Four senior Islamic Jihad terrorists eliminated in Israeli air strike on “media building” in Gaza

Another score for God’s chosen people:

YESHIVA WORLD SERVICE – In what the Shin Bet is calling one of the most successful intelligence-based operations since Operation Pillar of Defense began last week, four senior Islamic Jihad terrorists were hit during an airstrike on a high-rise building in Gaza City, Monday afternoon.

It’s the second strike on the building in two days. The Hamas TV station, Al Aqsa, is located on the top floor. The building also houses the offices of Britain’s Sky News and Saudi-owned Al Arabiya Channel. Most journalists left the premises on Sunday following the initial strike.

Islamic Jihad identified [one of] the dead men as Ramiz Harb, one of its senior commanders.

Bahu al-Ata, an Islamic Jihad commander who is involved in the incessant firing of rockets toward Israel, was also in the building during the attack. Another terrorist, Taysir Jabari, who has orchestrated numerous attacks on Israel was also wiped out.

Another terrorist killed in the surgical airstrike was Hallil Bahatini, a senior Islamic Jihad commander who has also played a key role in the rocket fire on Israel’s south.

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41 thoughts on “Four senior Islamic Jihad terrorists eliminated in Israeli air strike on “media building” in Gaza

  1. How come Obama wants to give arms to radical Muslims, yet take away our 2nd Amendment rights? What say you? This is very puzzling to me! Could an Obamatron please explain?

  2. “Four senior Islamic Jihad terrorists eliminated in Israeli air strike on “media building” in Gaza.”
    Four down 200,000,000 to go. Keep up the good work.

  3. …when the one true G-D of Abraham unleashes his MIGHT as what will be the case in the END TIMES. All the enemies of ISRAEL will meet there demise as was the case of these 4 Senior ISLAMIC JIHAD TERRORIST’ s. G-D Abraham with your power and grace PROTECT the innocence of the State of ISRAEL your chosen people.”

    P.S. …where is your DEAR LEADER PART II hanging out these days ? mmmmmm just asking.

  4. The larger problem is that the Holocaust is no longer taught in many western schools,which allows for the ignorant to believe the one sided(PRAVDA)coverage.
    Santayana was spot on.

  5. Part of the problem Israel faces is not just that they are surrounded by enemies who want to eliminate them, but the media bias that tries to paint the Israelis as the “aggressors.”

    Take a look at the youtube video posted by colliemum, as an example. The worst of these of course, is the Arab media itself.

    One trick they use, and this was covered in a previous TRS post, is that after any attack by Israel, they stage the scene for the cameras, by having people act as though they are injured, when they are actually perfectly fine. They even put bandages on little children and carry them to waiting ambulances, in order to garner world sympathy for themselves, while portraying the horrible Israelis as murderers.

    Personally, I admire the Israeli people immensely for doing what they have to do to protect themselves in such a hostile environment.

    And even while being showered with rocket attacks, they send trucks loaded with medical supplies and other needed items into Gaza every single day. As the IDF spokesperson asked in the interview, “What other country in the world would do that?”

    What other country, indeed.

  6. That “media building” must be the terrorists version of MessNBC! LOL!

    What do you call the death of 4 Islamic Terrorists? Good news and a good start! 🙂

  7. There is still a need for a ground force operation. Hamass still has the capability and is still launching missiles into Israel. Air power alone can’t suppress it 100%.

  8. If the Israelis keep this up, there will not be any need to invade Gaza. The best thing we could do for Israel is to give them a large number of armed drones with Hellfire missiles. THAT would allow the Israelis to put up constant air surveillance over Gaza and hit them whenever they want to. Once the Palestinians in Gaza get the message that firing rockets into Israel is a losing proposition, they may want to stop. Until then, show them what real air superiority means.

  9. Btw – here is an excellent video about what Hamas supporters (in Toronto) really think:

    Israellycool is a great blogger whom I’ve known for years, and he links to a SUN-News video which shows the thoughts of those leftie liberal Hamas lovers in grisly detail – right down to the bullying by ‘officials’.

  10. What RT is NOT reporting, not that any other communist news media do either, is that foreign journalists requested to leave Gaza last Friday and wanted to go to Israel (for safety), Hamas promptly refused to let them leave and, in essence, made them hostages. Only Russian journalists are allowed now freedom of movement, Arabs know they can’t fock with Russia same way they so easily do with any other country (save for Israel, of course).

  11. Dead tangos. Ah gee that’s too bad. Must have been Allah’s will that did it. Inshallah and all. Nah..

  12. Aaaaand – how many innocent civilians, women and children were killed during this surgical strike?

    None – that’s how many!
    But the MSM are bitching about this media centre having been attacked anyway –
    watch this:

    Avital Leibovitch, the IDF spokesperson, is coolly laying down the law to that interviewer (RT)

    1. What an obnoxious reporter who did the interview. Ms. Leibovitch was very cool in handling his ridiculous questions.

      1. It looks as if all reporters/journalists who aim to interview any Israeli spokesperson or Ambassador underwent the same training programme: convey your hate/disgust at whatever an Israeli says. Never believe them – but always believe what a Hamas spokesperson says …

  13. I’d love to be there when those terrorists find out that the 72 virgins were all bottles of olive oil.

  14. Gotta hand it to the Israelis. One by one they’re eliminating the leadership, taking them down and sending them to meet their “virgins”. Praise the Lord!

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