FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Levin talks to Cavuto about Boehner and budget deal…

Mark Levin was on Your World with Neil Cavuto today to discuss Boehner’s attack on conservatives as well as the budget deal and more. You can watch the full interview below:

NOTE: If it loads slowly just pause it for a few seconds and let it buffer and you should be fine.

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42 thoughts on “FULL INTERVIEW: Mark Levin talks to Cavuto about Boehner and budget deal…

  1. Although I might like to comment on the article, It’s very slow loading like the NOTE says. I used to watch the live internet feed of the CBS show Big Brother during the first season via Dial up internet. Why does this have to be so slow and why not have a transcript to read and be done with it.

  2. I am going to be listening very closely to Ryan tomorrow on Fox News Sunday. Having said that, it is thoroughly and continuously annoying to hear McBoehner attacking tea party conservatives.

  3. excelent interview…
    when the establishment republicans are more concerned about a shutdown than they are the debt and deficit , we are in deep doo-doo

  4. Every time I hear republicans say they do not want a “government shutdown” it reminds me of Brer Rabbit but at least Brer Rabbit won. These idiots do not realize or maybe they do, by saying the words they are associated with the words even if democrats actually shutdown the government.

  5. Mark Levin states it like it is. The first hope is the vote in South Carolina to
    make Obamacare illegal. Watch this carefully. It could be the start of something

  6. Levin is right and he, Cavuto and other conservatives need to beat the drum of the coming economic collapse.

  7. The government reminds me of my first wife. She used to save me thousands and thousands of dollars at sales at the department stores. I heard Ryan justifying the deal in a radio interview yesterday. When they broke, turned out it was NPR.

  8. The Republicans are the GOP – GROUP OF PROGRESSIVES. This is not a surprise. the minute Ryan mentioned he was working with Patty Murray it was a wash. Cut the Military benefits, and Fund Obamacare. Just Ducky. I know my congressmen Justin Amash voted against this.

    Now every Republican Senator will or Should Vote Against this. With the Nuclear Option in the Senate, Reid doesn’t need one republican to do anything. So all the RINOS will look Conservative. They all should vote against this. It will pass. I just love how Ryan gave harry reid the power to raise taxes.

    Yet people still say lets not start a Third Party. It will hurt us. I laugh at that. I want to know are we not being destroyed by voting Republican.

  9. Mark didn’t just knock it out of the park, he knocked the stinking COVER off the freaking ball!

    Well DONE sir!

  10. This is whats its about .. straight up, much attention going to silent majority, both parties taking us on, were winning, 2014 huge statement, can’t be stopped, grand their in the open, debate them, get out, volunteer, make the drive, support good honest servants, shake it up, shake hands, look in eyes. 2014 were ready, primaries, lets go, be there, feel it, you’ll know, write about it. America in balance .. Serious hit last 5 years, 2010 slowed them down, current GOP sold out, day of reckoning here now. Did I hear a hiss coming from a balloon up the road? American Grizzlies making noise also, balance, common sense, save the day. Cavuto good man, Levin all in. What about you? good night .. peace.

  11. Mark is despised by both the republican and demoncratic leadership because he is clear, concise and courageous about what he believes. Mark shines the light of truth under the rocks and in to crevices of repub hypocrisy and manipulation and dishonesty and the house and senate leadership hates him for it!

    1. They are afraid of his intelligence and honesty. Truth to power is to be feared by those that seek to deceive.

    2. Levin’s latest book, Liberty Amendments, makes the compelling argument for term limits. For this reason alone he’s automatically hated by ‘the establishment’. If one keeps in mind the disaster of the Ross Perot candidacy in 1992, we will recall how well that played into the hands of our socialist media empire and ‘socialist progressive democrats’. Some guy from Arkansas wins the presidency by default. A third party candidate is an automatic loser in any election. Perot lost but he cost the Republicans the White House and introduced the U.S. to Hillary Care. Can’t let that again happen with a ‘grassroots’ alternative strategy. We need a ‘tree trunk’ strategy. Got to work the system much better. Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party efforts were responsible for taking Congress in 2010. We worked within the local system and became heavily involved in getting out the vote. Has to be done all over again. Not easy but required. We can DIVORCE ourselves from current leadership but must use the existing party system to effectively ‘retire’ these career “friends across the aisle”.

  12. These Conservatives represent Real People, but are regularly dismissed as extremists – when in fact they are people who are very concerned about the way our money is spent – like me ! for instance !

  13. It drives me mad when they talk about cutting the budget,because nothing is cut.It is just reduced growth.

  14. It was a continuation of the rant from last night. These ‘no shutdown” clowns need to realize that position is equal to “please don’t vote for me.”

  15. I’m glad this Levin story isn’t linked from the Drudge Report. Cool as that was yesterday, the page was filled with the most annoying comments about Mark.

    1. He’s well qualified, but…more realistically…how about Ted Cruz for President and Mark Levin as his senior advisor?

  16. You know the more I listen to this guy, the more I have to agree. Everyone I talk to thinks term limits are a good idea except the elected representatives. If nothling else we need to take back the country and at least get term limits installed.

    1. Term Limits are the answer and that is why one will never see them with the current parties of ONE. Until there is an opposition party that comes about nothing will ever happen. To quote Rush, That is REALVILLE.

  17. You can tell he is pretty fired up! And now, Palin just posted on FB, Twitter! I think “Bohoo Boehner” just woke up the giant!

  18. Levin calls it as it is, with honesty and clarity, as does another great leader, Sarah Palin. She says in her latest at Breitbart: Read My Lipstick, No New Taxes!

  19. A champion for Conservatism. I liked where he said he doesn’t accept the premise of either embracing chrissy cream or settling for a democrat, but that he will do all he can to seek a conservative republican.

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