[FULL INTERVIEW] – Mark levin GRILLS psychiatrist who diagnosed Trump will mental illness and called him ‘dangerous’

Tonight Mark Levin actually had on his show a Yale Professor and psychiatrist, Bandy Lee, who’s been doing interviews and speaking with congressional members on Trump’s mental fitness, calling him ‘dangerous’ saying she’s got a ‘duty to warn’ people about his ‘mental instability’. She even wrote a book about it, a book that the Great One read before having her own his show.

Without further ado listen to the full interview below:

I have the audio cued up to start at the beginning of the interview at 39:51, in case you need to tune it yourself.

The interview encompassed much of the second hour of Levin’s show, as he grilled her on how she can even diagnose Trump without ever meeting or talking to him whatsoever.

It’s remarkable how she defends this, explaining to Levin that certain conditions are best diagnosed from afar…or something. It was Trump’s 2016 rallies that got her attention, telling Levin that she found them disturbing and used them as a basis for her research.

She also claims that she’s not even interested in politics, saying she’s only approaching this from a medical perspective and feels it’s her duty to warn people about Trump. Yeah right.

Listen to the interview for more. And by the way, it’s his entire podcast, so keep listening to the rest of the show!

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