Fox News REBUKES Jeanine Pirro for on-air remarks about Ilhan Omar — Pirro releases statement

Fox News has been under newer, more liberal management ever since Roger Ailes left the company a few years ago.

So when they heard these comments by Jeanine Pirro about Rep. Ilhan Omar, they freaked out.

First, here’s the video:

Here’s more from the Daily Mail:

Fox News has ‘strongly condemned’ comments made by its host Jeanine Pirro after she questioned whether Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab meant she subscribed to sharia law.

During the opening monologue of her show on Saturday, Pirro claimed that Omar’s head covering was a sign that she was committed to the religious law which originates from the Quran, adding that it was ‘antithetical’ to the constitution.

She said: ‘Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?’

Earlier in the segment, Pirro had suggested that the Minnesota congresswoman was not getting her ‘anti-Israel sentiment doctrine’ from the Democratic party.

She said: ‘Think about this. She’s not getting this anti-Israel sentiment doctrine from the Democrat party… So if it’s not rooted in the party, where is she getting it from?

Honestly, they don’t exactly sound like terrible questions to me. Heck most Democrats hate the Constitution because it stands in their way of dismantling our freedoms.

But even more so, it’s not like Omar’s tenure as a Congresswoman has been a role model. She’s been embroiled in controversy because she’s an anti-Semite. Where did she learn to hate Jews? It’s a fair question, and we all know the answer is because she’s Muslim.

If she’s this willing to be blatantly anti-Semitic and not apologize, what are her other beliefs?

In a vacuum, I could maybe understand the criticism of Pirro’s questions. After all, picking on her hijab might seem a bit petty. But this isn’t a vacuum. Omar has shown sympathies to terrorists in the past and now she’s making her hatred for Jews quite obvious. I think it’s fair to ask more questions.

Here’s the condemnation by Fox News and the subsequent statement by Pirro:

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169 thoughts on “Fox News REBUKES Jeanine Pirro for on-air remarks about Ilhan Omar — Pirro releases statement

  1. So it is God forbid!,,that anyone should question a muslim!,,,HYPOCRITES! Anti-semitism gets a pass,,,,,,all the rest of us are INFIDELS!!!! WOW!

  2. Oh SO WHAT?! So there are only certain things Americans are supposed to “have a conversation about” and progressives are in charge of the subject matter??? It is a fair question. IHam Omar’s commitment to hate speech about Jews is ok and her reference to Trump not being human is ok but nobody gets to ask what, exactly, publicly dawning a hijab means to Omar as a representative of her district? Kids who show up at school on Ash Wednesday are required to clean their foreheads in school, women who wear necklaces dawning crosses or the Star of David are fair game for mooslums to destroy, but nobody is permitted to ask what that hijab stands for in Omar’s mind? A little honesty might be nice.

    I am far more offended by Judge Jeanine’s adoption of the overused democrat word of the week, “TROPES,” which she used 5 times in the span of 5 minutes!

  3. So stupid of Fox. Pirro was right to ask her questions. Fox people are cowards. Why does everyone have to tip toe around Omar, but yet Omar can be offensive to anyone she wants. Where is the social justice?

    1. Never have I heard more poison spewed forth from one person, who claims to represent Americans, than I have out of Omar.

  4. Interesting how everyone is forced to apologize if they say something contrary about Omar but Omar can say anything and does not have to apologize.

    1. It sounded like the hijab comment was the bridge too far for them. Without that, I don’t think that they’d have said anything.

    2. Only a hate-filled democrat could get away with their hate speech and their party would pass a resolution attacking their critics.

    1. Absolutely correct! She can’t help herself. The hatred is just seething from her every orifice. And the fake smile is disgusting knowing the hatred behind it.

  5. Not a fan either of her but that was hardly a wrong statement she made. The only person I cant stand to hear talk more than the Judge is Hillary on the other hand.

  6. You go girl! Don’t take a bad rap by your bosses & tuck tail. Keep on truckin’ & open the blinds on the evil-doers amongst us.

  7. I’ve been saying for numerous years that fox is becoming Alt Left. Shep Smith who has a time slot on the early afternoon @ fox has said even more Alt Left defamatory rhetoric than Judge Jeanne’s right leaning innocuous softball statements. Over the past 13 years Fox has veered left, what a pity…

  8. If even the truth is forbidden speech these days, where in the world do we go from here? Rep. Omar DID state antisemitic comments, so many of her comments indicate to even the most casual observer that she is against Israel…her own religion is against Israel so I don’t know why she is being so protected. I think Fox must be afraid of Muslim retaliation, that’s all I can come up with.

  9. I’m not a fan of Pirro, but I agree with Scoop on this one.

    I also want to thank Scoop and Sooper for watching Fox so I don’t have to!

    1. Personally, I have to hold my nose whenever I enter Fox- Absolutely every Fox News article has some sort of dig into the Conservatives or Republican Party, Fox is the CNN of 1998.

    2. @k-bob Sorry K-Bob, gotta disagree with you here. I started watching Fox again after a five year absence (I had cut my cable but recently got Hulu). Sure, they have some annoying hosts like Shep Smith (who I avoid) and a few others, but Tucker Carlson is excellent and so are several others. Judge Pirro has one show on the weekend and it’s pretty good, she doesn’t hold back.

      There is absolutely no overall comparison between Fox and any of the other major broadcast or cable news shows.

  10. Wow, Omar gets more ‘cover’ than Obama. Haven’t been a fan of Pirro for quite a while, but an apology? WTH? For what? Why? Big cave, Jeanine.

  11. Shorter answer “Sorry not sorry”! Pirro was correct to hold the line there is absolutely nothing to apologize for. I’m glad that she invited her on the show, if Omar is dumb enough to do it hopefully Pirro asks her about marrying her brother because the media just don’t seem interested in her little incest story!

  12. omar comes out and blatantly insult Jews with racist remarks, and REFUSED to apologize, even doubling down- but pirro asks a perfectly legit question and fox news goes all weak-kneed groveling for forgiveness from the left?

  13. There is nothing wrong with what Jeanine said…this is just proving what many have been saying. Fox News is moving further and further to the left. They will soon be CNN2

  14. I generally think Pirro is a poser and a flake, but given the individual in question, those do seem like perfectly reasonable questions to ask.

    1. Pirro was created as a counter-punch to Keith Olberman -same style, just on the right instead of the Left.

      Oberlman crashed and burned, but his take no prisoners faux outrage created a new journalism standard. Pirro survived. Her message was more palatable.

  15. I didn’t hear anything wrong with what Pirro said, really she just wanted people to think about it, and asked questions. And why wouldn’t they? When all this woman does is spew her hatred for Israel and the Jewish people.

    1. What hasn’t FOX News caved on? Until recently, very few people were condemning abortion. Sheppard Smith must be beside himself on that one.

        1. It’s one thing to say you’re pro-life, it’s another thing condemn abortion, and take on the progressive machine directly.

  16. I agree completely with Jeanine Pirro, have the big wigs at fox news forgot about 9-11 ! Omar has NO businesses in our Congress .

    1. They’re too busy pushing federal welfare for 9/11 responders. Remember, last week, when all conservatives were made to believe the federal government was responsible for taking care of those brave people, instead of asking why private insurance and the state of NY had failed them?

  17. Anyone else notice that Omar started going heavy on hijab only after getting elected? Rarely saw her wearing it during campaigning. Pretty deceptive, but then Islam is known for that.

      1. “Deception, Lying and Taqiyya. There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya (the Shia name). These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order…” Thanks for naming the practice. It is why a radical/faithful Muslim could swear to uphold the Constitution even though their deepest desire would be to see it replaced with Sharia Law.

          1. Actually I just copied it from the website and that’s why I put quote marks around it. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I was that knowledgeable 😛 I do appreciate that you mentioned the word and that I could then inform myself. Especially because as regular people, we would most likely not expect others to just lie bald face when taking an oath. But here is proof that a devout Muslim following “their” holy book, could lie straight face and have no qualms about it. It’s shocking and should be exposed for the big lie that it is. And thanks to Judge Jeanine for being brave enough to call this practice out.

            1. Well, regardless, this info has to go viral. If you should have more access to other internet media, I encourage you to post this eye-opening explanation. There is a guy, that was explaining in the past how the Quran allows Muslims to lie if this helps their cause. I cannot remember the name of this guy, but I will pass you a link as soon as I remember it.
              This culture of lies is not compatible with ours to start with. I am not saying that nobody in the Western Culture lies, but we consider this to be despicable, while Islam welcomes it.
              Judge Jeanine is indeed a very brave woman.

                1. C.W.Smith: Thanks a lot! I like Robert Spencer very much. Do you know Walid Shoebat? He and his son work together to explain Islam as well.

                2. @susitna I’m familiar with Shoebat by name, though I haven’t seen or read nearly as much of his work as I have Spencer’s. Or Pam Geller’s, thanks Doc.

            2. ProLifer:
              The guy I was talking about is Walid Shoebat.
              But here is a great summary that you should watch:
              Title: Taqiyya and Tawriya: how Muslims deceive the infidels.flv

              1. Susitna: I have seen and heard Walid Shoebat before. Muslims that speak out are the bravest among us because they are thought of as traitors rather than just infidels like you and me. I watched the clip – thanks for sharing.

                1. ProLifer: I found yesterday a 3 part video where many Muslims (journalists, Muftis and authors) criticize the poor development in Muslim countries. It looks like there is a wave against radicalization. Let me know if you want the link.
                  It was kind of crazy to see how they are fighting against Islamic fanatism while we are welcoming it in Congress. Sorry for taking so much of your time.

                2. Susitna: I would like the link. And yes, it is crazy to think we are embracing what others are throwing away. Another example is socialism. Some in the U.S. would have us move that way even though we are seeing the people of Venezuela suffering in real time. I just read that they are in their fourth day of no electricity. It’s shocking to see what has happened to this country over the past few years. Instead of a gradual decline – we are on a super slide and I am not looking forward to the crash landing.

                  And not to worry – you aren’t taking up too much of my time 🙂

                3. ProLifer: I will send you the first link to not take too much room away:
                  Arab self-criticism and self-doubt (1/3)

                4. Susitna: I have been offline for a day but I am watching it now. Thanks for sending it to me.

                5. ProLifer: If you don’t find 2/3, I have it. 3/3 is very hard to find.
                  You know, I was kind of relieved, when I saw that they are opening their eyes as well over there.

  18. We should let Fox know that we appreciate and support the Judge’s commentary. The other side routinely attacks and accuses V.P. Pence for his Christian views, however, the Judge didn’t do that – she merely asked a question. I, for one, do not want to sit around with my head in the sand hoping that the progressives, socialists, communists, and radical Muslims won’t do harm to our country. Weren’t we taught a while back to: “See something, Say something”. Well, we are seeing (and smelling) rats and it’s way past time to say something.

  19. The real reason Omar wears the Hijab? To be noticed. It’s her way of being a victim of identity politics.

  20. Those are fair questions to ask including regarding the head scarf or whatever you call it. Omar is a muslim, and islam does not work with the Constitution, period. Thanks for NOT apologizing Jeanine, you don’t owe one. If the powers that be at FOX don’t like it, oh well, I, and I’m sure plenty of other Americans appreciate that you’re willing to ask the right questions. The powers at FOX and the rest of the LIBS/COMMUNISTS can keep their heads in the sand if they so choose.

  21. No need to rebuke Pirro, her question was spot on.Every time I see this nut job parading in her new wear I think about how close we are to destruction.Is she giving us our first lesson on assimilation.

      1. Thanks Gino Prior to being sent to Korea my first assignment with the Military was to Fort Hamilton ,Brooklyn NY.Not sure if its even there anymore.

        1. @bigsir74 , yes, Fort Hamilton is still there unlike myself.
          I moved to South Florida years ago. Thanks for your
          service Sir.

    1. @The Right Scoop Hey Scoop, just asking. Is there a way when you get to the bottom of the comments you can hit some type of link or arrow to bring you back to the top of the comments? Since we can only see new comments by continually coming back to the top, it would be great to have some type of arrow that would bring us back each time.

  22. It is time to stop pretending that the way radical Muslims dress does not also reflect their deeply held religious beliefs. The Judge is right. Sharia Law and our Constitutional Republic are not compatible.

  23. To be honest, when I see her I see all the women oppressed by the muslin state, i see those women who commit unspeakable crimes against freedom. I’m sorry if anyone is offended but i believe that garment should, just like in France, be forbidden

    1. Don’t apologize, if someone is offended by your statement, that’s on them! You have a right to think for yourself.

  24. First Freedom of Speech was banned for conservatives.
    And now the Freedom to make a question as well.

    Islam is not a religion but a communist-like ideology and the main tool for oppression (mostly from women) is Sharia Law. Both elements are completely against the Constitution. Which part don’t we understand?

    So Omar and many other Muslim women wear a headscarf to avoid being molested. What kind of freedom is that? Is Omar representing the American Woman? Well, NO! So with the headscarf alone, she is already failing us.

    Omar is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about for the sake of not being called islamophobe. She will spread hatred, spit on our soldier’s graves and attack American values. I cannot stand watching the enemy sitting in Congress and a person who neither respects the Constitution nor the American Women. She is using Congress as a pulpit to advance her ideology of death and slavery. Period.

    But Christianity gets crashed down, insulted and mocked. Crosses, the Commandments and even Christmas Trees have been removed to not “offend other religions”.

  25. Part of the Left’s war against Fox is to portray it as hard Right. It is a lie and it’s a shame its management just lays down instead of fighting back like our courageous President.

  26. So Fox News is more liberal now under the new management, and yet they still are not liberal enough to get to have a slot in the DNC debates. Fox loses those of us who are conservative and still cannot please those who are liberal. Sounds like a lose/lose situation to me, Fox.

    1. I only watch their more conservative nighttime opinion shows. Their daytime news is liberal.

    2. I was an avid consumer of all things FNC and Drudge.
      When they began their campaign against Ted Cruz it was time for me to delete Drudge and never again watch FNC. Have not missed a single word from any of their on air personalities. Frankly, I would not watch any debate on FNC. IMHO, they defend the indefensible.

      1. You really have to wonder why they campaigned so hard against Cruz. It was clear that they were all-in for Trump, but was it because they liked Trump or hated Ted for his conservatism? If they were truly conservative they would have just reported events rather than putting their thumb on the scale as they did. Even if they thought Trump was the only one with a chance (??), they could have just reported neutrally on Cruz or said he couldn’t win. Instead they bashed him at every opportunity. They really did not want to have Ted as president because it would force the GOP to walk the walk.

        1. @D Guest This is what finally did it for me with Fox. You could see that they openly hated Ted Cruz and gave him virtually zero air time compared to the Trump Fest hourly with Trump. I was already pretty tired of them even before Trump, but this cemented my belief that they were just a Republican/RINO channel and not any where near Conservative.

          I’ll watch them now, here and there, when I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner, and I sometimes enjoy watching Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, but I take all of them with a grain of salt. I just don’t trust most media these days.

          It’s certainly getting more difficult to believe reporting without double-checking and even then, questioning if a story is true. My gut reaction is always to not necessarily believe any of it.

          Honestly, I get most of my info from places like The Right Scoop, Daily Wire, Conservative Review, The Blaze and the like. I also love PragerU and just downloaded their new app. It’s great!

          1. Try & Also web search Top 100 Conservative web sites. Avoid WSJ & NY Post

            1. @foxhatesconsreps Thanks for those two suggestions. I do look at the liberty daily but the is a new one. I’ll check into it. Thanks!

        2. @D Guest Fox News wasn’t pro-Trump as much as it was anti-Cruz, anti-conservatism (particularly social conservatism). Originally, Fox News was all in for Jeb Bush then jumped on the Rubio bandwagon for a couple of weeks, and then only supported Trump when he was the last establishment Republican alternative to Cruz.

        3. @d-guest I don’t think they were all in for Trump. I think they were all in for Hillary and wanted Cruz out of the way, first. There were a few who were pro-Trump but Murdoch reportedly told them to support anyone but Trump. After all, those people are yankees and aren’t real conservatives.

          Many there still hate on Cruz and Pirro is one of them, along with Waters and Kilmeade. I sent a strongly worded tweet to those 3 during the last election and told them to knock it off with their Cruz bashing, unless they wanted a blue Texas. Not saying they listened but I sure didn’t hear another negative word from them about Cruz after that.

  27. An odd condemnation and apology – it is striking to recall that little was made of the “religious tests” in judiciary hearings, yet Omar garners immediate protection and support…

    1. The Arabs have a controlling interest in News Corp. 23 % or something like that. Been like that since the early 2000’s. News Corp = Fox News.

  28. Excuse me, but any person who has read the Quran has every right to question the motives of a woman wearing a hijab. In fact, you’d be an idiot if you didn’t.

    The whole religion is anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. That’s a fact, indisputable. Their book calls for our murder. Plain and simple. Easy to understand words. Not ambiguous at all.

    1. Isn’t it pathetic that his woman covers herself as a way to prevent molestation. Doesn’t say much about the male of the species and even less about a woman who uses a head scarf for protection. What a sad commentary on Islam.

    2. Well, they allow us to live if we convert or pay jizzya. That’s probably not spelled right, ask me if I care.

    3. I have read all of the koran. Almost every paragraph states to smite the necks of the infidel. I received this vile muslim book at a mosque open house directly after 9-11. The mosque was the one the FBI closed down as being connected to Hammas. So the koran I rec’d was legit.

  29. Wow, the Daily Mail needs to get their stuff together.

    ‘Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to sharia law which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?’

    That is a question, not a claim. If we are to the point where we can’t ask obvious questions, then yes, we are to the point where silencing of the press has already begun, and by a supposed conservative news agency as well. Ugh.

  30. I’m with the Judge on this. Omar should never be in our government. Her belief is in direct conflict with America. She has infiltrated and spewed her hatred right out in the open & people want to close their eyes to the danger she poses! She should be removed. Glenn Beck is doing a show on her tonight.

      1. Unfortunately, her district is heavily Muslim from the years of taking in refugees from Somalia. In fact, her area in Minneapolis is known as “little Somalia.” Ami Horowitz did a “man on the street” there a few years ago, and almost to a person, these people said they would prefer Sharia law to Constitutional law. It was frightening.

        Here’s his link:

        1. That’s so frightening & all the more reason she should not be in our government. Thanks for the link!

  31. If Ilhan Omar can question someone’s allegiance to another country over their own, I think it’s only fair her allegiance to Sharia Law over the Constitution be questioned.

    1. Right? Omar literally questioned people’s dual loyalty last week. Pirro is doing the same to her this week, and FOX is butthurt?

  32. This is ridiculous! Jeanine was correct and if I knew who to write to at FOX I would and I’d tell them. Omar is a danger to our country. She, Tlaib and AOC need to be shut down.

  33. History repeats itself. How can people not look at how messed up the UK is and NOT let us follow their lead?!

  34. So now you cannot ask someone a simple question if they’re Muslim? I guess CAIR got a hold of the Murdoch wimps… smh

    The MSM went after the Covington kid because of his RACE, RELIGION and POLITICAL AFFILIATION!

  35. I don’t like Jeanine Pirro, even though I’ve often agreed with her perspective and opinions. This is one of those cases. IMO, she’s done and said NOTHING wrong – those were fair questions. FOX is loosing their credibility and a liberal hand on the wheel means they are going to continue that downward trend. There used to be a time when they would support their employees. Not lately… Glad I don’t watch that wretched network. – Three years sober now. 😉

    1. So we were outraged by Omar’s questioning jewish people’s allegiance to Israel rather than America but we love that Pirro did the same to her????
      H E L P

      1. I think the point here is not who they have “allegiance” to, but rather whether that group’s beliefs are antithetical (the word Pirro used) to our Constitution. Israel is an ally, the only free society in the Middle East. Islam’s goal, by their own words, is to destroy our way of life and subject us to their false gods and tyrannical rule. Islam is definitely antithetical to our Constitution.

  36. And….what seems to be the problem? She’s right to ask and I couldn’t care less about Fox getting upset about it. Islam is anti-American by definition and no Muslim should ever be voted into office. I guess Democrats missed the memo…multiple times.

    1. Democrats hate America and what it stands for, so a Muslim believer would not be against their ideology.

  37. Wonder what Fox will say if and when Omar were to ever become the first member of Congress to be a suicide bomber? Please stay in the Democrat side, Omar if you ever do it!

    If one is “phobic”, one is scared. I’m not scared of Islam, I just know their history, how they operate and what their handbook/instruction manual says.

    I’m not scared of Islam just want to stay ahead of them!

    1. Congrats, you just got me worried about something I hadn’t thought of before, the Muslims getting an insider to blow themselves up in Congress. 😮

      1. I’ve brought that up. Just look at the dead eyes of Omar and Tlaib. You think that they wouldn’t?

        1. @dr-strangelove When you consider they came into office and didn’t temper their pro-Muslim positions at all, it comes off as pretty aggressive.
          How come no one says that their “Dogma” makes it impossible for them to properly represent their country?

        2. Sr. Noble Dr. Strangelove: Omar has already said that she is on a mission…………
          Congress are the Biedermanns and Omar is the arsonist……

    2. I have no fear of muslims, either. What I do fear, however, is their infiltration of our government. ‘Ol jugears appointed numerous muslims to high-ranking offices, which means they also got high-level security clearances. Civilization jihad is well underway.

      1. Obama had many Muslims in the gov’t when he was president. Some were Muslim Brotherhood. I personally hope they left when he did.

    3. GodspeedJPS: I was thinking exactly the same. Maybe Pirro was just trying to save lives with her questions.

  38. While not a big fan of Piro, her questions were spot on. If you are a true believer in the Muslim faith, that means you are for the world being run by a Caliphate which is counter to the Constitution.

    1. I’m sure she’s also practicing Taquiya where the Muslim faith encourages them to lie to anyone to get what they want. Omar is the quintessential “Muslim” and she’s representing her district exactly how they want. It’s discouraging.

  39. It is not allowed to ask the tough questions any more. FOX News used to be the only network where tough questions were launched and debated. PC police are infiltrating the platform.

  40. I am not a Pirro fan. But I see nothing wrong with what she said.

    Just another example of a double standard. Those on the left say something far more outrageous on an hourly basis and it’s not a problem.

    Pirro, in one of her rants, says something in-artfully but not actually outrageous, and she’s targeted.

    Mob-mentalities are so tiresome.

    1. I imagine that if the new hierarchy at Pox could get away with it, they’d fire everyone even remotely conservative.

      1. Ah but being number one is not easy to release. And all those advertising dollars that are based on ratings are a consideration too.

  41. Omar is an islamosavage follower of the Quran, which is antithetical to the constitution. Pirro could have used stronger language, IMO.

      1. Yes, it’s quite imaginative, and I didn’t have to steal from some jerkweed at Breitbarf, I made it up.

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