Fox News celebrates PRIDE MONTH by airing puff piece on 5-yr-old transitioning from girl to boy

Fox News just celebrated pride month by airing a segment promoting a five-year-old little girl transitioning to a boy.

It was at the end of the 10am hour with Dana Perino, who only introduced the segment. Fox News Latino reporter Bryan Llenas, who is gay, produced and narrated the story.

The girl’s name is ‘Ryland’ and she’s no longer five years old, but that’s when she started transitioning to a boy with the full support of her family, who claim that God made her this way. And Bryan Llenas wants to make sure you know that this is as normal and wonderful as anything could be.

The whole thing is disgusting because this little girl’s life has been ruined by her parents and Fox News is gleefully promoting it.

And regarding the avoidance of self harm that was mentioned in the video, I think it’s very possible that one day, when ‘Ryland’ realizes what her parents have done to her, that all that self-harm that her parents think they are avoiding may come back in full force.

This is a very low point for Fox News and I’m sure tht many of you will feel the same way.

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