From CHOP to The Villages, from WA to D.C.: Pics and clips from another hateful ANGRY weekend

How are things going around here? Not great. The protest movement that was theoretically about George Floyd or police brutality is now just an ongoing low-key civil war. Sure, I know, it’s not everyone. It’s just some cities, it’s just some people. But it’s an ugly mess and even if only a comparatively small percentage of the population is out there in hand-to-hand scuffle-fare, the sentiments behinds those confrontations seem to be pretty widespread.

Don’t believe it, huh? Well y’all, check out the video of these old people on the verge of combat. It’s like the Battle of Aunt Edith. Or maybe the Battle of Bull Walk.

President Trump shared that video this morning. You can hear the old guy in the first golf cart yelling “white power” at the people calling him a racist and Nazi, so naturally he was accused of sharing a White Power video.

Here’s how Minnesota is going.

Good ol’ Portland has been getting shown up by Seattle’s CHOP lately. Here’s how things are going there though.

But CHOP still on top.

There was the D.C. incident we talked about yesterday. Here’s more on that.

Also in D.C.

In Target.

Salt Lake City, Utah.


So listen here, I know these are “incidents” and you might call them “isolated” (although this barely touched the surface of what is floating around on social media). And if you ask me, I think most people really would rather live peacefully and without conflict, getting along with their lives, watching their kids grow up and doing their own thing. But this stuff IS happening right now, in a fairly big way, and that’s news.

But you don’t see it ON the news. It’s all about “mostly peaceful” and big Black Lives Matter pander logos when you load Netflix or go to the grocery store. Of course, when people were in the streets demanding the end to lockdowns the news reported those ACTUALLY PEACEFUL protests like they were the zombie apocalypse.

And I know, it’s easy to criticize the media, easy to blame them and point the finger and call them names. It’s easy.

It’s super dang easy is what I’m saying. There’s no “but.” It’s just really, really easy. And true.

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