Former Secretary of Defense suggests balloons shot down by Biden were just weather balloons…

Former Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, told Martha McCallum today that he believes the balloons shot down by Biden were likely just weather balloons or other scientific balloons.

He also mocked the idea that aliens would conduct surveillance over Lake Huron using balloons that only moved 20 miles per hour.


Here’s what Esper said:

“I’m confident in saying that I doubt the aliens would travel across the universe and all of a sudden decide to conduct surveillance over Lake Huron in a balloon moving 20 miles an hour. If that’s their plan, I think we’re in good shape – we now know we can shoot them down. But I don’t think that’s true at all.

My hunch is that these are weather balloons or scientific experiments put aloft by another country, a company or some none profit. We’ll learn that in due course. And we should know pretty quickly based on what’s in the payloads and the packages, whether the technology is built to do all of that. It’ll just take a matter of time and a lot of this will get cleared up.”

If it turns out that Biden was shooting down a bunch of weather balloons then that will likely be pretty embarrassing.

As Esper said, we’ll find out in due time…

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