Full interview: Mark Levin on with Neil Cavuto

I love listening to Mark Levin out of his element, especially when he’s as tough as he is on the air – and he is in this interview. Of course they talked about the ObamaCare decision but Levin wasn’t making any predictions on how the court will come down. What he did say was whatever the court does, the Obama administration will try and subvert it just as they do with everything else.

They also talked about several other things including whether Levin would actually vote for a physical orange juice can over Obama.

Watch below:

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35 thoughts on “Full interview: Mark Levin on with Neil Cavuto

  1. Yeah and hear that Cumulus…Huckabee is a DUD!!! I will say again A MILK DUD….a limp blimp!!

    Can you imagine these blunder thunders thinking HUCKADUD was the future of TALK RADIO?? A threat to Rush!!…Yeah can you say bend over betty!! Rush is kicking HUCKADUD’s butt in every market…..in Hartford HUCHADUD is getting a 00 rating!! THAT MEANS NOT ONE LISTENER!!!

    In other markets he is losing to Rush by over 1000 percent….yes 1000….amazing!!

    As I said, Rush and Levin Rule!! Hannity is good, Beck is fun, Ingraham is cool and so it Boortz!

    1. Levin is my favorite due to his combination of intelligence, humor, and passion. I like to think I’m the same way in that I’m knowledgeable but have little tolerance for BS.

      Rush is my 2nd favorite – still going strong and very entertaining/informative after all these years.

      Beck is my 3rd favorite. I learned alot from his show on Foxnews… and really enjoy his radio show and the interactions with Stu and Pat (I don’t subscribe to GBTV, I don’t have the time and listen to Levin instead of GBTV).

      Hannity is ok… he’s too much of a moderate for the most part.

  2. Levin is one of the most insightful and knowledgeable men out there. He is so quick and fast with his ability to dissect and inform. I love it!! He is so UNPOLITICAL which we need a ton more of. He is hilarious and the most unfearful man of perception. In other words, he tells you how HE REALLY FEELS!!! I LOVE IT!! He and Rush brighten my day and always provide the best counter balance to the LEFT WING LOONS and GOONS!!

    Ever notice how much better Conservative Hosts are!! Rush and Levin Rule!

    Great Interview!!

  3. Right on Great one! Once the SCOTUS repeals Obamacare, look for the media to go into full-fledged spin-o-rama. One of the things they’ll try to do is rewrite our history of life before Obamacare. Remember when people were dying in the streets because they couldn’t afford health care? Remember when doctors surgically removed limbs in order to increase their bank account? Remember when patients were turned away from the ER because of the color of their skin????

    Yeah, me neither. But just wait. They’re re-writing our history even as we speak (or type). Soon, they’ll frame the USA as a brutal 3rd-world nation prior to the savior, Barry & the gang’s attempt at salvation thru gov’t-run healthcare.

  4. I took a nap earlier today, and had a dream that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of Obamacare.. when I awoke I was relieved that it was just a dream. I then went back to sleep and dreamed I called into Mark’s radio show, the first thing he said was, “Brenda, is that you?” like he knew me.. lol ..I can’t see the second dream coming to pass, and I’m PRAYING the first won’t!!

  5. Cavuto is awesome. Did you catch that quip at the end, after Levin’s diatribe? “I’ll put you down as a ‘maybe’ on the President”…. Very funny. And his genuine praise of the The Mark Levin Show: “He has a HELL of a radio show. Man, oh, man!”

    1. He smiled at the ‘loser lawyers’ bit too, before disclaiming their presence on his show. He’s the most (only? I don’t have a TV) watchable guy on the tube and Levin’s the most listenable.

  6. “they didn’t confer w the constitution.” That’s it. I’m afraid they wouldn’t understand it if they had.

  7. Love Levin… love him!

    It doesn’t matter what the decision is tomorrow because Caesar Obammus will just illegally assert Executive Privilege against or sidestep the decision some other way in order for the pouting baby to get his way. And once again, no one will say a thing, thus letting him get away with it.

    This monster MUST be defeated in November.

  8. I agree with the Great One about voting for a can of orange juice before Obama. Living in Florida though, I would want to completely vet the orange juice and make sure it was born in the United States, not Brazil. You should want that also and never let anything get ‘past your ized’ again.

  9. Great point by The Great One saying Kagan had NO RIGHT in the Citizens United case to write that she wants to revisit it since she originally argued it HERSELF as solicitor general and lost!!

    1. Heard that on his show too – but we know we can’t put anything past this bunch – they have no moral standards and no shame.

      Kagan in particular is a travesty of justice all by herself…

  10. I really like the way Cavuto conducts an interview with the “Great One”. He always adds some humor and tongue in cheek comments. And of course the “Great One is the “Great One” for a reason. Good God we need more of him.

        1. Exactly, The Great One was never afraid to call the Donald… Donald Chump… to call out Boner, Romney….. He calls it the way it is.

          1. You got it and Mark will say things that Rush will never say. Same with Hannity who I like but is getting too mainstream with all his liberal guests.

  11. Levin wisely declined to state how he thought the Supreme Court would rule on Obamacare, simply due to the complexities involved. I, however, am not as wise as Mark. Tomorrow, the SCOTUS can do one of 4 things – 1) declare all of Obamacare unconstitutional, 2) declare none of O’care unconstitutional, 3) declare only part unconstitutional, or 4) punt the ruling down the road till 2014 when the mandate is supposed to go into effect. Hmmm, so many possibilities.

    I believe the court will declare the mandate unconstitutional (I believe only Kagan and Sotomayor will vote for it, so 7-2). As to whether they rule the rest is unconstitutional depends on several factors, those being the personal beliefs of the various Justices.

    Alito, Thomas, and Scalia, I think, will vote the entirety is unconstitutional. Kagan and Sotomeyer will vote the entirety as constitutional. Ginsberg or Breyer may well vote it unconstitutional if the majority goes that route, simply because they don’t have long on the bench and they wouldn’t want their legacy to lie with Obamacare. Roberts will vote with the majority, as he deems the integrety of the court is more important than the vote. He likes to see solidarity.

    Kennedy, as we all know, is usually the swing vote. If he is not intimidated by the administration, then he will vote against the bill. That will drive Roberts to that side along with possibly either Ginsberg or Breyer, for reasons I already stated. That would make it 6-3 against Obamacare.

    If he votes against it and Ginsberg and Breyer hold their liberal views, then Roberts will go with them and it will be 6-3 for Obamacare.

    So, how do I see it? Mandate goes down 7-2 and the rest goes down 6-3. And BOOM goes the dynamite. Just my humble opinion.

    Then again, they could always wuss out and punt the football by waiting for the mandate to be placed in effect in 2014. A bad move, in my opinion. But who knows? Opinions are all we have here. Let’s see, tomorrow.

    1. I like your optimism. I really hope you’re right.

      However, I was fairly optimistic about Obamacare going down before the Arizona ruling.

      Then I saw Kennedy and Roberts of all people put the Constitution in the shredder to make Az a de facto amnesty state.

      Based on that I think that Kennedy and Roberts will stab us all in the back again once tomorrow!

      Plus, like you said that Roberts seems to care more about the integrity of the court then the actual vote .. in other words he wants it to seem like the Court is more united or something. What a crock, what about maintaining the integrity of the Constitution by striking down Obamacare, keep gov’t power limited. If Roberts only wants the Court to be united it’s 100% wrong and really makes it out to be a disgrace.

      Really if these clowns had any respect for the Constitution it would be 9-0 to strike down the whole thing and be laughed out of court!

      1. Count me in on that optimism! I have been saying (hoping/praying) a 6-3 defeat. I really do believe it is possible so that it is more than a party line vote. RBG is an ideologue who cares not a wit about legacy.
        Get on your knees folks!!

    2. Insightful, reasonable, and hopeful.

      I hope it comes out 7-2 or better… I want Obama utterly humiliated.

  12. Of course I’d vote for an orange juice can over odumbdumb.

    An orange juice can would never sign unconstitutional legislation like Obama-NO-care and Frank Dodd.

    An orange juice can would never grant amnesty to illegals.

    An orange juice can would never steal and shut down private buisnesses …GM dealerships.

    An orange juice can would never break contract law and give stock holder’s shares to his union buddies.

    An orange juice can would never pass a stim-u-LESS bill that gave 80% of the money to his cronies.

    An orange juice can would never call me a racist for not agreeing with one of his stances.

    …and finally…an orange juice can would never put the SQUEEZE on Americans’ freedom.

  13. If you want the truth listen to ‘The Great One’. Between Mark and Rush we get the full run down on how corrupt and down right evil Obama and his administration is. God Bless them both. I pray every day that The Tea Party patriots like myself will rise up and over throw these Anti-American, Marxist, Socialist, pieces of excrement calling themselves politicians.

    1. …pffv though I am a Canadian I will be by your side when the time comes God Bless the U.S.A. . As you I to listen to RUSH , LEVIN and BECK . Take care and again when needed I will be there !”

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