Full Interview: Rachel Maddow & Jon Stewart

Whether or not you agree with Rachel Maddow, she is a good interviewer. And in this setting with Jon Stewart, they have a very interesting discussion on the news media, George W. Bush, and what part Stewart feels his show plays in the whole spectrum of things. I’m still thinking about some of the stuff he said, but I didn’t find it unreasonable at all. I don’t agree with everything per se, but I do think many of his bigger points were fair. I’m still processing them, and it may be worth a re-watch later.

What did impress me was that this wasn’t a ‘bash fox’ interview at all. Fox goes mentioned several times throughout the interview, but he really focuses on the MSM and MSNBC, perhaps because he’s on their turf. He talks about it all in totality, but he did hold Maddow’s feet to the fire a fair amount, enough that she was quite defensive of her show at times. And even when she criticized Fox, he didn’t always agree. For example, she tried to paint Fox as partisan, but he wouldn’t accept that. He says there is a difference between being ideological and partisan, and he doesn’t believe Fox is partisan. Wow.

All in all, I think it’s definitely worth watching. Enjoy!

UPDATE: There’s so much in this interview that I totally forgot to mention one thing. Jon Stewart does criticize Maddow (and the MSM) for using the term ‘teabagger’. He say’s it’s a conversation stopper and that it’s offensive. Awesome! See, I told you he was pretty fair. Ok, now enjoy!

As a side note, I’d like to say that this is the style that I wish Hannity and others would do with people worthy of this setting. I mean, how cool would it be for Hannity to sit down with Stephen A. Smith for an hour and discuss politics in the black community. Man I’d love that. But alas, I’m not sure if he could give up his ‘Great’ American Panel for a show.

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