Fox40 mocks Sarah Palin after her speech – UPDATE: Fox40 says it wasn’t them on the open mic – UPDATE: Full comments added

I was unaware that this was going on when I killed my feed, so I didn’t get all of it. So if someone else has it, please let me know and I’ll post it:

UPDATE: Fox40 is saying it wasn’t there guys who mocked Sarah Palin on the air after the speech:

However, the comments overheard were made by reporters assembled from other newspaper and television outlets, and at no time was the voice of our photographer heard on the stream. It’s very likely that those reporters and photographers were unaware, or simply forgot, that there was one television station with an open microphone broadcasting to the world.

I believe there is more to this story, as I’m following some tweets from @HeyTammyBruce on twitter. I’ll update tomorrow if need be.

UPDATE: Here are the full Palin-bashing comments. Much longer than mine above:

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93 thoughts on “Fox40 mocks Sarah Palin after her speech – UPDATE: Fox40 says it wasn’t them on the open mic – UPDATE: Full comments added

  1. Why are there still those in white America who cannot see the blatant racism that is increasing on a daily basis here in ” the land of the free & home of the brave? ” Ever has it been the way of the die hard racist to pretend that racism doe not exist. If you would dare to ask the average black or brown American their opinion concerning white racism, the overwhelming response would be, “racism is alive & thriving in America.” In his new book, THE GOD DEFINED SELF (A LAYMAN'S PERSPECTIVE ON RACISM IN AMERICA), author, Andre' D. Davis, delves deeply into the resurgence of this problem of racism. He approaches this subject with a view of racial reconciliation as his focus. His chapter on, WORD TO THE POLITICIANS, has a profound & urgent appeal to our elected officials to stand up & champion the cause of civil rights & equality for all of America's citizens. It is available & This book is must read for all americans who deeply desire to see a truly United States of America. Read this book, then join your voice w/ the many of those who want to see an end to this plague of racism. Thank you. Sincerely, Andre'

  2. AKNRC, It amazes me how you attempt to make Obama look good by comparing him to Bush, another mental midget. The biggest difference in Obama and Bush is the rate at which they are destroying the country. Obama will do in 4 years what Bush couldn't do in 8 years, destroy this country. I must admit Obama is more efficient in that matter and in 1/6th the time Bush was in power, Obama has increased the national debt by 47% of what Bush did in 8 years.

  3. Typical….

    Mention Glenn Beck, GOD, or Sarah Palin and they come out of their coffins!

  4. Did you have the same problem with every other president prior to him using a teleprompter? It's such a ridiculously lame attempt at insulting President Obama. Let's face it, Dubya couldn't give a speech with a teleprompter. As for the verbal gaffes, mispronounciations, etc., shall we see who has made more over the years? Anyone who is followed and whose every word is broadcast for all to hear is going to make mistakes. EVERY President we have had has done this. The insults are at a third grade level, at best.

    As far as being able to give a speech without a teleprompter, he took apart the Republicans one by one at their invitation, without any aid or difficulty. In fact, two different Congressmen and Speaker Boehner said to Luke Russert, that they never should have allowed the retreat to be taped. They were shown to be the fools they are, without exception.

  5. $arah Palin NEVER scores big, all you have to do is look at her DECLINING favorability numbers. There are far too many rational, intelligent conservatives who would never vote for the brainless $arah.

  6. Hey, HerneTheHunter … be sure to include in your list Dear Leader's mastery of American facts & trivia as exhibited by his observation of our United 57 States!! What a putz!! 🙂

  7. You mean the same Canada where an unelected unmonitored Board can come in and ruin your life because you said something somewhere that offended a certain group. I am glad Canada is the model for tolerance of diversity of opinion unless you make a joke about a lesbian or talk bad about an Islamic or God Forbid quote from the Bible. Wait isn't that the model of being intolerant where certain views can't be expressed while others can.. Why yes it is.

  8. Fox News is fair and balanced. Don't confuse the political commentators on Fox with their news reporters unless you plan to give MSNBC the same treament.

  9. Obviously you two attend the same school,unfortunately for you little one in order to be taught you must first possess the capacity to learn. Your parents must be terribly disappointed.

  10. Well, I mean they JUST heard her speech and were speaking candidly…it was a roller coaster here there everywhere and she made no statements…a fair assessment.

  11. It's just the delirium of a school boy crush. The FOIA has little to do with his interest in the matter.

  12. Yeah, but they got the evidence they needed. Too bad, but YOUR 'morality concerns' don't hold up. Come up with something else.

  13. Yes I agree That he is a Constitutional scholar which makes it easier for him to destroy it. As far as being too smart, he is only as smart as his teleprompter allows him to be. After hearing his speeches without use of a teleprompter, I'm not sure he could quote the alphabet without one. As far as being a country full of retards, you are correct. The 2008 presidential election proved the majority of voters are mentally handicapped.

  14. Where are you seeing racism in America? Yes, it's on the fringe. But, there are very few racists and the racism goes both ways. We accept other people's lifestyles but we don't promote it or reward it. Kindness? Americans donated over $295 Billion to charities in 2005. And about religion, again there are people on the fringe who are intolerant, and it crosses party lines. The far fringe left hates the Jews. The far fringe right hates muslims.. But you get that along all spectrum of political issues…
    You having those opinions of America and Americans shows that you are not proud to be an American.

    Bonus nugget of information for you. Charitable giving was over $300 Billion in 2007 and then again in 2008

  15. You discredit yourself and your friends with each statement you make so please don't let any of us stop you from making a complete raving ass of yourself. With every post you only prove our point of just which side of the spectrum is the true side of tolerance, and you are those that makes the case that the left will destroy itself and believe me we are more than happy to let you continue to tear each other apart. In closing I might add that you folks are a fitting example of just what is wrong with our education system, go ahead just continue to rant and prove my point.

  16. Really? Canada is an exceptional country that in many ways mirrors the American story, but it is more accepting of diversity of all kinds, thus making it more evolved in many ways.

    I am proud of both Canada and the USA for the positive examples each provide to the rest of the world. I'd like to see much less racism and more acceptance of other people's life styles, religions, and kindness on the part of Americans. This is a great country but it can learn from others also, just as well can in our personal lives. Unfortunately, the “ugly American” continues to thrive and provide a poor example around the world.

  17. Cheerio, I'm just going to assume you're a feminist. Not a true feminist, but a mainstream liberal feminist.. So I'm gonna drop a Rush Limbaugh quote on you.

    “Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.”

  18. I think she is more worried about the moral concerns of any person willing to dig through trash. At least that's how I feel. How can anybody be taken seriously when they crawl out of a dumpster with trash and banana peels hanging off of them?

  19. Wow Kevin, you've sure swallowed the Palin KoolAid haven't you? What's thematter, are you afraid of the Big Bad Freedom of Information Act? Just like Sarah, right?

  20. But Matt, SisterSarah doesn't approve of THAT kind of freedom. Her freedom is unilateral, and must be okayed by Sarah FIRST. And Sarah says there will be NO dumpster diving.

    Hey wait a minute. Wouldn't that be more of that big government interference that Sarah is always fighting against?

  21. My but the Palingaters are thick in here tonight, demonstrating for all the world how to have discourse free of hate,smear,diatribe,slander,defamation and innuendo. Thanks for proving me wrong about all that. What happened did you folks run out of hacked and stolen emails to gossip about amongst yourselves?

  22. Captain Kick-Ass.. I know that one…. Uh.. I remember and angry Conservative threatening to kick Al Gore's ass because he wants to save our precious Mother Earth from the disastrous evil human species.. It's some angry white person, who was it…. I give up. I'll just throw out some random angry person. Either Mark Levin or Rush Limbaugh.


  23. Odd isn't it that the universities own newspaper was BANNED from covering Palin's speech? You would think that Sarah who SAYS she has a college degree in journalism ( or communications, since she can't seem to remember her own major), would support college journalism.

    Unless she was afraid that they would actually write factually about Sarah's visit and speech salad. Which is exactly what happened. I'd say Sarah got her just desserts!

  24. You do realize that Palin's own children haven't yet graduated from HIGH SCHOOL, right? And her youngest child has missed almost a year and a half of grade school? So who does Sarah think she is discussing the value of education, when she clearly doesn't support education even for her own children?

  25. Oh dear! You aren't comparing her IQ with Obama's are you??? Let's see. Who was it who thought Africa was a country? um……I believe that was Princess Quitty-Pants. And who had no idea what the conflict was about in the Korean War? Yep, the Alaskan Dingbat strikes again.

  26. “was” past tense as opposed to Palin's current behavior that makes her appear as though she were on meth at the very least. She becomes manic, gasps for air, and is very edgy.

  27. I thought the liberals were the loonies and moonbats. “Propaganda Ministry” ?? WTF is that supposed to be?
    Palin is on FoxNews , the highest rated, biggest news organization in the world. Palin is the news media, you loonie jackass.

  28. Yes yes ,we get it. Or do you have a some type of Down syndrome twitch or too much airplane glue??
    Face it bruh, Barry is a Constitutional scholar…perhaps too smart to run this country full of retards. At least call him an elitist. Don't imply Sarah “I read all of them” Palin is smarter Barry with that lame outdated material. His daughters are probably 100 times smarter than Palin.
    Stop rephrasing the same crap over and over again, loser.

  29. Oh comeon, you got to do better than that. You guys are recycling old 2008 material. “DUUH, TELEPROMPTER NOBAMA IS A COMMIE CHICAGO THUG” zZZZ.
    Try something current or mix it up a little. You're boring.

  30. The live mic has happened to many people. It isn't unique to the Alaskan Dingbat. She isn't treated any more fairly or unfairly than anyone else in the public eye. The difference is that other people just suck it up and ignore it. Sarah falls on the floor screaming that everyone is picking on her.

  31. Yup, she did hit on several themes – but was unable to make a full statement on any of them.

    Yes, our kids are woefully uneducated in U.S. history, ethics, philosophy, theology, government, etc – and that is the total fault of the xtian right rewriting our history to meet their definition of our history rather than the actual facts.

  32. This camera crew needs to start over at a different school. They're horrible for a group that is on their home court.

  33. The reporters on Fox News report the news.

    The opinion guys on Fox news give their opinions.

    You know? Like in the newspaper, you've got reports on the front page? And opinions on the opinions page?

    Glenn Beck is the opinions page.

    Bret Bair on Special Report is the front page.

    Sean Hannity is the opinions page.

    Shepherd Smith at 7:00 p.m. is the front page.

    Get it?

  34. yeah well atleast she doesn't think Europe is a country, barry does (got that on tape), oh oh she also doesn't think Austrian is a language, but barry does (got that on tape too!), and for my trifecta she can pronounce “corpsman” barry can't (got that on tape too!).

  35. Yes you can blame them for the poor quality of the video. They will surely remain jobless after they graduate if they put this speech in their portfolio.

  36. Personally, I think the comments AFTER her speech were the dessert after her word salad dinner.

  37. as compared to the community organizer thinks Europe is a country (got that on tape), or who thinks Austrian is a language (got that on tape too!), or who can't pronounce “corpsman” (got that on tape too!). Jerk-off!

  38. yes I listened to the speech did you? what you mean she doesn't take a teleprompter to the bathroom with her.

  39. as compared to the community organizer thinks Europe is a country (got that on tape), or who thinks Austrian is a language (got that on tape too!), or who can't pronounce “corpsman” (got that on tape too!). Jerk-off!

  40. Ah, you are correct – journalists should cover the news and report what happened, just like all the fair and balanced reporters on FOX who do not report but provide their opinion of the news.

    Also, the people talking were photographers, not reporters. Thus, they can certainly give their personal opinion and I, for one, was glad to here that they shared my opinion of tonight's speaker 🙂

  41. What are all the deluded TROLLS from Palingates doing hanging out here? Hmmmmmmm, they usually only congregate and excrete like this when Lady Sarah scores BIG!


  42. I listened and what I took from it is that we need to stop the moral relativism madness and that the problem stems ultimately from how we educate young people. Let's face it, young people today are woefully uneducated in U.S history, ethics, philosophy, theology, government, etc.

    Sarah hit on several themes that really are at the heart of the decline of the USA.

  43. OK Cheerio, I accept your challenge. I listened and thought it was wonderful. Well, I guess you just lost that challenge. Try and think harder next time and make it more difficult.

  44. Yes I did to the entire thing. That really is irrelevant though. Journalists are hired to COVER THE NEWS and REPORT what happened at the event. They are NOT hired to give their personal opinions. That is for the op ed page.

    This is BASIC JOURNALISM. They were exposed yet again tonight by their own doing.

  45. Thank you thank you thank you for providing this recording! Sarah is a dolt, and the comments of the reporters on the hot mike is priceless!

  46. You have to understand, Josh, that Lefties believe in cultural relativism. They completely missed what Sarah was getting at. It went completely over their heads because to stop and actually grasp what she was saying would mean that everything they believe in is a complete lie…

    ….which of course, it is. When one believes in power for its own sake, as the Left does, then everything is possible. Down that road lies Stalin and Mao, or appeasement to the Islamic Fascists, which is what the Flavor of the Month of the Left is now.

    Lefties do not get this, and never will. But because Palin holds fast to very simple principles, she gets the great truths of right and wrong, good and evil, in spades. The Left doesn't believe in good and evil, which is why, for example, Obama always believes he can make a deal with Dinner Jacket in Iran.

    So it goes.

  47. One of the reasons smart Movement Conservatives have learned NOT to trust the Propaganda Ministry is because of incidents, large and small, just like this.

    Palin, fortunately, does not need to be taught twice that the news media is her enemy. She went through the McCain Campaign, after all. The larger GOP in Washington, however, is clueless to the fact that they are despised. They so want to be liked by these people, and they never will be.

  48. Did anyone understand a dang thing she said, she was flying high as a kite with her arms waving all over the place. After listening to that big helping of word salad..the reporters dessert on the end made it all worth while. hahaha

  49. This is just a rumor, but I heard that as Americans, we all get to have our own opinions. I know that Mrs. Palin certainly wouldn't want anyone to sit down and shut up after she just saluted America's freedoms with an inspiring list of quotes from other people.

    Now, if a reporter says in a news report that “dumbness doesn't just come in soundbites,” then there's something to complain about. Otherwise, it was just a minor technical error that millions of Americans are enjoying again and again.

  50. Can't blame the poor reporters who are going to have to figure out how to write an article about Saahs meth driven word salad. Anyone that watchd or listened could tell she was tweeking.

  51. That woman IS AN IDIOT! I challenge ANYONE to listen to that drivel and then try and tell me otherwise!

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