Founder of #WalkAway campaign explains why progressives are LEAVING the Democrat party!

Brandon Straka went on Tucker Carlson’s show to explain why the campaign he founded, “Walk Away” is going viral.

Watch below:

Basically “Walk Away” is a campaign encouraging progressives and leftists to leave the Democrat party because it has gotten too far left and basically insane. Straka says he objects to the anti-white extremism of the party, and wants more people to join him.

There’s a lot of tweets about this campaign – some from leftists, some from right-wingers supporting it:

If this means people are leaving the democrats, then that’s great. But I am a little skeptical. There were similar dubious claims made by the same people before the election that Trump was going to win a majority of blacks and a majority of Hispanics and it was going to be a rout. It wasn’t. And Twitter spreads spurious claims much too quickly. But, if any of it is true, well that’s a good thing.

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