Fox News falsely says Michelle Obama wore headscarf in Saudi Arabia

I am just kinda shocked at how stupidly and openly the right wing is lying in order to push Trumpism on people. It really is even worse than what Democrats did for Obama. At least they were sneaky about it.

In this segment this morning, Fox News’ foreign policy “expert” Rebeccah Heinrichs says that Melania symbolized how Trump is changing everything because she refused to wear a headscarf in contrast to Michelle Obama wearing the headscarf. Which she didn’t.

Watch below:

AND THEN SHE SAYS that Trump criticized Michelle for wearing the headscarf!!!

HOW is it possible that she could get it exactly backwards. HOW?!?!??! I just… I just don’t know… anymore.

Amazingly, but believably, the Fox News host doesn’t correct her. Because the fragile minds of the Fox News Trumpers just couldn’t handle it if that fantasy bubble burst.

It might be that she got this idiocy from right-wing blogs pushing the headline that Melania Trump bravely and nobly refused to wear a head scarf in Saudi Arabia, and stuck it to the Muslim aggressors:

Back in reality, no one asked her to wear a head scarf, Michelle Obama didn’t wear one when she visited, Hillary didn’t wear one, and neither did Laura Bush:

But that doesn’t stop these damn idiots from lying, nor does it stop their idiot followers from retweeting:

Because politics is just tribalist bloodsport now. The truth doesn’t matter as long as you’re “winning.”

How pathetic are we now. Lying brazenly like liberals.

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