France DROPS their evidence that Assad was behind CHEMICAL ATTACKS

This has been the big thing in contention in these past weeks, and France is trying to close the subject altogether by dropping the evidence they have that Assad was behind the chemical attacks in Syria.

From the Hill:

France declassified a report on Saturday laying out evidence that officials said proves that a chemical attack in Syria last week was carried out by the government of President Bashar Assad.

The report claims that several chemical strikes were carried out in the Damascus suburb of Douma on April 7, and that symptoms experienced by the victims – skin burns, suffocation and other breathing difficulties, among other markers – were consistent with the effects of chlorine gas.

“Reliable intelligence indicates that Syrian military officials have coordinated what appears to be the use of chemical weapons containing chlorine on Douma, on April 7,” the report, released by the French Foreign Ministry, reads.

The report also states that the Syrian government has carried out a number of chemical weapons strikes since April 4, 2017 – the same day a chemical attack in Syria’s northern Idlib province left more than 80 civilians dead.

The U.S. issued an assessment on Friday night pointing to the Syrian government’s role in the alleged chemical attacks in Douma.

That report cites “multiple media sources, the reported symptoms experienced by victims, videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack, and reliable information indicating coordination between Syrian military officials before the attack.”

I dunno, at this point you have to be the kind of person who wants to believe some random person on twitter telling you what you want to hear that fits your political agenda, than what official sources say, to believe Assad wasn’t behind it.

One of the biggest supporters against the claim that Assad committed these atrocities has been Tucker Carlson, who depended on a statement from Mattis to scaffold his poor argument.

Watch below:

But, as it turns out, he was misrepresenting what Mattis said:

I think you’ll find he’s still going to be doubtful because certain people don’t care about evidence, they just want to support their version of events whether there’s proof of it or not….

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