**[UPDATED]** Fox Report: Hillary Clinton takes full responsibility for Benghazi attacks sorta…


On the eve of the big debate for Obama, Hillary Clinton tries to take the heat off of Obama by taking full responsibility for the security failure in Benghazi on 9/11 which led to the attacks on our consulate where our Ambassador was assassinated along with three other Americans. However, she conveniently doesn’t have any details on why the security was decreased in Libya, only to say the decisions were made by security personnel and she’s got an investigation underway to determine the facts.

So in a nutshell this was a purely political move to give Obama breathing room tomorrow night. That’s it.

Watch the report:

UPDATE: I meant to note from the video that Hillary Clinton was asked to explain Ambassador Susan Rice’s statements on the 5 major Sunday news shows, blaming the attack on a protest that got out of control because of the Muhammad video. Her response was that it was the “fog of war”. Seriously. Watch the video for more.

Also, Politico has this writeup on it:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells CNN’s “Out Front,” “I take responsibility” for the Mideast violence on Sept. 11, remarks coming on the heels of the VP debate in which Joe Biden suggested the White House hasn’t known of requests for more security in Benghazi.

In a clear nod to not only the election but the two debates coming in the next week, she added, “I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha.”

Wow. She left nothing to the imagination regarding the timing of her statement. This is clearly a political move by her own admission.

Ugh. This administration doesn’t do anything based on principle. Everything is politics.

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