Former MSNBC Host DESTROYS Jim Acosta for his ‘antics’: You are ‘hurting journalism’

Wow, former MSNBC anchor and show host David Shuster blasted Jim Acosta off the map this week over his press briefing outburst and various other dramas, and it’s about time someone did it.

Sure, the right has been bashing Acosta – he is a smug, self-aggrandizing, melodramatic narcissist, after all – but it’s nice to see someone in the mainstream press with enough integrity to say “QUIT BEING A D-BAG”, finally.

And before MAGA objections about how Shuster is a liberal, let me say “well duh.” That’s what makes this so biting, you guys. Come on.

BURN!! But not the last one.

BURN AGAIN! But wait there’s more.


There is no greater insult in these circles than that you gave Trump a victory, so that was a killing blow.

It’s also helpful that Shuster is exactly right about Acosta.

Acosta covets every #Resistance warrior’s praise, every anti-Trumper’s favor. He puts on an emotion-driven display, fancying himself some kind of folk hero speaking truth to power, and wallows in the tongue-bathing of the TDS masses on Twitter when his display is complete. He doesn’t go to the briefing to ask questions, he goes to put on one act plays and monologues in which he has cast himself the star, and then go his fans on the left and in the press so they can tell him he is brave and earnest and eloquent and brave.

The worst. And now burned by one of his own.


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