Former Trump spox on The View ‘concedes’ that nobody needs an AR-15

Former Trump spox and self-described ‘conservative’, Alyssa Farah, went on The View today and ‘conceded’ to those liberal cluckers that nobody really needs an AR-15.

This is dumb.

Saying someone doesn’t need an AR-15 is like saying someone doesn’t need a Ford F-150. And I use F-150 intentionally because there are bigger and more expensive trucks, like the F-450. Just like there are bigger and more expensive guns than the AR-15, which is essentially a .22 with more gun powder.

This is what The View does to conservatives who are weak-minded. Farah should have immediately pushed back saying it’s not about ‘need’. That’s a phony argument for a gun that is no ‘scarier’ than a non-sporting style semi-automatic rifle that shoots a large capacity magazine of .223.

No, the issue isn’t AR-15s or any gun for that matter. The shooter in the Brooklyn subway yesterday used a glock 9mm for pete’s sake. And it jammed on him as he was firing.

Guns are just tools, just like a knife or an axe. They can be used to do harm or they can be used to protect. It’s all about what someone chooses to do with it.

I’ll let Lt. Governor Robinson clean up this mess made by Farah:

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