Fourth kingdom of Daniel REVIVING while Turkish president being revered like ANTICHRIST in new anthem


As many of our readers know, we’ve looked closely at Turkey for quite some time, knowing full well that Turkey is the main player in what is to be the revived fourth kingdom of Daniel 2 – the feet of iron and clay – and we are watching the fourth kingdom revive right before our very eyes.

Just as a refresher, that fourth kingdom represented as the legs of iron in Daniel 2 is not the Roman Empire. Rather it is the Islamic empire that spanned from shortly after the time of Muhammad to 1924. We go into great detail on why it is the Islamic empire here.

As many in the Middle East already know, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to revive the Ottoman Empire that fell in 1923 – the wounded head referred to in Revelation 13:3 – and he has a goal of accomplishing this by 2023. He hates the borders that were instituted by the Sykes-Picot agreement that broke up the Ottoman Empire, blasting that agreement in November of last year and expressing his desire to catapult Turkey into an Islamic Empire stemming from Istanbul and covering the entire Muslim world.

And as we watch Turkey and Iran partnering up in the region, there’s little doubt that we are seeing the feet of iron and clay beginning to take shape.


Meanwhile a cult of personality has formed around President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Turkey is bringing back the spirit of the Ottoman Empire. It’s now even illegal to insult or criticize Erdogan (who is only president…more on that below) or you’ll get arrested and brought up on charges. We’ve highlighted several instances of this.

Now it’s important to note that as president, Erdogan doesn’t have nearly the same power as he did when he was prime minister (he ran out of terms as prime minister and had to run for presidency to stay in power). The presidency in Turkey, according to Wikipedia, is largely a ceremonial position. Yet for some reason Turks still see Erdogan as their leader and he’s allowed to basically run the country as though he were still prime minister.  The actual prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, is considered to be Erdogan’s right hand man.

To solve the problem of his constitutional lack of power, Erdogan has been calling for a new presidential system almost daily. In fact he even has the current prime minister calling for it now as well. This new presidential system will give Erdogan all the power he has been wanting but will require a rewrite of their constitution to make it happen, something they are planning on doing later this year once the AKP wins more seats in the upcoming elections.

Most in Turkey know that Erdogan really just wants to be a dictator and this new presidential system is his way of getting there. Remember the tweet by the AKP official last month?

In his tweet, Çalapkulu said Erdoğan’s opponents had in the past claimed that Erdoğan could not even be a village headman, but in fact he managed to rise to the top of the Turkish state.

“Now they are saying he cannot be president [under a presidential system]. The caliph is coming, get ready,” he added, referring to Erdoğan as “the tall man,” like many of his supporters.

Erdogan being called the caliph of this new Turkey is becoming more and more common in the Middle East as time goes on. But his opposition in Turkey is wholly against this presidential system, as the tweet suggests, and has vowed to stop him. I don’t think they have the numbers to do so in their byzantine parliamentary system but I guess we’ll find out this summer after the Turkish elections.

Back to Erdogan’s cult of personality.

In just the last couple of days, a new anthem was played for Erdogan by an Ottoman military band during the opening a Strategic Research Center in Ankara:

During the inauguration ceremony for New Turkey Strategic Research Center in the Gölbaşı neighborhood of Ankara, Erdoğan listened to the anthem, composed by writer and former politician Hasan Celal Güzel. The Mehter band of Ankara Municipality performed the anthem.

“The struggle for New Turkey is our Red Apple,” Erdoğan said in reference to the lyrics in his speech.

Denoting the mythical Turkish land in Central Asia, “Red Apple” is a symbol of Pan-Turkism and its utopic ideal.

Güzel’s lyrics praise Erdoğan as “Our Leader,” before mentioning historic figures Attila the Hun, Oghuz Han, Alparslan, the Ottoman Empire’s founder Osman Gazi, Mehmed the Conqueror, Selim I, Suleiman the Magnificent, Abdulhamid II and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Adnan Menderes and Turgut Özal, two of Erdoğan’s predecessors in the offices of Turkey’s prime ministry and presidency, are praised in the anthem, which vows “to spread the name of Allah.”

The Turkish nation is loyal to you Erdoğan, the last ring of the golden chain,” the lyrics also say with an endorsement to full presidential system, instead of the current parliamentary system of Turkey.

One Turkish article actually went to the trouble of noting how many times this new anthem referred to Erdogan as opposed to the other historic figures. They  only get one mention – even Ataturk – and yet Erdogan gets 7 mentions. A Turkish friend of mine who read the anthem was taken aback by how much praise Erdogan gets in this new anthem.

Below are the lyrics to this new anthem, professionally translated:

Two thousand and twenty three, we are hundred years old
Our objective is again great Turkey
We’re in the race to be a global power
The new Turkey is our Red apple
Our leader is Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Draw his strength from Allah

Two thousand and seventy one, we are thousand years old.
Our occupation is to be superpower
We ensure peace at home, peace in the world
The New Turkey is our Red apple
Our leader is Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Draw his strength from the nation

Atilla, Oğuzhan, Gazi Alparslan
Osman Gazi, Fatih, Yavuz, Süleyman
Also Rest in peace Abdülhamid Han
The Gazi Ataturk is that founding the state
Nation’s man Tayyip Erdogan
Draw his strength from the public

This new century is going to be the Turks century
We will spread Allah’s name
Without leaving from the path of our prophet
We will build the New Turkey
Our leader is Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Draw his strength from the nation

Establisher of the Democracy is Martyr Menderes
Turgut Ozal made us step into a new age
He is the last link of the golden chain
Turkish people is loyal to you
Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Draw his strength always from his Lover

One nation, one flag, one motherland belongs to us
One State Turkey belongs to our nation
For brotherhood, independence, evenness
Our objective is New Great Turkey
Our president is Recep Tayyip Erdogan
taking his power always from Allah.

Erdogan no doubt loved this and, as the article above pointed out, he listened to it and even commented on it in his speech.

Now that you’ve now read the lyrics, you can see that this new anthem doesn’t merely just praise Erdogan, but it puts this new Turkey (revived fourth kingdom) completely on his shoulders as president, lauding him as some larger than life figure, even messianic. The Bible, as many of you know, would call this person the Antichrist. After all, it is the Antichrist that leads the revived fourth kingdom into Jerusalem to take it captive (Ezekiel 38).

Now just to be clear, there is no way of knowing for sure who the Antichrist is at this point. But Erdogan is the likeliest candidate given everything we know and should he revive the fourth kingdom as he desires to do and become its caliph, I’d say it’s probably a done deal. But all that remains to be seen.


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