Fox News debunks Obama’s oil lies

And they didn’t just do it with industry experts. Then got estimates on how much oil we actually have from different federal agencies as well, and they all tell a different story from what Obama is telling:

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54 thoughts on “Fox News debunks Obama’s oil lies

  1. “We’re addicted to oil.”

    That statement sums up the belief that using oil is a bad thing. We’re not addicted to oil any more that we’re addicted to water.

    I want to tell the Saudis to go pound sand, defund terrorists, pay $1 a gallon for gas, and continue our efforts to find reliable, environmentally friendly alternatives. It’s not like us conservatives want to rape the earth and go sloshing oil by the bucket across the earth.

  2. I’m all for finding alternative clean renewable energy. There is no gaurantee of how long we can keep drilling. 200 years, 400 years? Who knows. I’m not even sure it’s a finite number because how do we know how much the Earth is replenishing beneath the surface? I mean, it produced the oil we have now so it has to be continually be producing more I would assume.

    That said, there isn’t a viable alternative. We cannot cut off our oil supply hoping to force the scientists to produce an alternative. It’s not working. Going without oil is not going to magically produce a replacement. Even if we find an alternative, we will always need oil for other things, so the idea of getting away from oil is a lie and a pipe dream.

  3. No, you mean Obama/Soetoro is lying? No, I can’t believe it. He was born here, that’s the one thing he’s telling the truth about. Yes, according to the experts on TV and in government, he’s telling the truth about that one issue, or should I say two issues he’s telling the truth about, he’s a Christian too. LOL.

  4. After a few weeks of relentless attacks on O’s energy policy, Newt accomplished more in exposing O’s lies than the entire GOP establishment has been able to do in two years of holding a House majority. The proof is O going to Oklahoma today to announce expedited building of a pipeline from OK to Texas.

    Keep nailing him Newt!

    Newt 2012 – we need this man, he fights.

  5. Seriously, has there ever been a President or for that matter any figure on the public stage that has gotten to the point that most people don’t believe a word he says?

  6. AM I the only one getting all the lefty ads ? Flipping EPA ad at the bottom of this story. . .I wish it was like FB and I could flag it as offensive. . . .

  7. Other folks have mentioned that this stupid “addiction” theme of the leftists is something that irritates. Well, the fact is, energy is the engine of prosperity. So when they claim, “we’re addicted to oil,” what they are saying is, “YOU are addicted to prosperity.”

    The fact is, all of the proposed “solutions” to curbing this phony “addiction” are not capable of providing anything more than meager subsistence, at best. If you add up all the alternative energy we can muster: everything from nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, etc. together, and give them all their optimal efficiency numbers too (because windmills spend most of their day sitting idle),… add all those together and combine them in one, big, glorious economy of “green energy,” then what you have is less than 20% of our daily energy needs. And nuclear is MOST of that.

    Greenies want to shackle you to a subsistence economy–with leftist, academic-types in control and a few plutocrat overlords calling the shots. They want an end to your rugged individualism. Your ability to create and manufacture outside of their control. They want to be in charge of everything. And telling you we use too much oil is their way of getting you to accept the yoke. Telling you that the government will provide your healthcare if you pay the taxes for it is their way of getting you to accept the lash.

    It’s for your own good.

  8. Drilling will help, but the real source of the problem is inflation. Ron Paul makes the point, but no one else is listening. No other candidate can talk about it because they are all supported by the banking system that is the cause of the problem! Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan are the real culprits and they own the country much more than Obama does. It’s a huge sham that is obfuscated by the presidential races.

    1. The banking system? Please, dude. Dodd and Frank FORCED the banking system to give home loans to dead beats and then Maobama spent 2 trillion freaking dollars in January of 2009.

  9. So Mitt “We’re in a recovery now” Romney, who still believes in man-made global warming, is going to be the one to argue this issue with Barack “hey, it’s not a lie if I say it” Obama?

    And Romney is supposedl our best bet to win over moderates and independents.

    I’ll bet a bunch of Colon Powell/Peggy Noonan type Republicans will vote for Obama, because Obama will still “sound” like he knows what he’s talking about.

      1. Heh. I bet Mitt has “crease people,” just to make sure he competes well in that category. Crease, and hair.

        It’s in the bag, baby!

  10. The President of the United States, with deliberate malice of forethought, is destroying the American Economy, from the bottom up, starting with the life blood of our industries=Energy. And if you don’t believe it, you are a Certified Moron and Idiot Pissant. In my opinion.

  11. Did you guys see that O is going to make a speech in Oklahoma tomorrow (I’m paraphrasing) advising he is going to make an executive order to expedite the SOUTHERN part of the Keystone XL pipeline? Wait… CANADA has the oil…so we are going to expedite building the SOUTHERN part of the pipeline….I’m sure it makes sense to start at the opposite end from where the oil is….I am just not smart enough to figure it out. From Breitbart:

  12. I am addicted to oil/hydrocarbons/energy like I am addicted to oxygen, dihydrogen monoxide, carbohydrates, and proteins, all necessary to life. Life is a struggle for energy, be it predation or photosynthesis. Every time I see and or hear one of these enviro-wackos talk about energy addiction my first reaction is to send them into the wilderness with only a few primitive tools, grass clothes, and seaweed for food. They wouldn’t last more than a few days.

  13. These enviro-pukes and their agenda are about as useful as a three-legged spider. They produce nothing but a constant stream of falsehoods and misinformation to support their asinine position. It’s like wiping you ass with a hoop, there’s just no end.

  14. How about this. Let the oil companies try. The fed gets the leasing money and the evil oil companies will loose money drilling for nothing!! Unless of course PBO is wrong.

    1. First of all, the oil companies won’t drill if there isn’t some sign of oil being there to begin with. Secondly, they aren’t evil, the “green movement” is evil. Third, if we had started drilling 30 years ago, when the Libtards kept saying, “It will take 10 years for the oil we pump now to reach the gas pump.”, we would be far more oil efficient and less dependent on oil from anyone but ourselves. So, the idea of drilling now is not bad, the idea of wind(something that was done in the 1800’s, and found to be ineffective) will cause more problems than good. If the feds want money from all these leases, they should release them anyways, instead, they block the oil companies from using the leases to drill, cause they KNOW FOR A FACT that oil is located on these leases, and will in fact find oil, causing the price of oil to drop, which is completely against the ideas of the current(and past) administrations to do. This would cause a drastic price drop in oil, pushing gas prices down, and then the Arabian Peninsula will become null and void, meaning that the wars and means to trade with the world would become less important for that part of the world. It is a twist of many things, including pushing the U.S. back to the stone-age(green movement), to become “equal” with it’s trading partners, and make the U.S. less of a world power. The entire lie starts in school and has worked its way up to the top, all the way to the President. If the oil companies were let loose to do what companies do(which is make money), this country would be in much better shape. Trust me, no company, including oil companies, are not going to do something that doesn’t make money. Companies are not in the business to lose money, they are in it to make money. Oil companies won’t bother drilling if there isn’t sufficient evidence that there is oil.

      In other words, your thought process is flawed at best.

      1. Ummmm, Bart. The entire point was to suggest that rather than a point counter point argument about how much oil is recoverable we should just let companies drill. If Obama is correct then they will find very little oil and gasoline prices will not change. PBO could point out that he has opened all land for drilling, no significant oil was found, just like he predicted, and the government received lots of royalties. Win Win for PBO and he gets reelected. If he is wrong, they will find abundant oil and oil futures will decline knowing that new sourses are coming online and gasoline prices will decline. Use PBO’s statement about calling his bluff against him. Perhaps if I had placed the word evil in quotaion marks the subtle sarcasm would have been more obvious.

  15. Wha? Maobama and the corrupt media were… cough… lying? But that spinning presidential seal on my T.V. told they were telling the truth…

  16. Wow, Obama misleading and lying to the American public..tell me something I do not already know. You know how I know Obama is lying, he is moving his lips. That goes for pretty much 90% of the rest of the democrats as well.

  17. Everybody’s on the bandwagon now. Rove group on Obama’s case about energy policies.

    Thanks Newt your the man.


    1. Sarah Palin was calling for it in interviews with Larry Kudlow as far back as June of 2008.

      “Drill, drill, drill” and “Drill, baby, drill”

      Newt’s book titled “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” came out in September of 2008.

      1. Yes Sarah has always been on the case for drilling. When I talked about Newt’s info I was referring to this election cycle specifically and how this was not front page news anywhere until he started his 2.50 a gal campaign that and the president sure wasn’t trying to explain himself before Newt forced him to.

  18. If Obama was Pinocchio his nose would not fit in the WH let alone the Oval Office. If you listened closely to the discussion you heard the word CO2. This is just part of his get out the vote but this time pandering to the enviros.

  19. Oil maybe a renewable resource, not finite. Wouldn’t that make the environmentalists nuttier than ever before?

    “If hydrocarbons are renewable- then is “Peak Oil” a fraud?
    by Joel Bainerman

    Are hydrocarbons “renewable”- and if so- what does such a conclusion mean for the future of the world’s oil and natural gas supplies?

    The question is critical due to the enormous amount of coverage the issue of “Peak Oil” is receiving from the mainstream press. If the supply of hydrocarbons is renewable- then the contrary to the conventional wisdom being touted throughout the mainstream press today- the world is NOT running out of oil.

    Unbeknownst to Westerners, there have actually been for quite some time now two competing theories concerning the origins of petroleum. One theory claims that oil is an organic ‘fossil fuel’ deposited in finite quantities near the planet’s surface. The other theory claims that oil is continuously generated by natural processes in the Earth’s magma…”

    read more at:

    1. Newt had this in one of his speeches going into Alabama maybe sooner, about the myth of peak oil.

  20. How do we get off of that addiction? Find another source of energy that actually works. To much in CO2 emissions? Great everybody hold your breath until you croke! I still cannot figure how energy that comes from the ground is considered disastrous!

    1. Words have meaning. Wrong word, wrong meaning. Addiction is the wrong word owing to its extremely negative connotation. Reliance is a more apt word. I ask: How do we not rely on oil? It is the very basis of the industrialized world not just the U.S. I know I’m stating what should be obvious but every facet of our lives involves oil in some way and even under-developed countries rely on oil products. The foolhardy elimination of oil brings up another word: destruction.

      1. Words have meaning. He chose that word “addiction” with great intent and it speaks volumes about his beliefs. No doubt, he rode the train to work that morning.

    2. Lol, because it’s a lie. The left wants to tax farmers for every cow that farts. They talked about making humans take pills to keep them from farting. They will stop at nothing to get their Marxist control and global taxation/welfare.

      1. It really is all about control. Our reliance on oil is not in doubt, so if you control the thing we need most of all, you control us.

        Saving the earth has always been a red herring.

  21. Gingrich has been talking about this for weeks. He also advocates an all of the above approach meaning he wants us to explore all possible energy sources. Cars today that run on gasoline are made much more environmentally friendly. Mine has nearly zero emissions and that was one of the reasons I bought it-it runs on gas. Many factories have updated to control their emissions output.

    All of this talk from Obama is nothing more than trying to control and stifle free markets so he can control people and the country in to some socialist utopia.

    1. That’s right. Electric cars run off electricity from coal-fired plants. Using algae is just another way to make more oil. Many products need oil to be produced. It isn’t just coming out of our cars. If oil disappeared, all production would stop and no amount of algae could help that.

      1. I don’t know where it’s at I saw it a long time ago but it’s astounding how many products depend on petroleum as a basic component. I know some plastics are petroleum based. You’ll never see that on TV.

        1. A partial list of products made from Petroleum (144 of 6000 items)

          One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like:


          Diesel fuel

          Motor Oil

          Bearing Grease


          Floor Wax

          Ballpoint Pens

          Football Cleats





          Bicycle Tires

          Sports Car Bodies

          Nail Polish

          Fishing lures



          Golf Bags



          Dishwasher parts

          Tool Boxes

          Shoe Polish

          Motorcycle Helmet


          Petroleum Jelly

          Transparent Tape

          CD Player

          Faucet Washers




          Food Preservatives



          Vitamin Capsules










          Panty Hose



          Life Jackets

          Rubbing Alcohol



          TV Cabinets

          Shag Rugs

          Electrician’s Tape

          Tool Racks

          Car Battery Cases





          Insect Repellent

          Oil Filters




          Hair Coloring


          Toilet Seats

          Fishing Rods


          Denture Adhesive


          Ice Cube Trays

          Synthetic Rubber


          Plastic Wood

          Electric Blankets


          Tennis Rackets

          Rubber Cement

          Fishing Boots


          Nylon Rope


          Trash Bags

          House Paint

          Water Pipes

          Hand Lotion

          Roller Skates

          Surf Boards



          Paint Rollers

          Shower Curtains

          Guitar Strings



          Safety Glasses


          Football Helmets





          Ice Chests



          CD’s & DVD’s

          Paint Brushes




          Sun Glasses


          Heart Valves









          Artificial Turf

          Artificial limbs



          Model Cars

          Folding Doors

          Hair Curlers

          Cold cream

          Movie film

          Soft Contact lenses

          Drinking Cups

          Fan Belts

          Car Enamel

          Shaving Cream



          Golf Balls



          Ask a democrat which ones they are willing to give up.

          1. Well, I think the Democrats would say, ‘We need most all of that, but we can give up the aspirin, ’cause we already have contraception through Obamacare’.

        2. Plus a ton of medicine. And as Rush always says….until you can run an airplane off of something other than jet fuel, we’ll need oil.

  22. I know they have deer hunter’s season, duck hunter’s season and salmon fisherman’s season.

    Don’t they have just a general, catch-all kind of season for all environmentalists? I’d buy tags and limit out by Jan 2 every year.

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