Frank Luntz has already found a lie in Omarosa’s new book and it’s about HIM!

Frank Luntz tweeted today that he’s already found a lie in Omarosa’s book on page 149, and it’s about him:

Yikes. You’d think she’d at least have checked with him if she was putting in her book. But I guess lies is what sells books these days.

NPR is also calling out Omarosa for lying about the book in her interviews:

Manigault Newman was referring to what she calls the “N-word tape” — a long-rumored but never surfaced tape of Donald Trump on the set of the Apprentice allegedly using the racial slur. In her interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin, Manigault Newman claims to have heard the tape and heard Trump using that slur on the tape.

But that’s not what it says in her tell-all book Unhinged, due out on Tuesday.

When asked about the discrepancy by Martin in the interview, Manigault Newman insisted Martin must not have read the book (she had) and pointed to a section at the very end of it.

But in that section, Manigault Newman doesn’t actually describe hearing the tape. She writes of calling one of her “sources” who had a lead on the “N-word tape.”

Incredibly, this person – who shall remain nameless – picked up the phone.

We spoke.

On this phone conversation, I was told exactly what Donald Trump said – yes, the N-word and others in a classic Trump-goes-nuclear rant – and when he’d said them.

During production he was miked, and there is definitely an audio track.

For over a year I’d been so afraid of hearing the specifics from someone who’d been in the room. Hearing the truth freed me from that fear. And only now that it’s gone, do I realize just how heavy it’s been.

During the interview with Martin, Manigault Newman read the section aloud, then insisted it described her hearing the tape rather than what the words on the page state, which is that she heard an account of what was on the tape. “I heard the tape,” she said when pressed.

If she’d heard the tape, she’d have certainly written in her book that she heard the tape. Good grief.

Welp, it sounds like Sarah Sanders is right about the book after all, and Omarosa. She’s just a disgruntled former Trump employee that’s trying to make money off of his name.

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