FRESNO THE HUTT: Lib professor who spit on Barbara Bush’s grave unmasked as TOTAL PSYCHO

This woman is a [bad word] and there ain’t no two ways about it. And there’s no way around it. Like, seriously, you can’t get around here. You’ll run out of gas.

We’re talking, of course, about Professor Randa Jarrar. Or as The Resurgent’s Erick Erickson referred to her today….

Yeah, those are fat jokes. It’s fine, though, because personal insults are not only free speech (which the left is insisting on protecting for this professor) but are also her stock in trade, as a newly uncovered video clearly shows.

First, though, here’s a reminder of what she initially tweeted about Barbara Bush that kicked off the controversy.

Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal F*ck outta here with your nice words - Randa Jarrar on Twitter

All the hate I’m getting ALMOST made me forget how happy I am that George W Bush is probably really sad right now - Randa Jarrar on Twitter

You’d think that was bad enough – and in fact the University had to open an investigation, put her on leave, and are suffering fundraising consequences for their professor’s behavior – but there is actually worse out there about her. There are a lot of old tweets of hers that have popped up, even though she has since locked her Twitter account, and now there’s this:


“A lot of the farmers now are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid,” she says, adding that she “can’t f—ing stand the white, hetero-patriarchy.”

“A lot of the farmers now are Trump supporters and just f—ing stupid.”

– Randa Jarrar, professor, Fresno State
At another point, Jarrar talks about guns, and criticizes “the left” for being too “gentle” in dealing with “the other side.”

“I don’t give a f—. I’m buying guns. I’m an American, I’m buying guns,” Jarrar says. “You know what, the other side is doing some stupid s—t. I’m going to do some stupid s—t. I’m tired of, like, being the bigger person — literally am, usually — but, like, I’m also just tired of the left being, like, f—ing stupid and being like, ‘No we have to, like, be gentle’ … no, don’t be f—ing gentle.'”

The Fresno Bee adds:

Jarrar’s comments in the videos are sometimes received with laughter or applause, but in other instances — like during a speech at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis — people walk out in protest, something Jarrar seems used to.

“I’m so proud when people walk out of my talks,” she says in the video.

She also shouts an eyebrow-raising goodbye at the people leaving the room.

“Sorry, guys,” she says. “Your kids masturbate.”

Her status as a tenured professor has provoked discussion on the right about the notion of punishing someone for being a disgusting pig with a filthy mouth who says horrible things while teaching college students.

Many, like Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire most notably, have argued strongly that punishing her speech is a bad thing. Others, like streiff at RedState, have responded with a tit-for-tat argument.

Shapiro has himself been silenced by folks like Jarrar many times in the past. She is hiding behind a First Amendment she would toss aside for Shapiro. Shapiro in turn is championing the free speech he asks for himself.

If we’re going to call for freedom of expression on public university campuses, Jarrar’s speech is protected. That doesn’t mean tenure should exist in the first place, or that if her teaching is compromised by her politics, that she’s immune to being fired — if she’s a crappy teacher, she should go for that reason. But dumping her over a nasty tweet about Barbara Bush is beyond the scope of the First Amendment.

RedState’s streiff argues, quite a bit more dramatically, that because she wouldn’t extend it to Shapiro, then we shouldn’t extend it to her.

Why in the name of heaven would I line up to march silently into the gas chambers based on some abstract principle that, apparently, only my side is bound by? Not. Going. To. Happen.

No. I want this noxious troll fired. No. I will not support her right to say whatever she wants to. And no, none of this means that I don’t support free speech, it just means that I believe in social compacts and my support of your rights is directly linked to your support of mine.

That’s a little hairy of a comparison even for me, but it does accurately represent the point of view of a lot of people on the right; the sort of ‘we’re at war lets use their weapons against them’ mentality. Not sure I buy it.

Somewhere between Shapiro’s hands-off and RedState’s “they will send us to the gas chamber” is a point of view that says “yes, free speech is the most vital freedom and we should protect it at almost any cost, but only at almost any cost, and if a hugely horrible garbage person is literally talking about how everyone to the right of her should have grenades thrown at their houses, maybe the free people of America have a right to petition a university to kick her out of the classroom where that incitement takes place.”

It’s not goose-stepping First Amendment destruction to simply pressure some place to take action. It’s only if you ask the government to do it. Tenure aside, it’s generally considered a conservative principle that people in charge of institutions have the right to hire and fire as they see fit. And that Americans have a right to bitch about those decisions.

The bottom line today, though, is that Fresno the Hutt has been exposed. Good luck getting money from alumni after this, Fresno.

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