Fox News guest says Whistleblower’s name on air, but gets scolded for something completely different!

This is dumb. Lars Larson was scolded today by Fox News host Harris Faulkner for something he didn’t even do, and this was after he said the name of the whistleblower which Fox News forbids:

The topic is Senator Kennedy calling Nancy Pelosi dumb, which Leslie Marshall called sexist.

In defense of Kennedy, Larson said “It’s not sexist. I know dumb men and I know dumb women. And I will probably meet some dumb people with pronoun names too. It’s not a sexist term.” Lars then went on to name the ‘whistleblower’ in commentary about Pelosi.

The good thing is he didn’t get scolded for mentioning the whistleblower’s name. Faulkner just ignore that. But what she did scold him for was this: “So this conversation devolved too. We don’t put down people who use different pronouns on this network and on this show especially.”

Seriously? Lars didn’t put down anyone with or without pronouns. He was just pointing out that ‘dumb’ isn’t a sexist term and was covering his bases with “all” genders.

Fox News is much more annoying than the used to be with this nonsense.

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