FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Levin on with Neil Cavuto to discuss Obama’s ‘phony’ scandals, Chris Christie and more…

A great interview today with Mark Levin on Your World with Neil Cavuto as they discuss the so-called ‘phony’ scandals, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, and more. As always, Levin doesn’t hold much, even suggesting he might not support Chris Christie should he become the GOP nominee toward the end of the interview.


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56 thoughts on “FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Levin on with Neil Cavuto to discuss Obama’s ‘phony’ scandals, Chris Christie and more…

  1. Christie. Rubio. NO THANK YOU. MARK LEVIN for PRESIDENT! I say we just nominate him. period. Make him do it. 🙂

  2. I agree with roadtoserfdom I can stand NOBODY on radio or fox anymore except MARK LEVIN. Ya hear that Hannity? Get the damn liberals OFF your show and tv. Like Tamara Holder. Alan Colmes? You think we wanna hear them spew them left wing bullshit anymore?

    1. TheRoadToSerfdom Me, too.  I used to listen exclusively to Rush but now he just doesn’t do it for me.  I don’t want to hear about Anthony Weiner or football.  Mark is 100% substance and that’s what I tune in for.  Aside from the fact that Mark is 100% right.

  3. Thanks for exposing what Karl Rove is up to.
    I keep saying – from my reading of history – that it is the advisors. Imagine you are General George Marshall, and you don’t know beans about economics, so you have an economic advisor. Problem is … your economic advisor is really working for Stalin and Mao, with a bunch of other clowns who are intent on causing hyper-inflation in China. That was the reality.  It is a tough nut. Nobody can know everything, and thus you see the weak link

  4. You sir, are a phony, mr obama! you’re behavior borders on the criminal. had we honest men & women
    in congress, you’re presidency would be over!   God bless Mark!

  5. Thanks so much for posting these videos!   Your work is not in vain.  I missed it on Cavuto and I know this is the place I can come to hear Mark.  I just wish he’d take on CNN…OMG, that would be fun.  The CNN anchors would be like those cows scared stiff that you can push over in “cow tipping”.  I’d pay to see Mark on CNN!  Or the Sunday morning shows.  
    By the way, the reason Mark would be great on the Sunday morning shows is because that’s where the liberals go to get their media digest for the day. They don’t go to Church on Sunday like the rest of us normal Americans so it’s akin to reading the NY Times on a Sunday morning for them.  Mark would really frustrate them, and that would make my Church experience even better.  😉
    Thanks again, Right Scoop, for your dedication in getting these videos and stories out there.  Thanks!!

  6. I will also NOT support Christie for President. I will either stay home and drink vodka or vote third party. We need to send these Rovites and Bushites a message.

  7. Levin is naive to the fact of what this NSA program was to manifest into. these types of ‘security’ measures always turn into tools of the state to control and manipulate their people.  especially a govt as ubiquitous and infiltrated with criminality as the US.

  8. I think Mark Levin is slowly getting over his Rubio love affair, Hannity never will. Rush was asked by Greta tonight in her excellent Rush Limbaugh interview, who do you admire in the Conservative movement, he said “Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz”, Mark Levin is probably on that same page as well.

  9. Mark Levin tells it like it is, no more walking on eggs. The Chris Christies and Karl Roves and Bushes are the problem. The GOP RINO establishment has to be taken over. They are no different than Demoncrats!

    1. Willie Heath  As much as I would love to say you’re wrong , I have to say you are right . Were going to find out more the month of august , when we start to see what they have on their minds about immigration and the debt ceiling . I no longer trust Boehner

  10. Christi has more chance of getting the Democrat nomination for President.  He will never be the Republican nominee.  He sees that there is no one on the Democrat bench, and he has been cozying up to the Democrats for the past 2 years.   And he appeals to the Democrat base.  You won’t be hearing Christi talking about God’s influence in his life.  He is picking a fight with Rand Paul to set the stage for switching parties.  All he will do is demonize the Republican Party to buzz up the Dem base.  He will play them like fiddles, just like Obama did.

    1. lambfound as if you’re in with the power elite oligarchy that actually selects the nominees.  these decisions are made far far away from the common voters.

      1. @onegoodnathan Not if you become a Precint committee person – you control who gets on the ballot!

  11. We are fighting tyranny…tyranny.  The beneficiary of all outcomes behind the scandals is OBAMA.  He truly is the only one that benefits…why are we dillydallying around it??  Because Obama has the upper hand in the media..the conservatives are the bad guys…not Obama!

  12. Mark is a patriot, and a true professional broadcaster.  I love hearing him as a guest too.  He never ceases to impress me with his knowledge.    …I’m also impressed by the nature of the comments.  Everyone that’s posted here has demonstrated courtesy and proper decorum,  evidence of a true Levin follower.

  13. I feel a political earthquake building against the GOP establishment. I hope my gut is right this time. Regardless, I will never vote for a RINO again…ever.

    1. ADatum24601 Stop it!  Mark Levin is frustrated like the rest of us…he did not give you carte blanch to stay home on next election with your perception of what is a RINO.  For God’s sake would you walk past a bleeding to death human being and ask him questions on ideology before you saved his life?  Even a RINO which I also despise is better than a tyrannical Socialist Progressive!

      1. sallyjohanna ADatum24601 No,, they are not better. They are slow poison to this country while the socialists are fast poison.
        Look at how McCain is saying the GOP will reverse their pledge to put 20k more guards on the border.
        There is no significant difference between RINOS and socialists; they are Tweedle Dee to Tweedle Dumber.

        1. RichardCheek sallyjohanna ADatum24601 Well I would take slow poison and pray for a cure over fast poison and instant death.  McCain has been eroding since 2008…but Ryan, Rand, Cruz, Rubio, an their ilk are riding a rollercoaster trying to find balance…they are not just trying to win our hearts but the entire country’s heart as well.  Listen to Rush Limbaugh interview with Greta…it was really good.  We are ripping our own to shreds.  We will have no defense!  Just what the SOCIALISTS want us to do!

        2. sallyjohanna RichardCheek ADatum24601 As mush as I truly hate to do so, I follow ‘Buckley’s Rule’ and vote for the most conservative candidate. Living in NY, I often don’t have what I consider a conservative running and thus, I have voted for moderate Republicans like Sen. D’Amato.
          That said, I will not vote for Chris Christie in 2016. He used 9/11 to attack Sen. Paul and that’s despicable IMO.

        3. @sallyjohanna How is Ryan’s budget the right way when it takes 26 years?
          Rubio got protested for lying to the Tea Party in FL when he claimed that he would not support amnesty. 
          How can you think that Ryan or Rubio will ever have conservative support?
          Go look up this bill that Rubio agreed to at Investor’s Business Daily editorial on LaRaza writing the bill.  The same bill that is 1200 pages that R;s promised they would never do.

        4. sallyjohanna RichardCheek ADatum24601 
          No, they have misled us too many times, and the fact that they keep RINOs in charge proves their duplicity.
          It’s time for a new party to represent conservatives and dump the GOP.

        5. Conservator1 sallyjohanna RichardCheek ADatum24601  Great, vote for the best candidate, just don’t vote for the lesser of two evils (Dem or Publican) and start voting for suitable 3rd party folks. That is the ONLY WAY to keep the party leaders honest.
          But too late for the GOPe,  IMO. GOP is dead to me.

        6. sallyjohanna RichardCheek ADatum24601 Rand and Cruz are not the same as Ryan and Rubio.  I will vote third party or not at all before I will vote for Ryan or Rubio.  They have showed too much ankle for me.  Thank Me very much…

    2. @ADatum I feel it too – I think that the GOP will be shocked that Karl Rove is wrong yet again!  Over at RedState they said that Rove’s polls that show most people support healthcare reform, Rove didn’t ask about Obamacare!

  14. Thank you for steering me here Mark Levin. Lots of interesting stuff. We must rid ourselves of these progressive Republicans.

  15. I stopped supporting the RNC … now I only support and/or donate to candidates who are conservatives of my choosing.  It’s the only way to fight against the GOP elites.

  16. There is going to be a war and I can’t wait to stand opposed to Karl Rove and his co conspirators. Bring it on!

  17. We need a new CONSERVATIVE party…..we don’t have one…..the two party system is broken……enough of the nonsense……It has to start sometime…….
    Finally “The buck stops WHERE?”   no where….

  18. mark Levin is god. I listen every night at 600pm on 106.9 in philly
    I just got my mark Levin for president bumper sticker its on my yaris now hahahaahh

    1. @sottith6 Good to hear that there are some conservatives in Philly!  I worked on a job there, but never met one.  Philly is great – I really miss the architecture and  history on every block that I saw!

  19. I really respect Neil but it is curious why he is so confused about the media blackout of coverage and the apparent ineptness of the congressional committees.
    He might just be too nice to say what he really thinks.
    My future voting will be limited to bona fide conservatives. I won’t be pulling the lever for ANY RINOS.
    I’m done, Fini.

    1. No_BlahBlah I believe there are many of us among your ranks when it comes to voting.I know I am.

  20. Mark didn’t want to blow his own horn when he opened his show today, but he knew this was a good interview. As he often does, he simply directed his listeners to come here to listen. And I love it when he praises the hard work that Scoop does here.

  21. Look at all the kool aid drinkers in the audience.Useful idiots and indoctrinated lemmings following The Pied Piper president over the cliff.I really appreciate Neil having Mark for an interview,because I believe that brings his truth to a larger market than his radio show and the soundbites of it on RS.Thanks Scoop for posting Marks commentary!

  22. Yeah nothing but Phony Scandals – move along nothing to see.Fast & FuriousBenghaziSpying on Associated PressSearch warrant for Fox’s James Rosen’s personal email account and his mothersIRS targeting Tea Party, religious organizations, etc.NSA SurveillanceYes indeed; there’s no there there, just postulation and phony scandals. The MSM labels us extremists, but the polls clearly indicate that Americans want to know more and for continuation of investigations.

    1. Conservator1 You missed one, the security leaks coming out of the phony one’s admin, we still have no answers on who leaked the info

      1. odin147 Conservator1 Thanks for correcting my error. I guess i ca’t keep up with the most corrupt administration in my lifetime and that goes back to Eisenhower.

  23. Clear, Concise, Heartfelt, Truth to the face of Tyranny. Thank you Scoop for posting, Neil for giving the time, and Mark for being a voice for Our Posterity !!!!

  24. Not many people intelligently lay it out so clearly as Mark does.
    Love his language, conviction and clarity.

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