Former state DEMOCRAT who runs Florida Emergency Mngmt defends DeSantis, says CBS 60 Minutes piece “absolute malarkey”

This weekend we exposed how CBS 60 Minutes doctored an exchange between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and their reporter in order to scandalize the store Publix, a former donor to DeSantis, getting a big vaccine contract.

In that exchange, which we originally posted in full here, DeSantis explained that after querying big retail pharmacies like Publix and Walmart, that Publix was the only store ready to run with the vaccines. They then did a trial run in three counties before rolling it out to a mega county like Palm Beach County, he met with officials in the county and they chose to go with Publix because the store is everywhere and most seniors live very close to the stores.

Not scandalous whatsoever. But CBS 60 Minutes still tried to scandalize it last night with their hit piece:

After seeing the hit job last night Jared Moskowitz, a former 3-term Democratic state legislature who runs Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, came to Desantis’ defense saying that the Publix recommendation didn’t come from the governor’s office, but came from Florida’s Health Department and his Division of Emergency Management:

As you can see, this isn’t the first time Moskowitz made this statement. He also explained this in early March when the Miami Herald started pushing this nonsense, and his explanation sounds exactly like the explanation DeSantis gave a couple of weeks ago when CBS was hounding him over this fake story.

Why didn’t CBS interview Moskowitz for their show? Why didn’t they talk to him about it beforehand? He’d clearly made his opinion on this known. Because it would have completely derailed their hit job on DeSantis. They want to hurt him because he’s a rising star on the right with presidential aspirations:

Ben Shapiro agreed:

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