Full Interview: Piers Morgan vs Ted Nugent on gun control

Ted Nugent was fantastic on with Piers Morgan tonight because he just doesn’t take any of the crap Piers Morgan tries to shovel.

Watch the full interview below:

Consider this an open thread since we haven’t had one today.

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307 thoughts on “Full Interview: Piers Morgan vs Ted Nugent on gun control

  1. Here’s the real question, why do we allow people to drive vehicles when he/she has had an alcoholic drink ? We know that a most people that go to a bar consume alcohol, then get in a car and drive. Not sure what the statistic is on alcohol related deaths, I would assume higher than gun killings involving an AR. How come we don’t just shut down all bars ? I mean how many people have to die from a Drunk Driver before we take action ? Point exactly, collateral damage. #1, Alcohol laws don’t stop ALCOHOL DEATHS, # 2, Creating more gun laws will NOT stop GUN VIOLENCE.

  2. The AR-15 was not used in the Sandy Hook massacre. Piers misinforms the public to get ratings. He is a hack. An AR-15 was found in the murderers trunk. Hand guns, in the hands of a lunatic who was refused a permit to purchase a gun killed his own mom and went on a rampage using HER registered weapons.

  3. If a school bus driver crashes a car killing all the children in the bus, do we ban buses?

    If a airplane crashes killing all passengers, do we ban air travel?

    Besides this logic, this is an amendment. If the 2nd is taken down, how long before the other amendments are gone too?

    Do we argue that women should not vote, because some have abused that right?

    What about all civil rights? They are amendments, when will they go too?

  4. The great Sweaty Teddy was busted and plead no contest to poaching a deer in Yuba, California.
    Elsewhere, Nugent has agreed to pay a $10,000, serve probation and record a PSA as part of a plea bargain in relation to a May 2009 incident in which he illegally killed a black bear in Alaska as part of his Outdoor Channel TV show Spirit of the Wild.

    In court documents, Nugent says he killed the animal in question – via bow and arrow – days after wounding another bear in the state; according to Alaska hunting laws, a hunter is only permitted to bag one bear per season.

    Claimed to have avoided the Vietnam draft by stopping all physical hygiene, ingesting nothing but Vienna sausages and Pepsi, and going to the bathroom in his pants for days prior to his physical. (He later said he was joking about thi

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75309.html#ixzz2KdA51U6Z

    “I got my physical notice 30 days prior to,” Nugent said. “Well, on that day I ceased cleansing my body. No more brushing my teeth, no more washing my hair, no baths, no soap, no water. Thirty days of debris build. I stopped shavin’ and I was 18, had a little scraggly beard, really looked like a hippie…Then two weeks before, I stopped eating any food with nutritional value…Then a week before, I stopped going to the bathroom. I did it in my pants. poop, piss the whole shot. My pants got crusted up.”

    The result was, in his words, a “big juicy 4-F,” which meant that he was unfit for military service and thus ineligible for the draft. Nugent has since disavowed those words, stating that he had a student deferment and that he made up the story to fool the pro-marijuana publication.

  5. You people need to fact check a little more. Best not to parrot Fox, Drudge, Rush, etc. A few examples found in about 2 minutes:

    “Send him to Yeman.” (It’s Yemen.)

    “if Obama sent Winston’s bust back…” (Never happened.)

    COP = Constable On Patrol. Wrong (again). Cop comes from the verb “to cop” meaning to seize, capture, or snatch, dating back to 1704.

    “The founders you seem to be so fond of believed what I believe.” The Founders believed in slavery. The Founders believed women should not vote. The Founders believed that voting should be restricted to land owners. THINGS CHANGE.

    “I don’t think Obama was very polite in 2008 when he said he wanted a domestic security force as strong as our military…that’s a gestapo.” AGAIN WRONG!

    Jesus Christ…

  6. Ted is right – Piers Morgan is never going to understand that the gun is not the problem. If they ban the AR15 and magazines over 10 rounds, what’s next? They will ban semi-autos and then bolt actions and then pistols. They will then require you to keep your guns in a government lockdown and you can “come check them out when you want to use them”. If they can gut the 2nd amendment, they can trample the rest of them too.

  7. Piers says that he respects Ted’s opinons. He has a funny way of showing it. Well really not funny more like disrespectful.

  8. Imagine Pierce, the sniveling coward, if he were ever approached by a violent perp. He’d be crying for that Rifle. I would love to see his pride go before his fall!!!!! Great job Mr Nugent!

  9. Isn’t murder being illegal in all 50 (or 57 if you are the president) states already the highest possible tier of law that should prevent murder? Since when did murder being illegal prevent murder? It’s not about gun control folks, it’s about people control. The 2nd amendment isn’t just about protecting your family or hunting, it has everything to do with protecting ourselves from a tyrannical government. Period.

  10. I lasted 3:27, then I had to stop because I was starting to get that ‘Glenn Beck eyeball blood thing’.

    This video establishes that Piers Morgan will not, and cannot, comprehend the ingrained philosophy Americans and guns and Freedom have had for so many centuries. This video shows him shooting an AR rifle, (did he run off camera to wash hius hands?), and the displayed attitude of being overwhelmed and frightened that he actually fired a gun.

    It is true that Piers Morgan is an anti-gun maniac. Now that he has soiled himself, by actually holding and operating the very rifle that he has detested on the air, it might seem that he will lose credibility with other on air anti-gunners, for his very actions.

    Time will tell. Yet, the fight remains to be won, and Mr. Morgan is just one of the battles.

    Long Live The Republic!

    Resist we MUCH!

  11. And by the way, Piers, the founders of the Constitution afforded us the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government, of which we have a tyrannical government. So, to answer your question, yes, we should be able to have tanks to match our governments fire power because OUR TAX DOLLARS AND THE INTEREST WE PAY TO FUND THE WARS THAT THE BANKSTERS FROM ENGLAND INITIATE IS WHAT’S PAYING FOR THE FIRE POWER SO DON’T TELL ME THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AREN’T ENTITLED TO IT!!! Throw the tea in the goddamn bay!

  12. Piers, if you really don’t like the Constitution, then just go back to England. Just go back. Back in the day, Lincoln would have had you hanged in a public square for treason. Should we outlaw rope, too? It’s not outlawed in England.

    1. Bennie apparently you have no common sense… One they are semiautomatic rifles NOT assault weapons – Police and Government own those assault weapons by the billions… Ted and anyone that owns guns – rifles of the semi automatic or non semi automatic variety would not blame – hate the guns laws instead they would hate and desire to put the criminal out of his/her misery…. Wishing Ill upon law abiding citizens to drive home a stupid empty point is a sure sign you have no idea what the hel! you are talking about!!!!!!!!

  13. Why didnt they have Piers bump fire an AR-15 and really get his rocks off? What a Boob. Last time I checked, Yemen doesn’t have a police force or live by the rule of law.

  14. How can Yemen be used in a comparison to the U.S. in an argument for gun bans? Not even a comprable nation, as it is third-world, uncivilized and under a corrupt government. Pure ignorance. Morgan is simply doing what he does best: emotive propagandized politicking.

    1. Like he ran from Viet Nam? By shitting his pants and pissing himself? At least the republicans would have someone that acknowledges sex with underage girls in advance.

      1. Hey, did you hear the one about O being on the Down Low?? A member of a gay bath house in Chicago? How about the one where two of his gay lovers were murdered in2007? One of the victim’s mother has said she believes O was behind his death.

        1. Did you hear the one about the has-been rocker who literally started shitting his pants to avoid serving his country and risking his precious chicken shit self? Yes, it’s hilarious. Then while those that did answer the call of their country were dying in SE Asia he boasted of having sex with under age girls? LOL. Then the same chicken shit pederast later became a symbol of the conservative, gun rights, tea party crowd? Only in America. I truly do believe Ted represents the modern Teavangelical as well as anyone save for the half-baked alaskan. Enjoy the defeats yet to come.

  15. Why does Nugent even waste his time trying to convince this twonk that it’s not about guns,it’s about controlA Brit wuss will never understand our God given Constitutional rights,and how we feel about them.STFU Piers!

    1. “Why does Nugent even waste his time trying to convince this twonk that it’s not about guns….”

      Because he get’s great pleasure out of twisting liberal’s tails, just like I do. 😉

  16. Hey puss morgan just wanted to let you know that we dont hate you because of your anti-gun views,it just that WE HATE your limey,smug,arrogant , illiterate ass, you came to OUR GREAT COUNTRY and try to spread your vile ignant views. You constantly tell us how great your homeland is,so take your faggot limey ass back and while yer going take semen cowshit with you and please dont let the door hit ya in the ass on yer way out… You are not welcome in this country as long as you attempt to tear down OUR CONSTITUTION-did it ever occur to your retarded filth spewing inbred self that your so called wonderful homeland doesn’t have a CONSTITUTION and you ARE NOT covered by OURS, so get the fuk out of OUR country

  17. Hey Piers! The AR-15 was left in the trunk! Stop the lying! Stop the mis-information! By the way, Piers…the AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite after the company that developed it in the 1950’s. Piers, you’re an idiot!!! Flush this nut job down the toilet bowl with all of the other excrement where he belongs!!!

    1. Good call. PM is doing enough on his own to discredit his reporting. I just can’t believe how the progressives go along with the idea that a foreign accent and lack of US citizenship qualifies one to address the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

  18. Piers picked the wrong person to debate on gun control. Ted kicked his backside beautifully, as I knew he would.

  19. Am I dreaming? That appeared to be a fully automatic weapon the Nuge is licensed to possess. Why did he allow PM to present it as the type of weapon an ordinary citizen can constitutionally own?

    1. Watch the video AGAIN and OBSERVE HIS TRIGGER FINGER he pulls the trigger every time the weapon fires. Geez no wonder the gun nuts seem to be winning this one.

  20. Australia and England confiscated everyone’s weapons trying to control crime. crime is up in both countries. they took away the right to defend yourself and family. we have weapons here in America to defend ourselves against a Government that would leave us defenseless and at there mercy of criminals and foreign powers that would love to catch us with out any defense at all. look around you. your local police are para military now. they have weapons fully auto. you will have to defend your right to defend yourselves in the future. there is no way around this unless we have a president along with others that know the cost of freedom, from Government not of the people, will not stand in this country.
    There are many Veterans and current law enforcement that will still defend the Constitution of America. The right to defend yourself from a Government gone wrong.

  21. Why is a Brittan defending control? That is what he knows. He admitted injoying firing the AR15.

    After watching serveral interviews proformed by Peirs Morgan his interviews are not interviews not debates, but the standard cookie cutter political bullying section adopted by our news media designed to make deffenders of issues look stuppied by not allowing answer to the own question.

    This shows fear of the interviewer, the unwellingness for to let their opponents answer the question knowing that the answer will sway other against there views.

    Piers Morgan you are nothing more than alittle bully.
    If you dont like the Consitution of the United Statea of America do yourself a favor and leave our country.

  22. Piers interrupts Ted everytime he tries to make a point. Ted is right, Piers, and people like him will NEVER understand why guns are important and what our Constitutional right to bare arms REALLY means. There is just a fundamental, common sense (or lack thereof) difference between the left and the right. They think guns are for hunting, we understand that guns are for protection and to keep outside forces from taking over…or even a corrupt inside force such as the government! They live in some fantasy world where they forget history, and they actually believe that nobody would want to hurt anybody and that the government will protect us. It doesn’t even enter their minds that our government could be corrupt to the point of what Hitler was in Germany in WWII. People need to wise up……

  23. Gun homicides and gun ownership listed by country

    The key facts are:

    • The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world – an average of 88 per 100 people. That puts it first in the world for gun ownership – and even the number two country, Yemen, has significantly fewer – 54.8 per 100 people
    • But the US does not have the worst firearm murder rate – that prize belongs to Honduras, El Salvador and Jamaica. In fact, the US is number 28, with a rate of 2.97 per 100,000 people
    • Puerto Rico tops the world’s table for firearms murders as a percentage of all homicides – 94.8%. It’s followed by Sierra Leone in Africa and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean

  24. Ted merely wasted his breath…he didn’t cause Piers to change his position. I’m beginning to think this constant hammering by Piers about gun control is just a ratings ploy to try and help with his anemic, pathetic ratings. And if that’s the case, I’ll bet it’s not working.

  25. Ted the Sledge had a chance to use those automatic weapons for his country in ‘Nam and chose to piss and crap himself for days to get section’d out. Class man to push for the gun lobby.

    1. I hear Comrade Clinton got out of Nam too…except he went to Russia to protest against the US. Wonder what he did over there? Things that make you go hmmmm..

  26. Pierce makes me sick!!!! He can’t answer any of Ted’s questions. He just keeps repeating his narrow minded views with his distorted facts.

  27. A restrained, yet effective Nug… he’s best in this manner and didn’t give Piers the ranting out of control Nug he may have been looking for.

    Well done Uncle Ted!

  28. Morgan now has more notoriety in this gun debate than he has ever had in his life. By poking his middle finger in the eye of the 2nd Amendment, his ratings have skyrocketed. I for one will not watch his antics. He is, in word: boring. He processes nothing and hears nothing. He spews his slanted statistics and does not engaged Ted at all. What kind of journalism is this crap? He is nudnik. I don’t know what anyone pays attention to him, and I will not watch any more clips of him on this website. Please, do not feed the animals. We do not need to help him out any more. thanks

  29. As usual, Morgan sticks with his carefully picked statistics which are wrong in order to push on his argument that further gun control measures save lives. By their nature, the left has to lie in order to prove their point and as their statements are based on lies, it’s impossible for them to argue on them so they revert to personal attacks when they begin to lose the argument. He ignores the fact that criminals do not follow the laws and will have their guns when everyone else is disarmed. I guess he ignores his home country, Australia, Canada, etc.
    Ted is correct when he defined the problems our country has with the killers like Lanza, Harris & Kliebold, Laugtner, etc but he failed to mention that these individuals were taking anti-depressant medications such as Prozac, Zoloft, Ritalin, Etc that the pharmaceutical companies push but do not state the harsh behaviors of people either taking them in doses they do not need or are coming off of the effects of the drug.

    The basis of Morgan’s and that of all the other anti-2nd Amendment anti-gun crowd is based on fear alone and they expect the masses to feed on that and follow without question. So the focus on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary continues while the rising murder rate via gun in Chicago and NYC is virtually ignored by the mainstream propagandist media. Children and young adults (some adults are deliberately counted as children on purpose) are killed in these two cities that have some of the most restrictive and draconian-like gun laws but yet the killings by gun continue and keep growing; meanwhile, the left keeps saying there has to be more gun laws despite the fact that the criminals keep ignoring all the laws, and this administration’s justice Dept is prosecuting fewer cases of gun law violations. They have been setting up the conditions for more people to be killed by criminals with guns or individuals on psychotropic drugs with guns, and using the resulting deaths to push for the eventual disarmament of the people. What they fear is an armed law abiding society and not the criminal element that ignores and flaunts the laws, so they work to control us and strike up an unofficial alliance with the criminals to keep the disarmed populace in fear that they can ultimately use for their benefit.

  30. Don’t be fooled into thinking Piers Morgan gives 2 cents about guns or gun control. This is very simple…ratings.
    He had about 3 people in his viewing audience before the gun debate. He now has 7. If he gets 8, he might be the highest rated host on CNN, which will keep Zucker off his back during the rebuild of the network. He’s a media schmuck.

  31. “You’re the perfect poster boy to stand up for things that make no sense to common sense people at all.”


  32. CNN is such a worthless propaganda arm of this freaking monster (Obama)… liars, all of them.

    Ted is spot on… Love. This. Guy.

    The left will never understand… they don’t have the capacity for logic. They push false statistics (they lie) and know the dumbmasses will eat it up. They lie… Piers is among the MSM… so he’s worthless. He’s a complete waste… Did I mention that they lie?

    1. Someone should ask Piers why his native country is in such bad shape. As in economically, health care, safety of its citizens and the not even creeping, but galloping takeover by Sharia Islamic law. Yes, maybe that will shut him up. Better yet, since he is so fond of their way of life, why doesn’t he live in England?

      1. And England is ranked #3 in Europe for violent crimes since they abolished guns. As we can see Chicago is just like them. Take the guns out of the innocent and the criminals run wild.

  33. Couldn’t watch more than a couple minutes. Morgan is infuriating. Boy I could drop some real foul language right now.

  34. “something must to change”….”do something” – typical NO reactions of know-nothing brainless liberals.
    #1 biggest fear – from prison questionnaires: “an armed victims”.

  35. England has more violent crime per million(rape,assault and battery,breaking and entering) than the US,even with their strict gun laws. They can’t control a country which is not even the size of one of our states,and this fool is going to tell us what to do. He needs to shut his piehole and go back to his own country

    1. The rate of violent crimes in England increased dramatically AFTER they took away gun ownership and continues unabated. Also, look up Australia, same thing happening there. Gov. took the guns and the people are defenseless. They’ve had a horrendous increase in violent crimes against innocent citizens.

      1. A typical Cornell graduate – wears a bag over his head. I didn’t think you people admitted that. Well, finally an honest post by you.

        1. I doubt he graduated from Cornell’s main campus…although many of them would also be imbecilic ninnies. He sounds much more like a graduate of Cornel West.

          Cornel West. Aaahahahaha!

          Hey, if you can’t laugh at your own jokes, then they must not be funny 🙂

      2. Oh you wear a bag on your head too? I hear it’s real popular in Dearbornistan. Hear muslim women are murdered all the time there in (UN)honor killings and the bodies are quietly disposed of as it’s not against shariah law to kill your child.

        I just bet you speak out all the time for the rights of those murdered women don’t you? Don’t you??

  36. Ted missed one when Piers complained about skyrocketing sales of guns and ammo being a reaction to Sandy Hook……it’s NOT a reaction to Sandy Hook, it’s a reaction to “our” government’s reaction to Sandy Hook. Everyone knows what Obama is going to try to do and they’re not having it.

    1. buy me one while your at it. I’d like the elite carry I believe it’s called. The compact carry with all the edges smoothed. Man that thing is nice. Until I can muster up the money for it I’ll have to stick with Glock.

      1. I have the CDP ultra II carry


        I have a .45 XD which is a nice gun, especially with the large capacity magazine. But it is a composite style gun. I prefer the wood grips and machined surfaces. Even people with no firearm experience will recognize the craftsmanship that goes into these guns.

        Most fun gun to shoot is my 1908 Colt .25 vest gun. Still works fine.

        1. I love kimber pistols. I have always wanted one. I have a Glock 19 which is a good accurate pistol and a .40 XD. I do have an LWRC A-6 which is awesome to shoot. Love that thing. My next pistol will be the ultra II carry, not including what I need to buy for my wife.

  37. What part of UNINFRINGED right to bear arms does Morgan not understand? Can you imagine a well formed militia without military weapons? The gun controls we already have are unconstitutional and every inch they take is one step closer to permitting tyranny in America. Wake up folks. The history of other countries will be repeated here if you don’t.

    1. oh God … another Alex Jones freak who thinks we’re going to have a civil war and take over the government before the government takes over us … lmao … gun freaks are paranoid schitzophrenics.

      Here, gun-freaks — chew on this for awhile, directly from SCOTUS, District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008):

      2) Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms. Miller’s holding that the sorts of weapons protected are those “in common use at the time” finds support in the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons.

      Just sayin’ … and why do you countrified folks need 100 round magazines, anyway? So you can blow a deer to smitherines? What’s the point? I mean …. please, for real.



      1. Deer don’t shoot back.

        They want to ban ten round magazines though, Hans Christian Anderson-Aesop.

        Ever heard of roaming, looting gangs? This country has witnessed many of those the past few years. How would one protect themselves from 31 gang members kicking their door down? Is that scenario like an impossible fairy tale to you?

        Ever read any history of the rise of Communist and Socialist leaders and the resulting genocide that followed after confiscating everyone’s guns? The story was repeated by the world’s most notorious mass murderers…right? Are those fairy tales too?

        What you are doing here is ignoring events, possibilities, and history’s facts, while telling potential victims to be silent and acquiesce like sheep being led to the slaughter, or sheep having the slaughter led to them.

        In peopled parts we call folks like you, fools. Bereft of wisdom yet drowning in dumb.

        Additionally, 100 round clips magazines are too heavy when loaded. Several 30-40 round mags would make much more sense. You “stick” with the double-handled, multi-tined pitchfork. Subjugate yourself and allow yourself to be subjugated by others.

        The rest of us will defend ourselves from lawbreakers and life-takers and could care less about the sheer volume of idiocy emanating from the mouths of “useful idiots”.

        1. It occured to me that he is not trying to push his liberal agenda here. He is actually trying to plug his new facebook and website, where he pulls the same trick Piers does by being outrageous and hoping for a ratings boost (hence the comment, “come to my page. I already have 200 followers”).

          Didn’t work for Piers and it won’t work for Cornel West, jr.

        2. Okay so first of all to all Americians reading this: I am so sorry that you ended up with our British trash that is Piers Morgan. He is scum and his interview techniques are completely unfair and biased.

          Second of all i’m a British Wildfowler (sort of like the equivalent of a hunter) so i’m into my guns too, therefore I can sympathize with the pro-guns people in the US.
          However. All the pro-guns people need to grow a pair. Guns aren’t going to be banned from your country. Its just being made harder to get them so the mental people (the minority that Ted complains about) can’t get hold of them. Therefore you’ve got nothing to worry about if your not one of those mental people. So why kick up such a stink about it? “We wont be able to defend ourselves against roaming looting gangs.” What the fcuk kind of excuse is that!?!?

          Americans are born and raised with gun culture so I can see why so many of you believe that it is ridiculous for them to be taken away, but the reason you say you have to have your guns is for defense from other people with guns. Its like fighting fire with fire. Can’t you see that if no-one had guns then you wouldn’t have to defend against guns. I understand the argument that its not guns killing people its people, but guns are one the most widely available and lethal weapons out there, so even if people started using other weapons you would probably be a bit safer. There are plenty of other ways to defend yourselves. Many other countries populations do just fine defending themselves without guns. To be honest maybe this is a stereotype, but I thought most Americans were god-fearing folk. So what happened to thou shall not kill? A gun is a device designed and built for killing?

          Ughhh I just wont ever understand you lot.

          At the end of the day i’m not American so it doesn’t concern me but tightening gun laws in the US will change nothing except to irritate those who are pro-gun. So either ban them completely or as Ted says just leave things be.

      2. Ok so we have it your way now someone uses a bow and arrow, and the goverment prohibits bows and arrows. Ok now people get their heads bit in with a hammer. Where will it stop at sticks and Stone. People kill people not guns not bullets the person pulling the trigger.

        Oh and by the way I can go buy an illegal gun on twenty persent of U.S. street corners. The only guns they will get are the legel once. How well did that work for probition?

      3. Jason, I hope you never need those 100 rounds. The more you learn, the more you’ll agree with the 2nd amendment and how unconstitutional most gun control laws are. That is, if you do your homework and actually take the time to learn the truth about why we have a 2nd amendment. It’s not about hunting. Don’t be a stupified citified sitting duck kind of folk.

    1. call him Pi:ss MoreGun…s – I’m sure he goes nuts reading it.
      I hope Ted picks it and calls him that next time 🙂
      Pi;ss MoreGun…s, you brainless puppet

  38. How can anybody disagree with the logic Piers sets forth, and how idiotic the gun lobby (this time, Ted Nugent), looks? The gun culture in this country is a maniacal, vocal, irrational crew. Nugent dodged every question about the safest countries.

    But what many gun-freaks don’t know is that Thomas Jefferson, the author of Virginia’s constitution which James Madison based our 2nd Amendment on, wanted the amendment “revisited and rewritten every 19 years” (google it). Madison concurred. Somehow, the NRA and gun lobby don’t want this out there — or they’re ignorant of history.

    Vague terms like “it’s about the mentally ill” or “it’s about felons” (both of which mean nothing … what does “mentally ill” mean? And are you a “felon” if you were late on your child support payments and went to jail, or got a DUI back in college, and spend overnight in jail? Please … Background checks will only go so far; we have to change the narrative to “It’s about the GUNS” and reduce the 300 million guns in circulation and cut down on our guns-per-capita from 89/100 households to 6-7/100 households like the rest of the civilized, developed world.


    1. You do realize, don’t you Jason, that all those ‘safer’ countries had crime rates and violence skyrocket after guns were banned. Don’t listen to the false narrative by Piers. He’ll have you saying ’39 gun deaths, 39 gun deaths’ over and over again till you look the fool that he is. The UK is not safer than the US. Australia is not safer than the US.

      You also cannot just lump the US into one large category and compare it to other nations head to head. The areas where guns are banned in this country have the highest gun deaths and crime rates of the nation and then Piers wants to blame that on the areas that allow citizens to own guns. Gun-free zones are just killing zones for wackos. Why allow that?

      Using vague terms like ‘it’s about guns’ is just as ignorant as generalizing on other areas. Also using terms like maniacal, irrational, and gun-freaks is an Alinsky tactic that no one falls for anymore (Btw, a DUI, for example, is only a felony if it is a felony DUI. Try to be more specific and less general if you want the ‘gun-freaks’ to be less general).

      Try to check your facts first. If you can’t, let me know and I’ll dump a ton of links on you. But for now, try to do your own research if you are truly serious about knowing the truth (but do try to stay away from HuffPo and MediaMatters when you google. It only hurts your credibility).

      Edit: also, I’ll leave your ignorance of Jefferson and Madison to the constitutional scholars on this site, as my post would get too large in educating you about history.

      1. Nukeman, I’m well studied on the issue, and I don’t let fringe or mainstream media influence my thoughts.

        What you’re putting out there is the new NRA rejoinder when comparing our 12,000 gun deaths/year to other developed nations, and their 20-30 gun deaths/year. Lapierre and Keene frequently dodge the subject and blame it on the mentally ill (vague term), “felons” (vague term — and Keene’s son did 10 years in prison, fyi, for shooting at someone in a road rage incident — http://www.wehaveissues.org/national-issues/son-of-david-keene-president-of-the-nra-went-to-prison/), to Prozac, to broken relationships, to video games, to anything but guns. Our astronomical gun-per-capita rate of 89 guns/100 households is double that of #2 in the world (Serbia, about the size of New Hampshire). And of course, the NRA ensures our guns have the most efficient lethality.

        Now, when all else fails, it’s “Well, we may have 1000% times more gun deaths than other countries, but they have a higher home invasion rate” or some propaganda like that. Please. That’s just factually untrue, although some fringe website probably bullsh*tted some statistics to “prove” it. I have a close college friend in Australia. He lives in Sydney now. He doesn’t even lock his doors when he leaves his house. Nobody does. So don’t buy into that “Well, other countries have higher crime rates” crap. It’s just more gun lobby propaganda to continue to profiteer and avoid the real subject: WE HAVE TOO MANY GUNS IN THIS COUNTRY. IT’S ABOUT GUNS — NOTHING ELSE!


        1. Well Jason. We have a second amendment that guarantees us our God given right to defend ourselves from criminals and the government. Just because some college friend in Australia doesn’t lock his door when he leaves doesn’t mean anything. I hardly lock my door when I leave. So we are even right?

          I tell you what. You can have my guns when you can come and take them.

          1. lmao … I’m from Detroit, the murder capital of the world, so don’t worry about me. Who says our constitution was “God-given”? lmao .. Are we a theocracy now?

            And learn your history. Your “God Given” right to shoot our leaders if you disagree with them actually has a few conveniently left-out clauses. Thomas Jefferson’s Virgina Amendment was the basis for James Madison when writing our 2nd amendment. Both concurred, “this should be revisited and rewritten every 19 years”. Well, while our weaponry has become updated, we’ve neglected to follow our constitutional framers, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

            On a side note, there was a mass murder in 1996; 34 people died when a madman gunned ’em down. Conservative President John Howard declared, “We cannot let this American disease penetrate our borders”, and instituted a gun buyback program that netted 600,000 guns, and greatly tightened gun regulations. Hardly a coincidence, they haven’t had a mass murder since.

            Australia has 7 guns/100 households, whereas we have 89 guns/100 households. And you wonder why we’re the gun-murder capital of the world, with 12K gun deaths/year, when other developed nations have 10-30 gun deaths/year?

            Lastly, in light of our “God given” right to bear muskets — I mean semi-auto glocks, do you think Jesus would be packin’ heat if he/she was here right now? Think Jesus would be packin’ heat while going to the grocery store?

            Say “yes” to education, “no” to guns.


            1. what will yo do if a perp, or a few, breaks into your house?
              WE KNOW THE ANSWER:
              You will die; cops will come later to write the report.
              Get smart while you can, Jason dWeeb.er

            2. ‘…and instituted a gun buyback program that netted 600,000 guns, and greatly tightened gun regulations. Hardly a coincidence, they haven’t had a mass murder since…’ – jason

              And how long had it been without a mass shooting before that 1996 occurrence? That is a srawman argument. Was that also do to the gun confiscation? And what happened to violent crime rate after 1996? Come on, show me that it declined.

              I seriously think you should wait for another Piers Morgan program in order to find more facts. You keep repeating the same lame talking points post after post now. That is a sure sign that you have no argument.

              ‘Think Jesus would be packin’ heat while going to the grocery store?’ – jason

              How do you know Jesus wouldn’t be packin’? I do agree with you about saying yes to education, because you need to educate yourself about guns and stop relying on your mommy (Piers Morgan) to argue for you.

              1. I graduated from Cornell University; I’m quite capable of developing an opinion on my own. And my opinion just so happens to be similar to his — we have too many damn guns in this country.

                To even make a feeble attempt to counterpoint that is utterly ridiculous. Why do we need 300 million guns? To protect us from our military? Why do we need 100 round magazines? To blow a deer into smitherines? Does it take a 100 round gun military weapon to fend off these home invasion intruders you’re referring to? I live in the crime capital of American … and I’m white. I’ve never had my house broken into.

                Most of the gun freaks are out in the country, anyway, miles from their nearest neighbor. They’re dunking their heads into the river next to their white church, peeking out their blinds every night to see if Jesus is gonna fly out of the clouds to begin his Kingdom of Zion, while watching NASCAR on their little t.v. next to the moosehead mounted on their basement wall, which is adjacent to the American Flag and a cache of Bushmasters.

                That’s old-fashioned America. A newer, more modern, more progressive America is here. Even the gun hillbillies are starting to catch on to the internet. Now it’s time to move on socially, too, and catch up with the developed world and get a handle on these damn guns.


                1. ‘I graduated from Cornell University; I’m quite capable of developing an opinion on my own.’ – jason

                  Point number one, it’s probably because you graduated from Cornell that you are incapable, but you certainly won’t see that.

                  Point number two, then prove it and stop spewing idiotic talking points.


                  12 months after gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars, crime skyrocketed.

                  The first year results are in: Australia-wide, homicides were up 6.2 percent, Australia-wide, assaults were up 9.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies were up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)! In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms went up 300 percent (Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!).

                  Your post reeks of bigotry, so I won’t respond to the crap within it. You have no facts. Not surprising, coming from Cornell.

                2. Like I said … you probably didn’t cite your source ’cause it’s some fringe source, or from some radical website. But common sense tells you violent crime is down, and obviously — and most importantly — gun murders, and overall murders are down.


                3. Do you want links? I can give them to you. But you have to promise, if I go to all the trouble to post them, that you will read them and not just ignore the facts like you have been doing. It’s so important not to waste our time, Jason. You should understand that.

                4. Even if you produced some radical link, I probably wouldn’t read it … correct; I’m multitasking enough as it is. But I just started up a blog on news and issues. I keep up — and not solely via cable news and the sensationalist media.

                  But you’re trying to politicize the gun epidemic. It’s not a liberal, conservative, Repub, or Dem thing — it’s a humanitarian thing. And for God’s sakes, we have far too many guns in this country, and they’re far too lethal.

                  Background checks won’t solve it. Making all citizens get “mental health” checks while eliminating doctor/client privilege won’t help.

                  Eliminating video games won’t help. Telling people they can’t take Prozac won’t help. Encouraging couples not to divorce won’t help.

                  What will help? Making it as difficult as possible for a madman to get his hands on a gun. Will we stop ’em all? No. Can we dream a little, and say, maybe we can reduce our gun deaths from 12,000/year to …. oh, maybe 20-30/year, like other developed nations (or to account for our larger population, maybe 30-50 a year)? I think that’s feasible if we can quell the Bible Belt / NASCAR gun-toters and the entire gun lobby. Obviously anything that shoots 100 rounds has to go. All semis and autos have to go.

                  Basically, we have the 23rd laxest gun laws out of the 23 richest nations in the world. So it’s no coincidence we’re the gun murder capital of the world.

                  So don’t bother with the links; I’ve seen ’em all. Plus, I’m going home.


                5. ‘Even if you produced some radical link, I probably wouldn’t read it … ‘ – jason

                  Responding here as the thread ran out of post room. My apologies for that.

                  I have to ask you, do you have a limited vocabulary or just a short talking points memo? You keep repeating the same lame talking points over and over and over again. For a man who has his own blog and who has graduated from College (even though it was Cornell), you should be able to do better than that.

                  You’re not addressing the true issue here though. You use liberal talking points on a conservative website and then say don’t talk liberal/conservative. You label all conservatives here as the same old single-tooth, backwoods hillbilly and yet can’t articulate a decent thought. We still need to get down to what your brain is screaming at us. We can help you. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, you know.

                  Try to debate points. i realize you won’t accept links or references, no matter how many dozens I give you. That is why I only did it once. It’s a waste of time and frankly not what you’re here for anyway.

                  Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of your desire. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Jason. Let’s not let yours be wasted. Cornell didn’t completely destroy it. You can’t get the tuition back, but you can recover some of the brain matter.

                6. He also says WE are politicizing the “gun EPIDEMIC”, as if calling it an epidemic isn’t politicizing it. Once again, the Libs prove they are the party of projection…

                7. Now I thought you Libs were against stereotypes…Los Angeles county has more guns than entire STATES in the South, and we are FAR from rednecks or “hillbillies”.

                8. Epidemic? Yes, I call it an epidemic ’cause we have 12,000 gun deaths/year, 300 million guns in circulation, and 89 guns/100 households. Is there a better way to describe it?

                  I don’t vote Republican or Democrat; I vote by issues. I don’t look at this as a left issue or a right issue, but a humanitarian issue. That’s why I didn’t mention anything about Repubs or Dems.


                9. Don’t try that independent shit with me…it’s a lie, and you know it. Call it what you want, but we ALL know you’re lying simply by your demeanor and how you conduct your debates.

                  As far as the 12,000 gun deaths per year…the VAST MAJORITY (at least 80%) are gang-bangers killing other gang-bangers, and the rest (up to 99.9%) are citizens killing victimizers. You are left with .1% of lawful gun-owning citizens using their guns in crimes, and 50% of those are due to mental illness.

                  So there ya go…leave it to a flaming lib to call for SWEEPING Government Infringement on our GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to defend ourselves, to get rid of .5% of gun-related homicides in America, rather than focus on getting rid of the MURDER-MENTALITY in America. We have a VIOLENCE problem, NOT a gun problem.

                10. Plus, after saving that small amount from gun deaths, the gun bans will cause thousands of gun deaths from people who can no longer defend themselves, as has been proven in the UK, Australia and other places that banned guns.

                  What a great tradeoff.

                11. Why don’t you just be honest here. You are just like Piers Morgan and don’t give a rats patoot about the gun debate. All you wanted to do was spam your new fb page and website and attempt to get some conservatives over there to argue with you. No one here fell for that any more than we fall for Piers’ BS and fake arguments.

                  Good luck in your next endeavor. Next time, try MediaMatters. They usually fall for your kind of tripe.

                12. Uh, I like the way Piers Morgan has brought attention to our gun epidemic. Considering I’m from (and live in) Detroit, I’m quite familiar with it. But Sandy Hook brought attention nationwide, and worldwide.

                  And who says I’m conservative or liberal? I haven’t offered any opinions on anything other than the fact that it’s my wildly extreme, fringe opinion that 12,000 guns deaths/year is unacceptable. 300 mill guns in circulation is unacceptable. 89 guns/100 households is unacceptable. I’m thinking more along the lines of the developed world in terms of guns.

                  If that makes me a “liberal” (whatever that means … just a label, to me), then I guess that’s what I am. Does that mean if you’re a “conservative”, you have to have a stockpile of glocks and Bushmasters in your basement, next to your deerhead, Bible, and American flag? Then perhaps you’re a country-strong conservative like Paul Broun (R, rural Georgia), and parallel his opinions on the 2nd Amendment, which is diametrically opposed to the views of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKfATrLsmOE

                  But you have no idea about my opinions on other issues, so enough w/ the labels.

                13. You keep spewing 12,000 gun deaths/year with 300 million guns in this country. In spite of the fact that you haven’t addressed a single response, I’ll tell you that adds up to 1 death per 25,000 guns (a 0.004% rate – that’s 4 one-thousandths of one percent. Did they teach you math at Cornel West?). Not bad odds, I’d say. Show me another statistic that’s as good as that.

                14. Geez…what a bigot.

                  Hey Jason question: Why did Obama say in 2008 that he wanted a domestic security force as strong as our military? Why has he bought BILLIONS of hollow tipped bullets for DHS and Soc. Sec. Adm., etc?

                  Why do you think he wants our guns? Why did he say right before this last election that the future workers of this country will be blacks and hispanics? Does he plan on thinning the white herd with those hollow tipped bullets?

                15. Unfortunately, Obama doesn’t want your guns, Keyes. You can have your guns. You’re lucky I’m not President; I’d do everything I could to make it as difficult as possible for a madman to get his hands on a gun — much more than Obama is doing.

                  Regardless, cut it w/ the fringe media stuff; nobody is gonna take away your guns, there is no dictatorship, and you don’t have to fight your own government. I also don’t think Obama’s stealth goal is to eliminate the white race. And you’re calling me a bigot? hehe …

                  Paranoia + Conspiracy theories = Alex Jones + Paul Broun = all the more reason for harsher gun legislation.

                  I have a pretty good idea that you’re one of the people in THIS video on college-avoiding, country bumpkin gun-toters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVUXLQVMkaM

                16. You really are that stupid, aren’t you. You wrote 4 paragraphs, and not one sentence actually responded to a single thing keyesforpres actually asked you…you’re just spewing talking points, which is sad for someone as old for you. It’s pretty childish…

                17. ‘But you have no idea about my opinions on other issues, so enough w/ the labels.’ – jason

                  An entire diatribe labeling people and you say enough with the labels, heh. Seriously, Jason, we are here to help. I see you screaming out for help, and I’m here to tell you that someone is there to turn you from your bigotry. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can heal inside.

                  We understand that your education was wasted (you really weren’t responsible for not knowing Cornell would do that to you), but the future is new. It can be different. Come out of your webpage. Realize that people following you aren’t worshipers, they are merely humorously entertained. They don’t mean anything, Jason. You can be whole again. Try. It’s like birthing, Jason. Push. Do you feel it now?

                18. Dear Jason,

                  As I looked out the window of my room in 1968 to try to see the machine guns peeking out of the Cornell student union occupied by the Afro-American Society, I regretted my choice of an academic institution. Returning the next year, I handed my rifle to the stewardess as I boarded the plane. I took it from her as I left the plane in Atlanta, picked up my baggage, and re-boarded my continuation flights. Although now fully armed on the Ithaca campus, thankfully I never had cause to load my weapon. The campus police never permitted any repeat performances during my tenure.

                  What in the world did any notion of gun control play in the drama perpetrated by the students of the Cornell Afro-American Society?

                  Thankfully, I never adopted the mind washing of “From each according to their ability to each according to their need” while in Ithaca. My AFROTC experience there enabled me to qualify as an officer. The excellent technical education I received at Cornell enabled me to continue my education, elsewhere, and graduate from a university I respect.

                  Why is it that such beautiful places as the campus at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY seem to become populated by non-contributors intent upon sponging on society? I know, it’s the same progressive agenda that allowed a white, protestant athlete to come to such an over-valued institution, called diversity.

                  Blessings, my brother.

            3. I never said our Constitution was “God-given”. I said our rights were God-given. The founders you like to refer to believed that. Your rights don’t come from man, for man could then take them away. So re-read my post.

              So since they believed it should be revisited every 19 years or so they didn’t write that into law. Thus it has no bearing on the Constitution. The 2d Amendment, and all the others obviously, could be revisited whenever we see fit. Thats why, I’m assuming, they didin’t specifically state that in the constitution as a stipulation to the law. We have the ability to amend the constitution as we see fit and as times change. You want guns to be taken away, amend the constitution. You only want certain guns taken away…amend the constitution. That is the way the founders set it up. They knew it wasn’t perfect but allowed for us to Amend it so we could change things as we saw fit….see the 18th and 21st Amendments for an example. Since you want to follow the words of the founders they also believed that the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of the patriots and tryants every so often. So I suppose we should have another revolution huh? Time and conditions permitting I suppose.

              I honestly don’t care that australia doesn’t have any guns. There are plenty of aussie’s that are upset with that decision and would like their guns back. But once the government takes a right away it almost never gives them back. I also never understand why the left doesn’t just come out and say they don’t want people to have guns at all. People using handguns kill far more people than those using rifles. Probably because rifles are hard to hide and can’t be concealed. So if they want to protect the people why don’t they target the gun that is used most often? They target one that looks mean. Your average hunting rifle will also do far more damage to the human body than the average semi-automatic rifle will.

              Did the founders put muskets in the constitution?? Oh, thats right they didn’t. So trying to use Piers Morgans logic that they only meant for muskets to be used it retarded. They knew firearms would advance in the future. They didn’t say only pistols, or just knives or what have you. They intended people to be just as well armed as the goverment in the event they had to defend themselves against such a threat or in the event of an invasion they saw the need of the people to be armed to help defend against an invading army. Pistols aren’t going to cut it against an invading army.

              How confused are you? How do you write Jesus as “he/she”? Jesus was a man. Wether you believe that He was the Son of God and the messiah is on you but He actually did walk the earth. And why would the Lord need a gun? Don’t try and give me this “peacenik” speech about how Jesus was so peaceful He would have never wanted a gun. He wouldn’t have needed one. He didn’t carry a sword because He didn’t need one. He wasn’t there to conquer people. He was sent to be the blood atonement for our sins. He was sent to die on the cross and rise again. Don’t try and bring Jesus into a gun debate when you clearly have no belief or understanding of him.

            4. Um hello Jason…Jefferson did not help write the Constitution. He was in France as our diplomat. He was out of the country for a couple of years or so.

              Oh, and if you don’t like guns…then don’t own a gun.

              Oh and Jason? We were founded on Biblical principles…our founding documents are rooted in the Bible. Over 50 men at the Constitutional convention had seminary degrees. Harvard, Yale, etc were founded by ministers.

        2. what will yo do if a perp, or a few, breaks into your house?
          You will die; cops will come later to write the report.
          Get smart while you can.

          1. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. We have been (liberally) programed in the last couple decades to cower in fear until somebody ‘qualified’ comes along to defend us and as everybody knows, when you need help right this second, the (so called) ‘qualified’ are only minutes away.

            1. Alex Jones and his millions of followers in Texas (he who claims Bush and the military staged 9-11, and encourages everyone to stack up on semi-auto glocks to fight the government) is liberal now?

              Let me set this straight. So the countrified gun freaks are telling me that (a) God wrote our constitution, and (b) God didn’t want to honor James Madison or Thomas Jefferson’s request to rewrite it every 19 years? This is sheer lunacy. Now, if God was here, he/she would be “packin’ heat” on the way to the grocery store? Please …

              But I’ll roll with it. Since we have the right to shoot our leaders if we don’t agree with them, and have the right to have the same weapons our military does, I am hereby requesting the following:

              – My own Leopard Tank
              – Anti-Aircraft missiles
              – Scud missiles
              – 3 Boeing fighter jets
              – A military grade submarine
              – An Apache helicopter
              – My own aircraft carrier.

              And I put a picture of my idea up at: http://www.wehaveissues.org/humor/how-far-should-we-take-our-second-amendment/

              This way, when John Kerry and Eric Holder come try to boat up Lake Erie to take away my cache of weapons, I’ll be able to adequately defend myself, just like the gun nut in Alabama who held the kid hostage for a week.

              God bless America.


              1. Ready to die:
                what will yo do if a perp, or a few, breaks into your house?
                WE KNOW THE ANSWER:
                You will die; cops will come later to write the report.
                Get smart while you can, Jason dWeeb.er

              2. None of those examples of weapons you listed can be controlled and limited to a single target, which makes them weapons of WAR. Our 2nd Amendment rights do NOT give us the right to our own WAR-weapons, and you know that. However, any weapon that CAN be controlled to only defend against specific targets that are threatening us are PROTECTED under the 2nd Amendment.

                You Liberals are just insane.

              3. Thanks for sailing down the Niagra and going over the falls like most anti-gun nuts do.
                I find this post almost as amusing as the blood test I had to take at the VA this afternoon. 😉

              4. The only person on this thread talking about shooting our leaders is YOU. YOU are the on that keep saying that. NO ONE else.

        3. ‘Nukeman, I’m well studied on the issue.’ – jason

          If you were well-studied on the issue, you wouldn’t make the idiotic arguments that you are making. They are talking point arguments, and people can see right through them.

          You argue that the UK and Australia are “safer” than the US. Per 100,000 people (the only way you can attempt to compare nations) they are far more dangerous. Try to look at the facts. We use national statistics for our numbers and you use “a friend who lives in Australia”. Good luck with that.

          If you would look at the statistics (which it appears you failed to do after I mentioned it), you would see that the UK crime rate, gun crime, and total violent crimes all went up astronomically after they banned guns. Or do you have “a friend who lives in the UK” that will naturally refute that?

          I had hoped that you were capable of learning, but it appears you are not. Show me the official statistics that says the UK violent crime rate (per 100,000 people, mind you) is less than the US. In fact show us any kind of statistics that you are touting.

          Using the point that more people are killed with guns in the US than the UK is like saying more Americans are killed in America than are killed in Antarctica. You need to look at several issues – 1) where the gun crimes are prevalent in the US (hint, it’s in the gun banned liberal inner cities), 2) what happened to crime rates in other countries after they banned guns, and 3) how much gun ownership has helped protect the law-abiding citizen compared to how many mass murders were committed by law-abiding citizens.

          Oh, I forgot, all you are saying is guns should be banned. No facts, no logic, no reasoning – no argument. Get real, and stop watching Piers Morgan (on CNN) and/or anybody on MSNBC. They are not factual news.

          1. Nukeman, are ad-hominem and name-calling the only armaments you have in your fallacious repertoire? Cite some sources and some facts, and forget the cable news propaganda. Alex Jones is a lunatic. He’s “mentally ill” …

            And if you want to compare countries, feel free: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_guns_per_capita_by_country … #2 is Serbia, which is about the size of New Hampshire.

            It’s undeniable even to the knowledge-challenged that we have a gun epidemic and we must reduce our guns-per-capita, we must reduce the 300 million guns in circulation, we must reduce the lethality of guns, and we must do everything we can to make it as difficult as possible for a madman to get his hands on a gun. Surely, even you can digest that logic.


            1. WikiPedia, huh. And this from a Cornell graduate. Nobody denies that the US has a lot more guns than other countries. We have 330 million people, for God’s sake. There is also no question that we have a violent crime problem. So do all other European countires. There are a lot of reasons for it, and whittling it down to guns alone is disingenuous on your part.

              You know, you keep spewing the same old lame talking points – we are all Alex Jones’s, third world countries don’t have as many guns as us, the UK is safer than the US, on and on and on.

              We understand that you hate guns. You don’t understand them and that is why you should not have any – at least not until you learn gun knowledge and gun safety. You would be a threat to people around you.

              Criminals don’t abide by laws – any laws. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens does not stop criminals from getting them, especially when Obama’s administration hands them out to drug cartels like candy.

              Once again, I will say that you have not responded to a single point brought up against your lame arguments. Until you do, we need to consider your argument dead.

        4. bigtimeusa • 20 hours ago −
          Gun Law Update

          Here’s a thought to warm some of your hearts….
          From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia

          “Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real figures from Down Under. It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.

          The first year results are now in: Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent, Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent; Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)! In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.(Note that while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not and criminals still possess their guns!)

          While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.

          There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home. Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in ‘successfully ridding Australian society of guns….’ You won’t see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.

          The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.”

          This is whatchacall a rebuttal to stupidity and nonsense Jason. If it fits you, and I believe it does. Wear it.

        5. I thought pretty much every house in Switzerland had a gun? Pretty sure that’s the case and their crime is pretty low.

    2. I beg to differ about England being safer than the US. Also Piers using Yemen as a statistic is basically like saying “Hey afghanistan has more guns per capita too and you’re calling them the safest nation??” Thats a retarded argument. Yemen is on the brink of a civil war. They are filled with Islamics that want a sharia state and Al Qaeda.

      Something does need to be done about “felons” not being able to purchase weapons. If you commit a white collar crime and go to jail and then come out should you be allowed to purchase a gun? Should non-violent felons be allowed to purchase guns?? So you are saying that the system that does the criminal background checks and the laws that govern that needs an overhaul. Well I agree with that.

      And what does mentally ill mean? Who decides that? What is the line I have to cross to be considered too dangerous to have a weapon? So you are saying that the mental health system needs to be re-looked and the laws that govern that need re-looking?? I agree with you.

      Saying that TJ and JM wanted the amendments re-looked every 19 years is just the same as the left claiming that the founding fathers wanted “seperation of church and state”. TJ wrote that in a letter yet it is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution. Neither is the 19 year re-look. So just because they discussed it at some point doesn’t make it law.

      So your first paragraph was a bunch of name-calling. Good tactic. The second doesn’t have any consequence what so ever. The third paragraph started out ok but you fail to mention that the systems need to be relooked and the current laws on the books need to be enforced. It’s not about guns because England has more violent crime per capita that we do. It may not be with guns but do you really care if someone is beating you with a tire iron or putting a gun in your face when you’re being attacked?? Personally I’d rather be shot somewhere than beaten to death, or stabbed to death. It’s about people and society not guns. Guns are an inanimate object. I have never seen a gun go on trial for the murder of someone and I have never seen a gun go to prison. Do you believe that if guns were illegal that criminals would not get them? Then how do you argue Chicago, New York and D.C.? Do you believe that if guns weren’t around then crime wouldn’t happen? What do we do if you get your way and some manic goes somewhere with a knife and stabs dozens of people? Ban knives? Are the knives the problem? Or is it the people?

      1. Fine, then like I said … Since we have the right to shoot our leaders if we don’t agree with them, and have the right to have the same weapons our military does, I am hereby requesting the following:

        – My own Leopard Tank
        – Anti-Aircraft missiles
        – Scud missiles
        – 3 Boeing fighter jets
        – A military grade submarine
        – An Apache helicopter
        – My own aircraft carrier.

        And I put a picture of my idea up at: http://www.wehaveissues.org/humor/how-far-should-we-take-our-second-amendment/

        This way, when John Kerry and Eric Holder come try to boat up Lake Erie to take away my cache of weapons, I’ll be able to adequately defend myself, just like the gun nut in Alabama who held the kid hostage for a week.

        1. Does the average infantry soldier have those things? Where does your idiotic logic come from? According to the founding fathers, we should be equipped with the same type of weapons issued to the average soldier. They aren’t issued tanks.

          That means we should be allowed M-16s and we don’t even say that. An AR-15 is nowhere near an M-16, but I suspect you wouldn’t know that, as I figure, like Obama, you’ve never handled a gun in your life, in spite of arguing against them.

          Btw, you forgot the ever important argument for nuclear weapons. Without a serious argument you only have name-calling and whining.

          1. While you have JW`s attention, I would like him to tell us about any fighter jets manufactured by Boeing that are in use…just curious….

          2. Well, Nukeman … then like I’ve proposed — if we should have the same weaponry our military has, I want my own:

            – Crew of Navy Seals
            – Boeing Jet Fighter
            – Military grade submarine
            – Scud missile defense system
            – Leopard Tank
            – Apache Helicopter
            – Aircraft Carrier for a launching pad for my Boeing jets

            Now are you getting a grasp on how utterly ridiculous you’re sounding? You really think the authors of our constitution intended to say that we have the right to invade and attack our government if we disagree with ’em? I mean, you’re right out of the book of Alex Jones!

            And if you’re that into your constitution, read this:
            SCOTUS, District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008):

            2) Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.

            So no, you don’t have the right to carry whatever weapons you want — unless you’re going to shoot the Supreme Court Justices, too, b/c you disagree w/ ’em.


            1. Are you even capable of reading someone’s post? I suspect not, coming from Cornell. You are repeating points that were refuted already. Get real or go back to Piers. You have no logical argument. You are arguing with yourself now.

            2. Invade and attack our gov’t? Where do you get that???

              All anyone said is we have a right to defend ourselves from a tyrannical gov’t. That means Jasie wasie, that if the feds bang your door down to drag you away into the night to one of their Fema camps, you have a right to defend yourself from being dragged away.

              Is that too hard for you Jasie wasie?

          3. Where in our constitution’s 2nd Amendment does it mention “God” (like your comrade implied … God wrote our constitution’s 2nd Amendment, not James Madison), or the “average infantry soldier”? I cited the 2008 Heller case in SCOTUS. Our right to bear muskets/arms is not unlimited.


            1. Where in the second amendment does it mention muskets? You keep pulling up Piers’ points like the LameStream reads off their morning talking points from the WhiteHouse. You may think you are unique in these arguments, but they’ve all been heard and laughed at over and over again.

              It’s obviously time to get away from the gun control debate, where you are failing miserably at repeating Piers’ points, and get to the heart of the real porblem. I will not continue to talk of a subject that you repeatedly parrot over and over again without actually hearing what others are saying.

              Let’s get to the root of why you are here. We are now falling into the realm of my expertise, that of the liberal mindset. Many liberals cannot be saved, as they are too far gone for that by the time we reach them. Barry and Michelle, for example, are just too evil to be cured. Biden, on the other hand, is just too stupid to understand, no matter what you say to him. Don’t fall into either of those categories, in spite of being a graduate of Cornell. You can be saved. The proof is in the fact that you came here in the first place. We are here to help.

              Come back to the light, Jason. You are crying out for help and I’m here to do that helping. Liberalism is a disease, but not an incurable one, if we can only reach you soon enough. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I’ll help at no charge. It’s what I do and you are ripe for the recovery. Take the 12 step plan.

        2. Because we have the right to overthrow a tyrannical government you believe you have the right to shoot elected officials because you disagree with them??? I don’t know how you read that from what I said. The founders you seem to be so fond of believed what I believe. I never said you just shoot someone because you disagree with them. But in your world where we should not have the right to overthrow a tryannical government I suppose the Soviet people under the communists, Jews under Nazi’s, Cambodians under Pol-Pot, Chinese under Mao, Cubans under Castro, etc etc….would never be in the right for trying to overthrow their goverment because they disagreed with their goverment right??

          I have no problem with you owning those items if you can afford them. Of course don’t forget to pay for the crews to run them, to maintain them, the fuel for them, the ammunition for them and the classes to teach you and them how to do all of that. I don’t even think Bill Gates could fund that. Aircraft Carriers require about a small city population to run them. Scuds suck by the way. A horrible weapon. If I had to choose I’d probably take something that we have and use. Maybe a tomahawk cruise missle if thats your fancy but Scuds are just junk. Thats why we don’t use them. However in

          How are you equating a criminal who kidnapped a child to you wanting a personal, navy, army and air force?? That doesn’t even make sense.

      2. Remember that the Communist gov’ts decided who had mental health issues. Remember that o’s administration has called conservatives and veterans potential terrorists.

        Jefferson wasn’t at the Constitutional Convention. He was our diplomat to France and was in France at the time.

        Mr. Cornell does not know his history.

    3. 1. where is that “civilized, developed world, if not here?
      2. “Vague term” is liberal favorite “fair share”; ask 1000 people what it is, %wise,
      and you’ll get 1000 answers.
      2. we have more laws than needed. Never heard about the background check? We have it for decades. Pi;ss MoreGun..s lies about crime in UK – it DOUBLED.
      The biggest fear of a criminal – an armed victim (from prison questionnaires) –

      1. John, I have bad news for you. Of the 48 mass murders in the US in the last 3 years, 0 — yes, ZERO — have been stopped by a “good guy with a gun”. lmao … And yes, there were “good guys” at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Knox, and there was even a “good guy” with a gun in the parking lot in Tuscon, Arizona. How did that work out for ’em?

        The only resolution to our gun epidemic and 12,000 deaths/year is to drastically reduce the 300 million guns in circulation, and reduce our 89 guns/100 households rate to that of other developed nations … 7 or 8 guns/100 households.

        Case closed. lmao


        1. You like to ignore the simple fact that, save for the Gabby Giffords case, the last couple of decades worth of mass shootings was done in a “gun-free zone”. Who’s fault is the gun-free zone, idiots like Piers or the open carry gun advocates?

          Perhaps we should reduce the number of cars per 100 households. They kill more people than guns do every year.

          Perhaps we can ban abortions, which are ever so popular in your circles. They kill more children each and every day than all the mass murders combined, yet the liberal crowd touts abortion as the ‘right’ of a woman to kill her own child.

          Instead of reducing the number of guns per household from 89/100 to 7/100, perhaps it would be better to allow 100/100 households to own. That might help the law-abiding citizens in Chicago protect themselves from the criminals and perhaps reduce the 500/year killed in that city.

            1. Ahhh, visions of grandeur. I’ve seen many people follow the ambulances and love to watch the train wreck as well. To many, it’s fascinating. So your only links that you claim to have given us are links to your own facebook page? Jason, you have displayed symptoms of the dreaded disease, liberalism, but then you also displayed signs that you want help. Lets walk through it, shall we?

              Consider this:

              1) Have you ever watched MSNBC after telling yourself you won’t?
              2) Does your liberalism worry your family?
              3) Do you watch Obama on TV alone when you feel angry or sad?
              4) Have you ever felt you should cut down on your liberalism?
              5) Do you get headaches or have misgivings after talking liberal talking points?
              6) Does your liberalism ever make you late for work?
              7) Have people annoyed you by criticizing your liberalism?
              8) Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your liberalism?
              9) Do you ever forget what you did while you were watching MSNBC?
              10) Have you ever had a liberal discussion first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or get rid of a conservative thought?

              It’s only natural to be in denial about your problem, but we’re not here to chastise you. We’re here to help. We know you came here for an understanding and we know how convincing Piers Morgan can be to the weak mind. That’s okay. We’ll be patient. We’ll take the time. We’ll exorcize that demon before you know it. You are one lucky guy.

              Just remember, though. We cannot get your tuition back for you from Cornell. That was a lost cause and you’ll need to admit that and move on.

              1. Sorry to jump in again Nuke, but PLEASE JW, PLEASE share with us the particular jet fighters produced by Boeing, PLEASE…curious minds need to know….

                1. You’re going to have to address him directly. He’s not actually reading my posts. He’s just responding to them without any form of understanding. I’m working on him, as I think he is savable and I don’t believe Piers caused too much damage.

                  That’s why he is here – to be saved. I’ll give it my best try, but as to your question, I don’t think he understands conservative (ie, common sense) talk. Try using gibberish. That may get through to him.

        2. The guy in Oregon was stopped because a good guy had a gun.

          Jasie wasie, you are right about those other mass shootings….a good guy did not stop the bad guy with a gun because they were GUN FREE ZONES…remember?? The good guys followed the rules…the bad guys did not.

          By the way all those mass shooters were registered democrats!! Except the kids at Columbine. They were too young to vote, but they were raised in “progressive” households!!

          I guess we should just ban all democrats from having guns.

          1. I think you’re onto something here, Keyes. Banning Democrats (specifically liberals) not only from guns, but from everything would go a long way to healing this country. I think we should start a campaign.

      2. Well, John, then please define “mentally ill” for me. And secondly, if a kid got a DUI in college, should he be deemed a danger to own one of your killing machines? How about a dad who was late on his child support payments? What’s a “criminal” to you?


          1. Who says I’m liberal or conservative? You watch too much cable news, John. I never claimed to be such, nor do I claim to be Republican or Democrat. Don’t politicize the gun epidemic; it’s not a political issue — it’s a humanitarian issue. And I believe in the right for our children to grow up in a civilized environment … an environment without guns and armed guards everywhere.

            Again, nice dodge — still didn’t answer my question.


            1. ‘Again, nice dodge — still didn’t answer my question.’ – jason

              You have dodged every point brought up to you in responding to your tripe. Interesting that you would say that line and not be able to refute a single thing said to you. But, from your posts, it sounds like you don’t even read the responses, let alone address the issues brought up. Did you learn that technique at Cornell, or in the streets of Detroit where you ended up?

              1. Actually it’s you who’s dodged every question so far. I’ve cited sources and have answered directly. Nobody has defined “mentally ill”, and nobody has defined “criminal” yet … and frankly, I have a meeting in 8 minutes anyway, so have fun with your guns.


                1. So now there are no mentally ill and no criminals in our world. Are there Unicorns and flying pigs? Curious minds want to know.

                2. Okay, so I promised you I would give you links. I was hoping that you showed signs of honest debate, but alas, that is not the case. One time and one time only I will give you facts and references. After that, we will have to get back to studying your obvious liberal degradation. As I said before, you’re not too far gone.

                  UK gun crime:





                  More guns, less crime:





                  Gun Facts:

                  Fact: According to the U.N., as of 2005, Scotland was the most violent country in the developed world, with people three times more likely to be assaulted than in America. Violent crime there has doubled over the last 20 years. 3% of Scots had been victims of assault compared with 1.2% in America.

                  Ref: Scotland tops list of world’s most violent countries, The Times, September 19, 2005

                  Fact: “… the major surveys completed in the past 20 years or more provides no evidence of any relationship between the total number of legally held firearms in society and the rate of armed crime. Nor is there a relationship between the severity of controls imposed in various countries or the mass of bureaucracy involved with many control systems with the apparent ease of access to firearms by criminals and terrorists.”

                  Ref: Minutes of Evidence, Colin Greenwood, Select Committee on Northern Ireland Affairs, January 29, 2003

                  Fact: In Canada around 1920, before there was any form of gun control, their homicide rate was 7% of the U.S rate. By 1986, and after significant gun control legislation, Canada’s homicide rate was 35% of the U.S. rate – a significant increase. In 2003, Canada had a violent crime rate more than double that of the U.S. (963 vs. 475 per 100,000).

                  Ref: Targeting Guns, Gary Kleck, Aldine Transaction, 1997, at 360
                  Ref: Juristat: Crime Statistics in Canada, 2004 and FBI Uniform Crime Statistics online

                  Fact: Many of the countries with the strictest gun control have the highest rates of violent crime. Australia and England, which have virtually banned gun ownership, have the highest rates of robbery, sexual assault, and assault with force of the top 17 industrialized countries.

                  Ref: Criminal Victimization in Seventeen Industrialized Countries, Dutch Ministry of Justice, 2001.

                  Fact: Britan has the highest rate of violent crime in Europe, more so than the United States or even South Africa. They also have the second highest over all crime rate in the European Union. In 2008, Britan had a violent crime rate nearly five times higher than the United states (446 vs. 2034 pre 100,000 population).

                  Ref: The most violent country in Europe: Britain is also worse than South Africa and U.S., Daily Mail, July 3, 2009, citing a joint report of the European Commission and United Nations.

                  I could go on for days, but I’m taking up way too much room and you won’t accept these anyway. Let’s stick to the main problem here. It’s not gun control. It’s the fact that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Let’s try to save yours before it’s too late.

                3. Actually, he thinks he accomplished his short-term goal. He only wanted to spam his new fb page and website. It appears he was taking a tip from Piers to be outrageously stupid and controversial in order to get conservatives to go over to his webpage and argue with him. It didn’t work for Piers and it didn’t work for him.

                  He didn’t even read my links and facts. He started out saying “show some links” and ended with “all links are phony”. Pretty slick way of assuming you won an argument without ever having a debate. Just a waste of space, as far as I’m concerned.

                4. I have those arguments all the time, where the other person OBVIOUSLY isn’t actually reading what I say nor what links I post. It’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately.

            2. I agree, it would be nice if our kids did not need armed guards. Let’s put God back in school and get rid of all the garbage in movies and video games. Teach about Jesus and waiting for marriage before having sex, etc.

        1. Well, since all those mass murderers were registered democrats, I’d guess we’d have to say democrats are criminals and I guess we should not allow democrats to own guns.

    4. You can join Piers M. On a one way fight out of our country. You don’t wants guns thats fine.

      How about a statsic which left wingers like you are so found of. There is only one police officer for every 2000 or so people in your average city they can not protect. Every person and not every Constible On Patrol (COP) is honest. I can not trust my wife’s and childern’s livess with those states.

    5. George Mason is the author of the 2nd amendment.

      Google it? That’s a laugh. They are in O’s back pocket.

  39. I only have one quote for Piers directly :”Once a FOOL ALWAYS a FOOL, and you piers ARE that FOOL”!!!!!!! Go back to your beloved UK, You will NOT be missed here!!

    1. I don’t care whether Piers is from the UK, Mars, or whatever. What he said is true: America has a gun epidemic and the impetus behind it all is the brainwashing propaganda the gun lobby (led by the NRA) puts out. Facts:
      – USA has 300+ million guns in circulation (by far the most in the world)
      – USA has 89 guns/100 households — double that of #2 Serbia, which is the size of NH
      – USA had roughly 12,000 gun homicides last year (no, Wayno, they weren’t all suicides .. lol). Other developed nations? UK: 33. Australia: 9. Japan: 1.
      – A madman in China attacked an elementary school around the same time our 48th mass murder in the last 3 years happened. But none of ’em died. Why? Chinese strict gun laws make it hard for ppl to get a gun; he could only wield a knife.

      And no, Wayno — the 12K aren’t all “gang bangers” (Wayno’s encrypted term for “n***ers”, and you know it).

      Out of the 48 mass murders in the last 3 years, 0 have been stopped by a “good guy with a gun”, although Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Fort Knox all had “good guys” with guns. Oh, and so did that parking lot in Tuscon, AZ, where Jared Loughner (who passed background checks) killed those people. But he couldn’t get a clear shot due to the frenetic movement. So it remains .. 0-48.

      Still not convinced we have a gun problem? Not sure what else it’ll take. Most Dems and Repubs realize this, other than the ones profiting off the gun lobby: http://www.wehaveissues.org/national-issues/where-do-your-senators-stand-on-gun-control/


      1. what will yo do if a perp, or a few, breaks into your house?
        You will die; cops will come later to write the report.
        Get smart while you can, Jason dWeeb.er

      2. What happened before EVERY MASS murder during the 20th century??? The gov’t took their guns…but first they made folks register their guns for ‘safety’ don’tcha know….over 100 MILLION exterminated because the gov’t took their guns.

        Don’t forget over 1 million crimes are stopped every year with a gun in this country.

        Mexico outlaws guns and only outlaws have guns. Bet you’d see crime go way down in Mexico if law abiding folks could buy a gun.

  40. Please just make him go away…we are NOT going to change his mind, and our side going on there is COMPLETELY ineffective. They’re either preaching to the choir or being ignored. But giving him our time is only boosting his ratings, thus keeping him employed…

  41. that gun showed there in the interview was not used at sandy hook shooting piers doesnt know what he is talking about.. if cnn keeps on this path then i am done with cnn in the future

  42. Was going to watch this, but it’s just about bedtime. Ted going Wango Tango on Piers Morgan’s ideology is a fine way to wake up, but no way to get to sleep.

  43. How putrid do you have to be that with all the attention this moron Morgan has gotten (for the wrong reasons), and he is still in the bottom of the ratings war. 579,000 Last week, I believe he is helping our cause.

    1. He got beat in the ratings last week by Ru Pauls’ “Drag Show”.More people would rather watch a bunch of guys dressed as women than this smeg pile talk down our constitution and the people who believe in it.Says something about how popular gun control really is in this country.

      1. Lol thank you for mentioning it I forgot to point that out, and yes he has no idea how guns is part of this great nation.

  44. This (BRITISH!) clown is such an incredible A-HOLE it is TOTALLY unbelievable!!! Send his worthless A$$ back to Britain where he belongs!!!! AND, btw…? The murder rate (per capita) is FAR higher than in the US!!!!!!

  45. Piers is obsessed with guns –he is speaking a load of crap –and an armed society is a polite society –wheres the obsession ? and how is calling the words of Piers a load of crap polite?

    1. He is not polite, last time I checked we still have freedom of speech, I know that in your liberal dreams, Ted Nugent should have been arrested for disrespecting the Great Leader, or should I say King Obama?

    2. You seem a little sensitive, maybe you should have your estrogen levels check… sounds like you’re riding the cotton pony…

      Ted has a 1st Amendment right to state the obvious. When he is speaking of a “polite” society he is not talking about verbiage. Ted is speaking to the fact that in areas when citizens are allowed to open carry the crime rates are much lower. After Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi as well as other unconstitutional crimes our hypocritical criminal president in chief has gotten away he has proven that he is worthy of ridicule and insult.

      Are you always such a sniveler? Man up… it’s just well aimed words.

      Gun obsessed Piers jumps down his guest throats all the time. Calls them “idiots,” calls them “stupid.” I’m sure that every time Piers looks in the mirror he recognizes a huge load of crumpet crap staring right back at him.

    3. Oh boo hoo!

      I don’t think Obama was very polite in 2008 when he said he wanted a domestic security force as strong as our military…that’s a gestapo.

      I don’t think it’s very polite of him to have bought over a BILLION hollow tipped bullets for his domestic security force.

      I don’t think it’s very polite of him to have said before the 2012 election that “the future workers of America WILL BE blacks and hispanics”. REALLY? Just what does Obama intend to do with whitey?

      I don’t think it was very polite of Obama to let our men be slaughtered in Bengazi.


      1. You are correct. The government is buying up a lot of ammunition. This scares me as I now believe our government is up to something and gun control/confiscation is one part of it. This is why we had fast and furious. Their goal was to create a situation that would warrant taking guns away while they, the government, buy up all the ammunition. They use the excuse that it is for the best interest and safety of our citizens as the reason for taking our guns. I believe the Democratic Party is attempting to destroy us financially and by seizing the only thing that would be a barrier (guns) from us will allow them to convert us to a socialist country with a dictator. I believe they are creating tons of regulations to drive industry out as a way to accelerate the financial disaster we are heading for. What person in their right mind would reject a pipeline that would create jobs and provide energy to us? The president’s actions are totally opposite of what he says. So how are we to believe he is working on creating jobs and yet more and more people are out of jobs, more are on welfare programs and the unemployment rate is going up?

    1. Polite, as in, not taking from someone else, not killing someone else. Don’t get all caught up in peoples mannerisms or words. Ever hear of the term, “Actions speak louder than words”?
      Let me see if I can explain it this way. A liberal gets excited about the use of the “trigger” word in regards to blacks. However, in most LIBERAL cities, blacks live in abject poverty, and liberal policies have created those conditions. For the individual, is it worse to be called by that trigger word by a conservative that gives them a well paying job in which they are able to support their family, by a home, feed them and send their kids to a private preparatory school, OR have a liberal call them African American, while introducing policies which tear their families apart, have their children grow up and become gang members, their girls having a higher proportion of rapes, a higher preponderance of drug addiction, ect.
      NOW, it is a funny thing that even Blacks have the notion that being called that word by a cracker is worse than living in the above described conditions.
      For more information on inner city life, read the following: http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielfisher/2012/10/18/detroit-tops-the-2012-list-of-americas-most-dangerous-cities/

      1. Detroit’s political leaders are Democrat and have been since the 40’s.
      2. St. Louis’ political leaders are predominantly Democrat
      3. Oakland Ca is ran by democrats
      4. Memphis is ran by democrats
      5. Birmingham Al is ran by democrats
      6. Atalanta is ran by, you guessed it, democrats
      7. Baltimore is ran by, starting to see a pattern here? Democrats
      8. Stockton Ca, ran by, democrats
      9. Cleveland Oh, oooh, ran by democrats
      10. Buffalo NY, there you go again, ran by democrats.

      Something is wrong with the koolaide.

    2. “polite”, in a gun debate, means: “will not shoot without a solid reason”;
      don’t bend a good argument.
      He meant: “polite gun-wise” and you know it. If not, get high again and go away.
      the LAW: No handguns!!!
      But – 4-5 deaths EVERY DAY, tens of people wounded – EVERY DAY.
      Criminals know that non-criminals do not carry guns.

  46. For what it’s worth; Piers Morgan is a fugazi. He could care less about our second amendment or any other amendment, in our Constitution. What Piers Morgan cares about, are his rating. They’re terrible, and he is trying to save his ass by attaching on to the Newtown, CT school shooting. Plain and simple

    1. Come we all no peirs is pompus ahole nobody like the sorry S.O.B. on America’s Got Tallant, heck he was replaced by Howard Stern for goodness sakes. Hey Howard you want to replace p.m. again.

  47. Piers vs Ted Nugent, no contest..Ted is overwhelmingly the most articulate, intelligent, informed and calm person in this debate. While Ted smiles and remains calm, Piers is speaking over Ted in a louder and louder voice which only shows clearly who has the knowledge of the subject. Ted pulled no punches when discussing Obama’s policies. Wow

  48. Oh and Piers….people with common sense do not watch CNN aka the Obama network! So take your polls and shove them!

  49. England’s Crime Rate Nearly Four Times Higher than United States. Hey Piers Morgan, Care to Explain That?
    Don’t ask about how many guns we have….ask about the crime rates!

    1. Yep – and being stabbed to death because you can’t defend yourself is so much nicer than being shot. Oh – and having acid thrown into one’s face is of course much more acceptable than having people with guns around who might prevent such atrocities.

      Piers the slimy git is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  50. Well….. I’ll just put it this way. You aren’t getting my AR-15, regardless of your legislation outcome. That may sound harsh or brazen, but that the stand I’m making and I know I’m not alone. I know I am but one of millions of American citizens who feel this way. Neither me nor my weapon have done anything wrong; I’ve purchased my firearm legally, I handle it responsibly, and I store it very securely. I will not register my weapons or place them on any list that could be used in future confiscation attempts, should there even be any. I will not surrender my legally-purchased weapon or its ammunition feeding devices based upon legislation that I find unconstitutional and quite frankly, oppressive.

    Now that we have established my stance on the matter, we can proceed. What I don’t understand is the question of “why would anyone need a gun like this” – talking about semiautomatic tactical-style rifles like the AR-15. Our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and even our nation itself is not and was never based on “need.” I often respond to this question with “why would anyone need a car with 500 horsepower? Why would anyone need a car that can reach 200mph, when the highest speed limit is 70-75 mph?” Again, our rights are not based upon our needs. We are sovereign citizens who have the capability to determine our own wants and needs without the need to be chaperoned or limited.

    Another big question that I have, which nobody on the “anti-gun” side of the argument ever takes the time to answer, is “Why are you condoning the limitation of law-abiding citizens’ rights for the actions of a few criminals?” Dozens of millions of these weapons are owned by responsible citizens today, who are willing to vehemently defend their right to own them, yet due to a HANDFUL of crimes committed by yet another HANDFUL of maniacs there are those who want to punish the innocent. That is NOT the American way.

    In my very strong opinion, we are going about this legislation competely “ass-backwards.” There is indisputable PROOF that many, if not all, of these massacre maniacs were drugged out on Xanax, Prozac, or other STRONG PSYCHOACTIVE SUBSTANCES. Just because a drug is prescribed to a person does not mean it is safe. That is another subject that nobody wants to touch. This is clearly a deciding factor, or at least a strong argument. Why is nobody willing to step on the toes of pharmaceuticals? I’m not. People have differing personalities, some much more susceptible to violent mood swings than others. These anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs are extremely potent. Xanax, in particular, has a list of side-effects a mile long, and these are extremely dangerous and potentially unstable side effects. Not only do people differ in their reaction to these drugs, but it is a known fact that not every person on a prescription to these drugs is a good little patient who follows their recommended dosage. There are those who run through a month’s worth of these prescription drugs in a matter of days. These dosages cause unpredictable mood changes, and the chances of encountering a well-documented, dangerous side effect go way up with dosage. Especially with high, unsafe dosages.

    So again, I ask why infringe upon the rights of dozens of millions of responsible, law-abiding citizens when the culprit is, and always has been, the few, the irresponsible, the law-breaking maniacs? If a series of mass-murders were to suddenly involve pickup trucks, would we be pressed to ban those? If across the nation there were three, four, or more events in which a large, powerful vehicle was used to slaughter dozens of people, would we be pushing this hard to limit vehicles to smaller, slower, less capable vehicles that “may save one or two lives if they were able to get out of the way?”

    1. I support your thoughts on the use of drugs and do support the need to remove these folks from getting firearms. But I don’t believe this is the primary cause. Gun ownership is not the problem and punishing law abiding citizens is not the answer. The answer is a judicial system that will administer punishment in a timely manner. Example, the Ft. Hood shooter has not been tried and it’s been three years. The evidence is overwhelming but yet he will be tried, allowed to appeal forever and scream mental insanity as his defense. Why do we need to spend millions of tax dollars to allow this when the evidence is so overwhelming? We need justice and we need it to be swift. We don’t wait 10 years to punish our children for bad behavior. When punishment is swift, it immediately corrects the behavior. We need law changes that only permit one trial when the evidence is beyond a doubt and after sentence is passed down, we immediately take the criminal out and shoot them or hang them. Televise it to show anyone else thinking about killing others to reconsider. Countries with ban on guns also have a judicial system that takes misfits out of society either using death penalties or they put them in jails that are not like the Hilton Hotel. We give our criminals living conditions that are better than some Americans, we feed them, cloth them, give them free medical, dental and eye care, and we allow them to get education, all on the American dime. We need to have prisons like the Sheriff has in Arizona. Look at his crime rate.

    1. Debbie Schlussel is an unadulterated nutjob and smear merchant. I wouldn’t be nominating Ted Nugent for father of the 20th century, but pretty much anything from Schlussel needs to be double, triple and quad-checked. Her smear of the Freedom Alliance and Sean Hannity a few years back killed any credibility she might have had at one point or another.


      1. Yeah, she’s done some good work, but her childish namecalling and jealously has killed her credibility. The way she acted back in 2009 when Pamela Geller of http://www.atlasshrugs.com and Robert Spencer of http://www.jihadwatch.org threw a “Rally for Rifqa” and Schlussel did nothing but bad mouth their efforts. I expected Schlussel to come to the rally since she lives in the Detroit area, but no…she just badmouthed their noble efforts.

  51. Scammer in Chief; gotta love Ted! Kudos to Ted because he really put it Piers. At this point though I think everyone should refuse to go on his show.

  52. I wish Shapiro were there to heckle Morgan when he shamelessly did exactly what Shapiro called him out on weeks ago. The twit actually tried to portray Nugent as immoral for buying stuff after the Sandy Hook shooting.

  53. If we don`t take a stand AGAINST the Tyranny and Fraud being perpetrated in our One Nation Under God, our own posterity will unfortunately be the ones to suffer the consequences. SHAME on us ALL if the gift of our Founding Fathers is not passed on INTACT, for those future generations to come. May the Good Lord BLESS our Troops, wherever they may be !!!!

  54. Ted did accomplish something that none of Piers’ previous guests on this subject have. Ted wiped that smug self righteous smirk right off of Morgan’s face and tossed it into the street. Where it was promptly run over by a fully loaded semi truck.

  55. Could only make it to the 2:40 mark. Piers and his interruptions are annoying. I’m sure Ted handled himself quite well with this twit, who is still stuck on stupid when trying to determine your “need” versus your “right”.

    1. Heh….you wrote my comment for me….I can’t stand listening to any rude person interupting all the time….I made it just about to where you did.

  56. Morgan: The is a debate that has to happen

    Ted: and we appreciate that because You’re the perfect poster boy to stand up for the things that make no sense at all to common sense people.

    I think I’ll file that in my Ted Nugent “QUOTABLE QUOTES” file.

  57. Thanks Scoop! Always great to see Nugent going after Morgan. And what a sissy Morgan, I challenge you to a proficiency contest! And let’s use the Glock 26 Gen 4 shall we

  58. Barky Boy lying again. The only thing Barky should be acting on is the budget required by law and his laser focus on jobs.

  59. Ted still dances around the age old question of why the 2A was placed in the BoRts which is quite simply to deter any tyrannical government even our own from usurping on our natural rights bestowed upon us from the Almighty God. He should have further clarified that if our current government today have and has been the enemy of Liberty.

    I wonder what the pompous piece of drecht would have to say about that?

  60. The USA is different to every other example that PoS Morgan can give because the Bill of Rights recognizes and legitimizes the rights that other constitutions do not.

    1. You’re right on the money, including your use of ‘recognize’…..Progressives insert ‘bestow’ where that word rightfully belongs. The founding fathers didn’t put the Constitution together in a slapdash fashion, they deliberated carefully over every word.

    2. Absolutely.

      What is worse – Musket Morgan shows a disturbing lack of education and historical knowledge, because our British Bill of Rights 1689 (look it up!) gave us the right to bear arms – as your Founding Fathers certainly knew.

      This right was curtailed only after WWI, because the government was scared all the Tommies who had come back from that war, with guns, might start a communist revolution.
      From then onwards, the politicians of all parties have sliced off a bit here and there, so that we ended up with the gun prohibition we now have in the UK.

      Even our skeet and trap shooting Olympic sportsmen and women, champions or not, cannot train here in the UK! They’ve all had to move to the continent or give up their sport.
      Shooting clubs with a long history are now only allowed to use air rifles!

  61. The only reason the limey is doing this is for ratings. I think we should limit his 1st amendment rights, you know, he talk about how grandma’s should not pee in pools, but he should not be allowed to speak on limiting any rights of others. You think he would agree that the right he most highly believes in should be limited?

  62. Why does anyone “need” a snotty pile of foreign smegma to tell us how our constitution should be interpreted or altered.

    1. You are correct in your statment.

      Why are American citizens tolerating a foreigner attempting to put regulation on us.

      moregun should be tarred and feather and sent back to the UK on the first leaky ship we can find…

      Americans do not need foreign input on how we live. The rest of the world has not learned from 2 world wars, they seem to like being decimated by war. One would think the world would learn but I guess history is something that happened to other people…

      1. Sad that we tolerate smeg like this now a days.Even sadder that he was basically run out of his country for being slime and cnn gladly snapped him up.Just once I would like to see someone make mention of his scummy,tabloid,illegal spying past when he thinks he’s morally superior and knows how everyone should live.

      2. The simple fix is to find out the shows sponsors,write,call or email them and tell them why you are boycotting their products. After a while they’ll get the message and give him the boot

      1. aposematic and Gary-
        I’m not a fan of the way that Morgan conducts interviews.
        That being said, however, I also thought that Nugent’s responses were weak. Interested in your opinion(s). Did you have a problem with how Nugent didn’t actually answer Morgan’s question regarding proposed policy changes (instead avoiding the question and resorting to name-calling – “scammer-in-chief”)? Also, what did you think of Nugent answering that he believes that the United States is safer due to the increase in sales of firearms? and Morgan’s counter that Yemen has the second highest per capita rate of firearms per civilian?

        1. Hi my Keyes friend! Can we send the idiot Dem Gov and Legislature along for the ride with their gun control obsession?

          1. Of course!We’ll send Diane Feinstien to Egypt and put her in the middle of one of their protests. She’ll just loved being unarmed there and the gang rape is to die for!

            1. Sweet!  Forgot to say the idiot MN Gov and Legislature.  They can keep Ms. Feinstein happy in their gun free zones.  They are looking to turn MN into felons

    1. Hey look… if Obama sent Winston’s bust back… he can certainly send Morgan back.

      But as a conservative, we are not into silencing anyone, or banning people by sending them home. Our values and our principles will win if the playing field is level and we don’t have to fight for our position up hill. If it’s a fair fight then we will win because natural law and truth is on our side. But given the control of the media by the liberal haters, our fight is much more difficult.

      1. As long as he remains, he amounts to a distraction we don’t need, and keeps people from focusing on other things more important. Sort of like having two Chris Matthews.

        The Liberal Progressives in our midst love throwing as many distractions in our path as they can, because it keeps us busy and allows them to proceed with their real agenda, which is moving us along the path toward first a Socialist, and then finally, a Communist government.

        1. Easy fix: Conservatives need to stop going on his show. Why dignify him with our class of guest? He doesn’t deserve it.

          1. While that may be true, some morbid part of me wants him to invite Ted back again. I guess I just have too much fun watching Ted Nugent expose these people for the idiots they are.

            I’m just your ordinary hillbilly. Raised on a farm and thinks bullshit is perfume. If you missed the humor in that, just ask anyone who was raised on a farm.

            Ted Nugent is the real deal. He believes in what we believe in. He likes to pull their string and ring their bell.

            And you know what? He’s good at it.

      1. Yes, I still waiting to Teddly to leave…He said, “if Obama is re-elected for a 2nd term he would either be dead or in prison.” Well he claims to be a man of his word so, we are still waiting for him to go away!

    2. Uk hates more than we do, why do you think he is here…

      Moregun hasn’t a clue what it means to be free, he chooses to be a subject, and it is obvious why after listening to him, he is not capable of being free or thinking independently.

      Moregun, like all lefties, tell us what they are capable of and why they need controlled. The lefties are saying they are not be trusted with guns, since they claim to be the smartest where ever they may be, then no one else can be trusted, they are merely projecting themselves and defining what they will do given a chance. In this case they are not be trusted with guns for they will go on shooting rampages!

      1. Years ago, when I still lived in Los Angeles, I would occasionally meet a New Yorker who voluntarily left New York to live in L.A. Invariably, they complained about everything. The food, the traffic, the weather, the lack of culture, etc.

        But they stayed.

    3. If you send him back, then send him back with no money so he has to live in those areas of London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester where there are violent robberies, stabbings and shootings. No armed security guards for him.

      And then he should be moved to the ‘muslim’ parts, where he can’t get a drink, can’t buy alcohol, where he’ll be told to move because he looks gay, and where his wife will be attacked for not wearing the hijab.

      He might then think differently about living in an armed, polite society.

      Btw – I think he actually enjoyed his little gun trial with an AR-15.

      1. He did look like he enjoyed it. Very well said collie. The above applies to American liberals, especially Hollywood, as well.

        1. Yes – and there you have it: what “The Elite”, in Hollywood or on TV, enjoys must be kept out of the hands of the unwashed peasants!

          I bet if there were total gun control, the slimy git would enjoy having his own private collection and range.

  63. I would love to see Ted Nugent given uninterrupted time instead of having to fight for the points he makes (though he did get more points across than the usual Conservative guest Musket Morgan toys with). Ted makes his points with clarity, relevance and facts, and in the short stints he has on shows such as this, I have learned from him. He did a great job tonight! Texas 1, Morgan 0.

      1. I agree with you that the way that Piers conducts his interviews is lacking (to say the least). I’m interested, in light of your comment, did you have a problem with how Nugent didn’t actually answer Morgan’s question regarding proposed policy changes (instead avoiding the question and resorting to name-calling – “scammer-in-chief”)?

        1. Rex, please explain to me why Piers refuses to talk about Chicago time after time after time he is asked about it. Please explain that why nobody proposing new gun regulations EVER wants to have a discussion regarding Chicago.

    1. Not trying to be critical or confrontational, but interested in your opinion. What did you think of Nugent answering that he believes that the United States is safer due to the increase in sales of firearms? and Morgan’s counter that Yemen has the second highest per capita rate of firearms per civilian?

      1. Why didn’t Piers give us the statistics regarding firearm related murders per capita in Yemen that did not involve self defense or law enforcement? Piers is famous for giving his guests little trivia questions to play gotcha. Only feeble minded people do this instead of applying logic and history to a rational discussion of an issue where reasonable minds may differ.

        1. I see Piers making the point that since Yemen has the second highest per capita rate of firearms per civilian, Nugent’s statement that an “armed society is a polite society” is not particularly well-founded.
          To answer your question: I would assume that if Piers knew that the number of firearm related murders per capita in Yemen that did not involve self defense or law enforcement was extremely high (i.e. second highest in the world consistent with the per capita rate of firearms per civilian), then he would have brought it up. Therefore, I would conclude that Piers didn’t bring it up because either a) he didn’t have/know the actual statistics or b) it would have weakened his argument.

    1. Piers Morgan:

      A) Not even FROM my country, so why listen to him bash her?
      B) A former tabloid guy
      C) Claim to fame = Britain’s Got Talent

      Why are any serious Conservative voices giving him the time of day?

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