Former NFL player tries to pull a Jussie RACE HOAX, but the cops CATCH him red-handed!

Here’s yet another race hoax, and it’s from a former NFL player who tried to pin the blame on MAGA people!

Pathetic. Here are the details of how the cops caught him in the act:

A Gwinnett County business owner and former NFL player is facing criminal charges after destroying his business and writing racial slurs on the walls in an attempt to make it look like a burglary, police say.

Authorities said officers were called to the Create and Bake Restaurant and Coughman’s Creamery on Duluth Highway on Wednesday to a report of burglary in progress.

Officers later went into the business and found graffiti including “racially-motivated” words, swastikas and “MAGA” spray-painted on the walls, among other damage.

They also found the word “monkey.”

Geez, might as well have spray-painted “this is MAGA country!”

It’s important to note that the only reason they booked him for making a false report is that they caught him with overwhelming suspicious evidence:

Pihera said a shopping plaza maintenance worker saw someone burglarizing the restaurant around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and called police. Some officers were already in the area and spotted a black truck without a license plate on it.

“We’re so fortunate that somebody saw something weird, saw something suspicious, and called us,” Pihera said.

Police pulled the truck over thinking it could be a possible burglary suspect. Coughman was driving.

“That’s when they asked him about it, and he said he’s the owner of the business,” Pihera said.

When police searched the back of Coughman’s truck, they found several flat-screen TVs that looked a little suspicious.

“The brackets were still attached and there was still drywall attached to the brackets, meaning, someone took them off very quickly,” Pihera said.

When officers went inside the restaurant, they saw where TVs were probably ripped off the wall and they say racial slurs like “monkey” and the n-word — as well as MAGA — spray-painted everywhere.

Police said the paint was fresh and when they looked at Coughman’s hands, they saw black spray paint.

Now if they hadn’t caught him like this, how far do you think this story would have gone? I’d bet the mainstream media would have run with it hard. As it is, they’re barely covering it at all. Weird huh?

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