Former Mexican prez Vicente Fox says they won’t pay for Trump’s ‘F**KEN wall’

The former president of Mexico Vicente Fox went on a mini-twitter tirade today re-iterating his previous statements that neither he nor Mexico would pay for Trump’s “f**ken” wall.

I’m not sure why walls are racist, especially since Mexico erects walls to keep illegal immigrants from south of its borders from streaming in.

This actually goes along with a report from yesterday where it was revealed Trump’s plan to build the wall is to go around Congress legislatively, but have them figure out how to pay it.

But then he tries to undermine Trump’s legitimacy:

This doesn’t seem like a terribly bright thing to do to the powerful trade partner to the North of Mexico. What he doesn’t understand is that any outburst like this just helps Trump among those who are animated by hatred of Mexico (not a majority, but they definitely exist). Ironically, the last time he cursed in the same manner, he apologized later, and Trump was shocked, shocked I tell you at the use of bad words!!

But this just highlights another one of Trump’s promises that is running into obstacles – the GOP is already sweating how to follow through with repealing Obamacare. How will his followers take it if these promises are watered down in their fulfillment?

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