Fox News’ Kennedy said Trump was tweeting like a ‘BIG DUMB BABY’ at Yovanovitch

Lisa Kennedy on The Five dissented significantly from MAGA-world yesterday when she said he was tweeting like “a big dumb baby” during the questioning of Yovanovitch.

Yikes. I would have thought that many people would be upset at her for saying so, but actually, I couldn’t find anything on the repository of public rage we call Twitter.

Kennedy has been generally very much on the side of MAGA-world. AND, if you look at her entire comments from the segment beyond her initial criticism of Trump’s tweets, they are much much more favorable to the Trumpy side of things. Which is why those who are tossing that video around edited it to just five seconds.

Here’s the entire segment:

But of course, the media is desperate to nail Trump, so they’ll take this tiny video to make Kennedy look bad, when she’s just being pretty reasonable.

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