Full Interview: Mark Levin talks to Andy McCarthy about Bachmann, McCain, and Muslim Brotherhood

Mark Levin had Andy McCarthy come on the show tonight to discuss the Muslim Brotherhood and the attacks on Michele Bachmann by McCain and others who are standing on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. It runs 21 minutes but it’s a great interview and well worth your time:

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86 thoughts on “Full Interview: Mark Levin talks to Andy McCarthy about Bachmann, McCain, and Muslim Brotherhood

  1. The leadership of the republican party is a joke. Conservatives have long known when it comes to representing the best interests of their constituents that Crybaby Boehner, Mitch (the eunuch) McConnell and Eric (Lips) Cantor fold like cheap suits. They are no match for the Chicago thugs who regularly abuse them. It is imperative the the results of the 2010 elections continue and more RINOs are sent to pasture with their legs between their legs. We are trying to save our country and they just get in the way.

  2. isn’t it time to replace McCain? What has happened to this man? From respected war hero to a raving crackpot! Pure lunacy! I think he has been in the Zoni sun too long! And how about the rest of the repub establishment? Where the hell are they? What happened to that “cry” a few short months ago “Throw them all out!?”

  3. Please call the DC office today in support of Michele Bachmann. The RINO’s Boehner, McCain, and Grahanmesty are threatening to strip Bachmann of her position on the Select Intelligence Committee since she’s one of the few with the balls to ask legitimate questions about a member on Hillary Clinton’s staff (Weiner’s wife) whose parents are both connected to the Muslim Brotherhood

    Bachmann wrote a great 16 page letter full of links backing up all her claims. She should be Speaker or better yet our next PResident, instead all she gets is unbelievable BS!

    Boehner: 2022256205 — has an arrogant staffer that likes to cut you off even though we pay their salaries

    McCain: 2022242235

    Bachmann: 202-225-2331

    Please call Bachmann and give her your support. She’s a brave leader who’s not afraid to get thrown off the Committee for speaking the truth. She is exactly the type of rep fighting for the American people, someone we can all be proud of.

    1. Here is the main line to Congress as well: 202-224-3121. Put it in your contacts on your cell phone.

  4. Where’s the Talk About Grover Norquist? The 800 pound Gorilla and you only talk about 3 or 4 RINOs. This is systemic across the RINO party, ie NJ Gov Crispy Creme same ideology.

    1. Levin cut Robert Spencer off the other day when he started talking about Norquist. Very disturbing.

    2. Reminds me how worried I am that Christie may insinuate himself into Romney’s Administration or Cabinet, God forbid. He should stay where he is and deal with NJ’s awful unemployment rate.

  5. Thanks TRS for the most valuable 21 minutes anyone could hear.
    Especially if they weren’t up to speed on the cult of i-slam.
    Just straight talk and all true. Very glad that Andy M. alluded to needing a third party since the Rs are failing the country so miserably – the Constitutional Party? Please God.

    PS Wish I could find a transcript of this segment – any ideas anyone? Youngsters in particular need to hear/read this interview instead of the namby-pamby crap that passes for education these days.

  6. The Muslim Brotherhood is bad news. McCain is blowhard. State Department does extensive background checks before awarding security clearances though.

    1. this whole administration is corrupt. jmo sorry I do not trust the SD has done the right thing. does napolitano? does holder? If they all did we would not have F&F

  7. Rush talked about McCarthy today and told his history, and that he hasn’t changed his position on Islam, why has our government. I wonder if that’s why he made the move to Pajama’s…

  8. Where is Allen West in all this? As I’ve said many times, he talks a good game in front of friendly crowds, but he’s always AWOL in big stories like this.

    I used to be a huge supporter. Now I wonder if we’ve been had. Just look at his voting record. Oh sure, when he votes the way he does he usually tells people in the following speeches he makes that he “made a mistake.”

    There is a pattern there, however.

    Now, I bring this up because I read the names of the five Congressmen who wrote that letter. Could anyone please tell me why a guy like Allen West did not participate?

    1. I was wondering the same thing, and then I realized it was a vote out of her specific committee, it was a recommendation by them. I’m not sure of the parliamentary process, but all they requested was an investigation. It will be interesting to see if it needs some other BS procedure to bring it up and get a full vote in the House.

      Everyone that speaks out or votes against Bachmann needs to be sent home!

    2. Very good question. You are right about his voting record too. A number of months back I read that he only got a 70 out of a hundred on the conservative scale. That is not very good.

    3. 3 that signed the letter are on the intelligence committee.
      he has been all over the news this past month, statements on many things . I think the worse vote he had was pigford, if I remember correctly.

      1. You are correct in your statement, however you left out an important point. Until Breibart broke the Pigford case via Lee Stranahan’s reporting, would we have known anything about it. I will not fault West for not knowing, what he didn’t know. It takes a REAL man (or any person) to admit to a mistake.

        We all make choices on the information we have at the time. I am not going to fault
        West for that. None of us are perfect, nor do we have all of the info at the time we make decisions.

        Our choices going forward will be if we want people like McCain, Boehner, Graham, and many others like them or do we want true patriots like West?

        1. I can live with a mistake here an there after all no one is perfect, West though he has a good belief system, one I have also,he doesn’t back down, he has a steel spine, I take a imperfect west over a out and out RINO like mcshame, boehner and mcgrahamnesty anyday, I also am thinking and feeling marco is a rino.

      2. West’s voting record:

        Heritage Action – 69%
        National Taxpayer’s Union – 75% – B

    4. Allen West is NOT on this committee. The recommendation for an investigation came from the intelligence committee and Michelle Bachmann is on that particular committee. The investigation was not a house vote. I never here Michelle Bachmann coming to Allen West defense when he called out progressives in the house. They are both apart of the tea party and I think that means a lot. While Allen West district is republican it is not 100% conservative and let’s remember we are in a representative republic and a representative does just that, represents the district. Allen West, is not perfect and I think he would be the first to tell you that, but he is a true patriot and long ways from being a RINO.

  9. Thank goodness for the new media and talk radio (I’ve been relying on them for the truth for the last few years).

    For those that don’t regularly visit PJ, here is the link to Andrew’s article that I saw earlier today. Pretty much says what all of my fellow Scoopers have said about dumping the GOP, but the detail to the topic regarding the current attitude of Islam is great.

    Must read, if you missed it.


    1. Thank you for the link. It was edifying, but also alarming.

      We, the Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives, will have to save America and Western Civilization. If no us, then who?

      McCarthy is right about the Democrat/Marxists and the GOPe. They are not up to the fight, a fight America didn’t ask for, but must take up just the same. Despite what they may say, the Democrats/Marxists and the Muslim supremacists are natural allies, as they both hate Western Civilization and Christianity. The GOPe are just cowardly appeasers, all to willing to negotiate with evil , so they can appear to be “moderate”, politically correct, and “reasonable”, the aim of which is to curry favor with the Marxist Stream Media.

      We must be the Churchill’s of our generation, or Western Civilization and Christendom will once again find themselves at war the the Mohammedans, or worse yet, their slaves.

    2. MaxineCA – sorry, I posted this link today before seeing your post, while catching up on comments! Sincere apologies.
      (What a wonderful ally Andy McCarthy is.)

  10. Muslim Brotherhood Says Islam Should Rule The World

    Islam in Bible Prophecy-understanding the endtime.mp4

  11. No Mark, the fact that Ellison is a muslim is NOT fine. Muslims don’t believe in our constitution.

  12. Just remember though, it was the republican party who chose McCain and gave him legitimacy by selecting him as your representative in the last election. You were also guilty of voting in a moderate who was an appeaser becasue you knew that all the undecided vote was very anti-Bush. So you chose your RHINO candidate who stands for nothing but continuing his political career.
    Now the chickens have come home to roost.

  13. OK, I’m fully aware of the whole, throwing-Michelle-Bachmann-under-the-bus thing, but what’s the deal about Gov. Palin not getting an invite to the Convention?

    Did I miss something? Are they really going to not have her speak? I’m fine with not having her running for office. I got over it. But not having her as a prime-time speaker at the convention is one way to get a lot of people to stay home in November.

    Anyone know anything about it?

      1. But why is it front-page at C4P right now? Four days after the statement by Preibus.

        Preibus wasn’t very definitive. He didn’t actually say she would be speaking. He basically said all the arrangements had not yet been made. I am a little dubious.

        The convention is fast approaching and they haven’t made all the invites and schedules? He said the final schedule wouldn’t be made until the second week in August. That’s possible, but wouldn’t you have at least contacted the prospective speakers to let them know, so they can commit and make arrangements. Palin was the Vice-Presidential candidate last cycle, and the first female on the Republican Presidential ticket. It seems to me she would be one of the first invited to speak, maybe not given the final schedule but at least asked.

      2. Because Preibus was being disingenuous.

        The best lie is one that is based in the truth.

        Yet we found at after Preibus was interviewed that President George W. Bush had declined an invite to attend the convention and the protocol is that former Presidents when attending their parties convention ordinarily receive a speaking slot.

        The point is that for some time now, the Romney campaign has made it quite clear that they want to hold Sarah Palin at arm’s length.

        While the schedule and list of speakers may not have been finalized, it was pretty clear that the Romney campaign has been sending out signals for some time that they did not want the Governor to speak at the convention.

        See also:

        Untangling the GOP Convention Spin

  14. Brigette Gabriel has been telling this same story for years, her first hand accounts of Islamic treatment of Jews and Christians are wake up calls…….Islamic terrorists are infiltrating the US right into DC. I stand with Michelle Bachmann, time to start questioning and checking backgrounds. Illegal Islamists are infiltrating and being protected by obama’s new executive orders.
    When the RINOs attack true conservatives it’s time to start a Party!

  15. I am so fired up over this becasue this is a question of national security. Obviously McCain is too old to handle this and he’s bringing along people like Rubio. This is worth investigating and I am just surprised that its gone on as long as it has! Its enough that we have to fight the dems but it is exhausting to fight these RINOs! I am all for replacing these people in leadership positions.

  16. A comment from another site which nails it IMHO:

    “Washington is irredeemably corrupt. Getting good people into national office is like pouring clear water into the sewer in the hopes of cleansing it.

    The States have to tell Washington to step off, and then go it alone.”

    1. I’m afraid it really is up to the States. I’ve been writing about that for a while. Enough states have to band together to demand the Constitution be observed. It isn’t enough to rely on Marbury v. Madison anymore. SCOTUS is too corrupt (philosophically speaking), and too powerful, which is not at all intended in the balance of powers.

  17. It is truly time to rid the government of any and all progressives. We can’t afford to lose our country to them. We will never get it back if that happens.

      1. And now she faces assault by the Republicans in Congress.

        Kind of like a few other women from the past elections. They’re pathetic cowards. Worse than the progressive donkeys- because we expect them to be pathetic cowards, liars and scum, and we know what their agenda is. Rinos are just pathetic cowardly scum.

        1. What is really bad is male rino’s will attack conservative women, but I don’t see the male donkeys attacking female donkeys.

        2. Thank God for the alternate media. The MSM is communistic and traitorous. It would be American and patriotic for a flash mob to accent on Washington, by the millions, to exercise our constitutional rights. God bless America. We need it!

  18. He’s right. We have been trying to build up the Republican party to take a constitutional stand and defend our liberty. They gladly take our votes and quickly throw us under the bus.

    The comments made about Bachmann by McCain, Boehner, etal, without any justifiable reason or proof prove that they are not representative of their constituents. We need to flood them with calls, vote them out when we can and seriously consider establishing a new party before the 2014 elections.

    Huma Abedin, judging by weak defense she is getting by so many in government proves that she is one of many enemies within our government.

    I think there might be some Hillary fans here. You’ll have to wake up to the truth of her anti-American ways.

    1. “Many of you are well enough off that the tax cuts may have helped you. We’re saying that for America to get back on track, we’re probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” Hillary Clinton

      “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” Hillary Clinton

      “We have to build a political consensus, and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own turf in order to create this common ground.” Hillary Clinton

      “Too many people have made too much money.” Hillary Clinton

      “(We) can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.” Hillary Clinton

      “The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better than the private sector will spend it.” Hillary Clinton’

      It’s an hour long but worth it if people want to know the real Hillary Clinton. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOy6ZagodUE

      1. Thank you for that ABC, you put the icing on the cake. With that I will sign off for the night. 🙂

    2. Fu#k McShame. Fu#k Bonner. We know what kind of pieces of sh#t they are..Rubio, the rising star, took their side on this Bachmann issue. This makes me puke!!!! Where are the Koch brothers and the casino magnet and the national GOP when she needs them? Michele Bachmann is a breath of fresh air.

  19. “Put a frog in a pot of hot water – the frog will jump OUT — BUT

    Put a frog in a pot of warm water – turn the heat up slowly and the frog will cook”


    Why do I feel the temperature is going up very slowly ?

    1. Actually it is, or more explicitly… Conservatism vs. everything else. Conservatism slices to the bone.

      While many R’s are duped and ignorant about Islam… only those on the “R” side (conservatives) expose it. While those on the “D” side… utterly and hopelessly clueless or complicit and never speak out.

      1. The question is las1, how many R’s are really conservative. How many Republicans have we lost in the past year when we thought they were true conservatives ended up giving us the bird?

        1. Oh man! That is the question, isn’t it?

          I really believe that the problem is that conservatives have NOT sold the conservative brand. We have the same problem here in Canada. And people want to know what it is exactly that they need to believe. If the brand is not being sold… then the vacuum gets filled with cultural liberalism… and when that happens you get RINOs. And RINOs will do anything to fit in and not be called names.

          We need to know what we believe, but we don’t. Scratch many a conservative, and you will be amazed what brain addled and truly horrid notions they have about conservatism. They don’t think… and NOT thinking is the domain of a liberal… and they want to fit in so terribly with their liberal neighbour.

  20. Thanx a hugzillion again TRS , I am ashamed of McCain and Rubio and passing on this video to wake up some stupid people in America !!

    1. Is anyone in America besides the democrats figuring out what damn fine Progressives that Boehner, McCain, Graham and the rest of the elephant herd actually are?

    1. Ypu can almost see McCain’s little reptilian nostrils pulsing as he trashes Vachmann and defends the daughter of murderes and sister of a terrorist-

      It’s so interesting to see a Republican play the race card.

      Won’t work John. Islam is the antithesis of liberty. Islam is not a religion. It is slavery.

    1. I agree. A clear and precise assessment of the danger within. Thank you TRS.

      I still am rattled by how fast Mark Levin ran interference for Norquist yesterday. Norquist is all and everything McCarthy is unmasking about the elephants.

      1. i don’t think Levin was actually running interference but rather just trying to stay on topic. i am interested in whether or not Levin commented on Rubio’s trashing of Bachmann over the weekend on NPR. i haven’t seen anything on this

    2. That’s why it’s vital we have an open convention, cause last thing we need is romney’s pro-islamic views to replace the hard core hussein obama’s ! It’s time we get someone in office like Allen West & others to replace the pro-islamic factions hiding in both parties!

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