Fredo Cuomo makes clear he’s NOT talking about his pervy sexual harasser BRO

Fredo Cuomo made clear from the getgo of his show that he was not going to be discussing his brother. Here’s how he started his show:

“We’re focused on COVID here.”

Of course you are, because covering your brother’s gorilla-sized sexual harassment scandal that you tried to protect him from, telling him to blame ‘cancel culture’ and be ‘defiant’, would probably be way too uncomfortable.

I remember a time in 2020 when Fredo had his big pervy brother on his show all the time, helping him boost his ratings while his COVID policies led to thousands and thousands of nursing home deaths. That didn’t matter to Fredo, but now you can’t get him to even mention his brother. Such a sleazebag.

Here’s a bit more about what Cuomo talked about instead of his big pervy brother:

The unvaccinated apparently have no right to be unvaccinated.

And of course he went after Ron DeSantis, the left’s favorite target right now.

Cuomo went the entire show with nary a word about big bro, but Don Lemon jumped right on it:

To sum up…

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