopaths. If anyone got in their way, they didn’t live long. The medical examiner down there was so corrupt that most death certificates read, “Died from Natural Causes.” How can that be when someone has been decapitated? The Clintons are evil people.

    1. It also doesn’t help that the Clintons are in league with Xenu and the Galactic Confederacy to take advantage of the rising thetan count in Americans so that they can be harvested and return Earth to its original form Teegeeack. Epstein was too close to cracking the R6 Implant, and so Xenu commanded to the Clintons that he had to go.

          1. IDK, I have a lady I work with who’s the biggest sci-fi fan I’ve ever met. Hey, maybe that’s AT.

    2. 100% with you and by the way you could finally decode the abbrevation from the Dems Mob known as DNC: Died from Natural Causes.

    3. The “suicide” of Vince Foster had to be the most amateurish attempt to stage a suicide. First off, the sidearm used (I don’t recall if it was a .38 Special or a .357, I’m sure it’s wasn’t a small-calibre weapon), if indeed he “ate his gun” (no recollection of temple wounding or POWDER BURNS on the side that, if he put the revolver to his temple, would occur, and certainly no exit wound), would spatter blood, bone, and brains out the exit path, most likely at the back of the skull! Also, in virtually all cases where the suicidal person “eats his gun”, the reflex action caused once the round impacts the medulla or spinal cord causes a jerking motion, causing the weapon to be thrown, often a considerable distance. Foster would certainly NOT be able to lay down and gently lay the revolver down at his side!

  23. Once again no one will be held accountable. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Vince Foster, Scalia, Epstein, Mueller, Comey, Hillary’s email, Obama’s buried transcripts. Zero, Nada, zilch,

    1. Hah. So who has the most to gain by Epstein being dead? Could it possibly be our esteemed leader????

      1. My blueberry pie was scorched on one side tonight. I’m figuring out a way that can be Trump’s fault. According to Democrats he’s responsible for everything. You people don’t realize how off the wall you sound.

      2. There are folks that were a lot closer to Epstein than Trump. In fact Trump wanted nothing to do with the slimeball. Bill Clinton however? Now that’s another story. Or any number of other high profile famous people.

  24. Whether JE was knocked off by the Clinton organization, or others, or killed himself. Clearly evil saturates the situation.
    How many mass killings end in suicide of the killer?
    Evil thrives on bloodshed and the taking of as many souls to heII as possible, by any means possible.
    It is a sign of the times that time is short for Lucifer, and he is ramping up his anxious, desperate activity.
    Luke 21:28 KJV
    [28] And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

  25. I guess it’s a lesson. If you play with fire you’re going to get burned. High places Pedo’s are like a club. Okay, I’m blaming John Wick.

  26. LOL. Bernard Kerik, he and Rudy sharing an apartment in NYC where they could cheat on their wives.
    Then Bernie is jailed on corruption charges which makes him a hero now.

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